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AA A300 Flight, SDQ-JFK

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A flight I made back on July 4, 2014 with the AA A300 to JFK from SDQ.

One of the most important aspects of slick and clear aviation is that you are able to master the aircraft that you are flying. Sometimes, being able to just relax and unwind to watch someone else do the flying can be just as effective as hopping into the simulator yourself and giving it a go.

This video is a great little shot of an AA A300 taking flight from JFK Airport to SDQ. This is a nice and simple video to watch and gives you an idea of just how much scope that there is in everything from the terrain to the actual airports themselves. Carrying out such a simple flight can be really easy if you know what you are doing, and this video will help you see just how easy taking off and landing can be.

The hardest part of becoming a better pilot is being able to really immerse yourself in the flight – sometimes, for certain journeys, it can just be too hard. This is why using something like this flight video can be so useful; it will help you see the ease of which you can carry out the majority of your flights.

They’ll show you just how steady that you need to be during the flight itself, of course, but you’ll get to realize the important things to look out for as you approach the city. For example, in this video you’ll notice just how quickly the aircraft starts to prepare for landing – you need to get into this frame of mind yourself, otherwise flying at the highest level you possibly can within a flight simulator can become too tough.

This is a good little video for just taking your mind away from the things that are going on inside the cockpit and recalibrate yourself to concentrate more on the things that are happening around you during the actual flight.

You’ll be able to see quite quickly just simple this is to do through the video, and hopefully by just realizing how easy it actually looks from outside the cockpit that the majority of what you will be doing during the flight can be very easily managed. Give yourself the help that you need with these simple little flight videos that can act as the perfect tutorial for taking your mind away from the more difficult aspects of learning to fly. 

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