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A short talk-around of Just Flight's S.E.5A: Legends of Flight package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Video credit: Cessna154 (YouTube).

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Hey, guys. Welcome back to the Cessna 154 Channel. Thank you for tuning in today for a look at the S.E.5A Legends of Flight aircraft from Just Flight. In this video, I'll give you a brief look at this World War I era biplane fighter aircraft, which first flew back in the early 1900's.

So first off, let's take a look around the inside of this virtual cockpit. I'll pan around so you guys can get a better look at some of the accurate gauges for this time period and the controls, as well. Obviously it looks very old. This aircraft is from the early 1900's. You have to remember that as you watch this video.

Moving on, now, as we watch this aircraft roll down the runway for takeoff. I would like to focus your attention on the details and features of the exterior model of this aircraft. And for a moment, just remember how old this aircraft really is and think about the countless man hours that had to go into recreating this aircraft for flight simulator 10. As I flew this aircraft more and more in the sim, I found that the details with the rivets and the stitching on the fuselage and the different paint schemes that you see with the different models with this product is really quite amazing. I'm a big fan of vintage aircraft, military aircraft, from a long time ago. This aircraft might be the oldest aircraft I've ever seen in the sim, again, from the early 1900's, and the details with the sounds being very believable and the appearance being very believable. It's just a great aircraft. I just love the little touches that they've put in with the color schemes, again, the stitching, the rivets.

Now, as I move onto the weapons, of course the weapons is a major part to this aircraft. This aircraft includes not only a Lewis gun, but a Vickers gun, and you can see the machine guns here, there's a sound. So take a listen to that and just take a look at this aircraft and move around with it, as well.

Another important aspect of this product that I wanted to feature in this video is the numerous variations of the S.E.5A that are included with the product. There are variations with the propeller. You can choose from a two blade or a four blade propeller. There's variations with the engines, as well as with the color schemes, of course. And you're going to find great detail in all the different color schemes. The propeller features are pretty cool because it's very accurate to what the aircraft was like back in that time period. And of course, the engine features are just a unique thing to add into the product. So that's something that I really liked about the product, and that's what you're taking a look at right now.

And the final thing I wanted to just throw in here, a cool feature to end the video, is that if you invert this aircraft and if you leave it inverted for a few seconds and perhaps, you can hear the engine slowly starting to lose RPM, and if you pull back on your power, you will find that you quickly lose your engine. Your engine will actually just cut off. It's a feature that I'm really glad the developers put in there because it's accurate to the aircraft, and I think it's something that you should remember about these aircraft is that they couldn't exactly fly inverted, at least not if you didn't know how to properly fly them. So something to check out if you get the product.

And before you guys leave this video, please check out the description box for details on any discount codes that are currently active for this product. If you're watching this video just after it was released, there will likely be a discount code available, and the description box has all those details. Thanks for watching. Post any comments in the comments section below, and I'll see you guys very soon with more aviation content here on the Cessna 154 Channel.

Video overview

Alongside many of the biggest names in the flight simulation community has been Just Flight, who have produced some of the finest products that you can download to enhance your simulation experience. One of their finest releases has been the S.E.5A: Legends of Flight package, as it gives users an almost unprecedented level of detail and quality to take into their FSX package. There’s hours’ worth of fun to be had here, and this video gives you a quick run through of what you’ll be picking up if you do decide to get this.

The video looks at a World War I era biplane, which was flying around more than 110 years ago. It’s a really old-school aircraft, but the attention to detail on the model and the cockpit is absolutely outstanding. Trying to make your flight simulation feel a bit more old-school? Then this package brings some of the real artifacts and relics of the flight simulation world into the picture. All of the little things that we crave to see being brought into the aircraft have been added in truly faithful style, such as the gauges that react and flicker to every touch that you need.

Additionally, the way that the aircraft’s age is made apparent is very impressive too – it looks different to any conventional FSX aircraft that you might have flown in the past. Therefore, for anyone who wants to see what old-school aviation must have been like, this video is an absolute must watch. You’ll get to see one of the oldest aircraft ever seen in a flight simulator, taken to the very brink of quality that the flight simulator itself will actually allow. Every little addition has been put in graphically, but it hugely impresses in terms of authenticity in performance, as well.

It looks just as you would hope, but it performs even better – it’s like a totally different simulator. As you’ll be able to see from the video, the virtual cockpit is practically completely open to you – you’ll have your choice of what you will be using and what you’ll mess around with another time. After all, these are fairly basic aircraft so they don’t have all of the extra tools that we need to think about when flying a modern plane! For a more rustic experience this might be one of the finest simulation tools out there at the moment.

The video gives you a real tour of how it flies, how it looks and everything else that has been included to make the entire thing feel far more realistic. Even the sounds have been added in to the most detailed level possible, ensuring that the aircraft sounds like it’s really responding to every last request that you make and every final button that you push.

The engine roars into life and calms down as you speed up or go down, and this can really make everything feel a lot more enjoyable. If you want to really see how flying back in the First World War would have been, this is the perfect introduction to the Just Flight series! 

Grab your copy over at SimShack.

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