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Part 1 of 2 showcasing our new DC-3 addon aircraft designed for Flight Simulator X. Released in both boxed and download format!

The Legends of Flight package that was released by Just Flight is one of the most popular out there at the moment – and when you boot it up for the first time it quickly becomes apparent as to why that is. The aircraft that you get in this package are unlike anything else that you might have tried before or considered downloading – you’ll regularly be working with aircraft that go far beyond the basic timeline that most of us would be used o when we first start using a flight simulator.

This gives you access to a proper old-school aircraft that looks the part and really takes in all of the details that it’s real-life counterpart would have. From the striking detail of the bottom of the aircraft to the engaging way that the rotors spin while you pick up speed, every little cosmetic detail that could possibly have been added is included. This video takes you on a complete tour of the aircraft, letting you see all of its proudest features and additions so you can get an idea of just what you are buying into here, and how different it is to anything else you’ll have installed!

The video starts with some brilliant views of the aircraft, proudly displaying all of its changes and improvements that make it stick out like a sore thumb. Then, it will show you the aircraft starting up from the deeply detailed cockpit – you’ll see every part of the aircraft roaring into life, as well as some close-ups of the cockpit and the gauges going into action. Everything that you could possibly need to see about the aircraft on take-off is shown here, before the video takes you into the skies with the aircraft itself.

After a fantastically textbook take-off, with the landing wheels sliding back up to fit snugly into the bottom, the aircraft flies away from its destination. The video keeps showing you the incredible mass of dials and switches that you need to keep an eye on whilst you are flying this, so anyone who wants to see how different flying one of these old-school aircraft can be will get a great glimpse of all the changes that you need to try and consider.

Likewise, you get to see all of the different liveries – the DC-1 was used by many different airliners so you get to have a pick of what you’ll be flying under – you don’t need to stick to just one model, as so many are provided. You even get a different looking stewardess depending on who you are flying with – it’s these little things that make the aircraft experience so enjoyable.

Looking for a way to experience an older aircraft that’s a little bit different to the ones that you might be used to flying in the past? Then get started here, you’ll instantly notice a difference that really steps away from your traditional aircraft that are found within flight simulators. This video is short and sweet, but gives you all the information that you need about this unique and tantalizing aircraft. 

Grab your copy over at SimShack.

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