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A2A Accu-Sim C172 Trainer Development Video Part 1

Media information


Here is the first look at the new Accu-Sim C172 Trainer aircraft in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Parts 2 and 3 will be posted when they are complete. Enjoy.

Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Scott Gentile of A2A Simulations, and I'm here at Robertson Airport, home of SkyHawk 7274-hotel, SkyHawk 3535-hotel, and to the right, SkyHawk 2467-Quebec.

One of the most important actions a pilot must understand is how to properly preflight an aircraft. And while we were doing just that on these three Cessnas, we were returning back to the studio on the same day and creating this new preflight system. Soon, on your own computer you will be able to do everything. You can remove your tie downs, which by way have proper knots. You can use this fuel stick to verify your fuel levels. You can check your tires. You can even grab and wiggle those flaps yourself, making sure that they're tight and secure. But probably the most important thing to check are those control cables. What you're doing is inspecting and making sure that everything is properly connected before you fly. And one our favorite features is how the oil, over time, traps contaminants, and ages, which you can now see visually. This preflight inspection puts this beautiful, living and breathing machine right at your fingertips. Now, let's go inside and we'll show you how we built the cockpit.

Michael Pudo, the lead artist on this aircraft, has captured the feel of this interior. The seat fabric and the rug might seem unimportant. But when it comes together in harmony with all of the different materials, the plastics and the metals, it’s just beautiful. And everything is assembled from the inside out. Now, let me show the construction of the panel close up. Now, keep in mind, you're not just looking at a pretty picture. These levers and dials allow you to run a living and breathing machine. Now, beyond visuals, one of the most important senses comes from sound.

Okay. Here we go. So, for this Cessna, we did the internal sound recordings late at night in the hangar. All right. Unlock. Open. Close. Lock. This way, there is no ambient noise getting in the way of the recording. No two sounds are the same in Accu-Sim. Not even the same switch. Listen closely. Everything you hear is a high quality recording of the actual switch lever or dial that I'm clicking. And these sounds are not just for fun. They're for function. It confirms what you just did.

Now, weight and balance is very important, especially to a smaller aircraft like the Cessna. Now, here is our real-time payload and fuel manager. Now, before I touch anything, I want you to notice these fuel tanks. Notice there's a little less fuel in the right tank than the left. That's because these tanks are gravity-fed, and it will drain at different rates based on a whole variety of conditions. And here, we can actually add or subtract oil. And down here, we can change our units from imperial to metric.

Now, it's critical that you, the pilot, know the approximate weight of all of your passengers and anything loaded in that airplane. Here, we can add you as a pilot. It can be a male or a female. We can pick a female pilot here. And put a guy in the passenger seat. Or we can make the pilot a guy. And we can even put, drum roll please, “Hi. I'm a J-3 Cub, she's a passenger. I'm a Stratocruiser, she's a flight attendant. And on the C172 trainer, she can be a pilot. All four of these characters were designed and created in-house by our own Michael Pudo.

Here, we can load the plane up with all four passengers. Men and women come in all different shapes and sizes. As a pilot, you must understand how this affects your aircraft. We have some really nice sunglasses that will soon be available. But let's put on their headsets. All right. You're the pilot in command, which makes loading this aircraft your responsibility. Just be aware that proper weight and balance is critical to safely operating any airplane.

Now, you'll notice a new equipment here on the sides. This is because we fill the maintenance hangar with actual real world components that we use in our own aircraft. It's not just a generic battery. But in this case a Concorde CB24-11M, with a 140 cold cranking amps. Here, you can choose a tire that'll last longer on pavement. Or another tire that's built for unpaved surfaces like grass strips, for example. We have provisions for an engine heater. Because this aircraft is persistent, we even simulate its life when your computer is off. So if you're in a cold climate then just turn the engine off. If you don't plan to restart that engine, say the next hour so, you probably want to plug this heater in. When you seal the gaps on airplanes, especially between these control surfaces, you reduce the drag from that area. One solution is to install flap gap seals. The aircraft will actually fly a few knots faster with these seals installed. And speaking of drag, we simulated this ability to configure the plane just how you like it. So let's just get in the cockpit, and start turning the systems on, and show you how things work.

I'm just going to engage the starter a few times to demonstrate what's going on inside of the engine. Now, keep in mind that battery cold cranking power, engine temperature, oil thickness, and the compression inside the cylinders, just like any automobile engine, plays a factor in how this engine cranks up. Now, while the Accu-Sim battery has more longevity than what you're maybe used to on the sets, just like the battery in your car, you can wear it out. Now, that's a dead battery. Let's make a quick visit to the maintenance hangar. Get our battery charged up. And let's try again. Only this time, lets prime it and start it up. Only this time, lets prime it and start it up.

Video overview

Unless you are brand new to the entire flight simulation world, you will no doubt have heard of A2A Simulations. They are one of the most experienced and respected members of the flight simulation community due to their unerring commitment to releasing high-end products for flight simulators with stunning frequency.

Some of their recent products have been absolute revelations in the industry, and have helped propel more modern simulators like FSX into a whole new level of realism and quality. One of their most recent creations has been the ever popular ACCU-SIM.

This trainer development video by A2A is a three-part series that gives you all the help that you need in being able to understand how to prepare your aircraft properly. The first part of the video highlights just how much work they have put into the pre-flight preparations of the latest ACCU-SIM.

This allows users to take the same care and precision that they would need to in real-life through their simulator. This add-on for FSX brings in a whole new layer of realism for everyone, and has you doing everything from carrying out simple checks of the aircrafts main features to really having a look at the condition of the controls.

No longer do you need to feel detached from one of the most important aspects of flying, and you’ll now be able to take part in a realistic and genuinely authentic recreation of pre-flight for just about any aircraft. This video series will help you understand just how many changes have been brought into play by A2A Simulations over the last few years. These small features might not seem like much, but they help to complete the whole experience and – most importantly – teach you some good habits.

They take you through every last part of the development process, from how they carried out the sound recordings to where the artist’s references of the interior came. This lets you see just how much work has gone into the Cessna they have recreated, which is one of a long line of their fantastic ACCU-SIM products. So many new aircraft have been modeled to fit this revolutionary new system that it’s pretty hard to believe it’s just a mod!

You’ll pick up some great tips from this video, too. Not only is there a lot of genuine information in here that makes the development of these projects even more impressive, but there is a significant amount of details that you might not have known or even heard of before. For this reason alone, this video series is well worth watching. You’ll get to see in the development mind of one of the most celebrated parts of the community.

As the ACCU-SIM release is one of the most well-known and respected mods out there, it’s a great way to see just how these ideas come to fruition and how they A2A are capable of putting everything together as impressively as they do. 

You can grab your copy over at SimShack.

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