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Just Flight Airshow Pilot Preview Video (for FSX)

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How accurate is your flying? Can you keep headings, altitudes and fly near-perfect manoeuvres? Now is your perfect chance to prove you are the best! Airshow Pilot is all about accurate, precision flying at air shows, whether in an aerobatic Extra, a passenger airliner or a Hawk fast jet trainer - in fact you can fly any aircraft that you have installed in FSX!

Just Flight have been well recognized for many years for the quality of the products that they produce – but their Airshow Pilot add-on has been one of their most well-received. This video gives you a complete explanation of just how this product can work for you, and how it can totally revamp your flight simulation experience. Their own brand of mods and additions have always been a good way to help revamp the simulator itself and add many more hours of excellent simulation experience onto what you have already put in.

The video starts showing you an aircraft flying through a specific set of markings at a high speed – as you can see, they are fairly narrow! This is a flight simulation add-on that lets you take on flight like you’ve probably never had the chance to do so before. Ever wanted to be one of those stunt pilots that has the crowd wowing at their every move? Then this is what you need. The video starts with showing you just how dangerous being a (simulated) flight pilot can be, however – when the timing is even slightly out and your accuracy fails, it can be fatal!

This package helps to test your accuracy of flight to the very limit, giving you a wide set of different paths and obstacles to try and overcome. If you fancy yourself as a talented pilot that can make the grade, nipping in and out of the narrowest of angles, then this might be something you’ll want to check out. The video also showcases some of these angles that you’ll need to try and take on, and some of the flight paths that you’ll need to take to try and show the crowd just what you are made of!

Precision flying is one of the hardest things that any pilot can get involved in, and when you watch this video you can see just how challenging it is. In this Airshow Pilot mod, you’ll be tasked with giving the crowd the show that they have turned up for and prove that you are the very best pilot that you can be. It’s imperative that you are able to hit the right notes with every flight that you take on, so this is the perfect place to get started if you want to start honing your accuracy.

Nothing will challenge you quite like being part of an Airshow – it’s all about the entertainment! You’ll see in the video first-hand just how accurate you need to be, and how little margin for error there is in every single flight that you undertake. You’ll be able to compete yourself or go online against the top pilots out there in FSX – you even get to see just how varied the airshow is going to be!

You get to totally build up your own airshow and make it look exactly as you want, so that you get the perfect flying experience.

Pick up your copy over at SimShack.

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320 x 240
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Thu, 27 Nov 2014 15:12:45 GMT
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