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AA A300 Flight, JFK-SJU

Media information


3 hour flight from JFK-SJU.

Flight simulation videos can be an excellent way of reminding you just how much there is to do in the simulator itself. This video encapsulates just how fun it can be to fire off across the world ot areas that you have never been before, to experience something entirely new and different. Of course, you might have taken this flight a hundred times before, but either way it’s still a very relaxing video to watch. We recommend that anyone who wants to see just how simple flying an aircraft can be to watch this video.

It’ll give you a glimpse of just how diverse the world below can be – there’s a lot going on down there, and the video will take you through various parts of the flight so that you can see just how different it can look. The video itself is fairly simple in that it takes you just above many of the houses and suburbs that you cross along the way, as well as over the sea for a really picturesque view. If you want to try and get your bearings for the flight when you take it on yourself, this video can be pretty useful for doing just that.

You’ll find yourself taking on a lot of interesting parts of the US as you fly, given that the flight encapsulates a fair amount of distance. This shortened version of the flight is a great way to see just what to look out for and try to get a rough idea of the key landmarks to look out for. Of course, you’ll always have your navigational assistants but it can still be pretty useful to have something else to watch to try and get the right ideas of where you are going, and how to get there!

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320 x 240
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Date Submitted
Mon, 05 Jan 2015 02:14:07 GMT
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