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United flight 63 Madrid to Newark

Media information


The B757 flight to Newark back from Madrid.

Flight simulation videos can be a great way to start looking at flying from another angle or even just for taking in a nice relaxing flight experience when you just want to spectate rather than get involved. This video shows you a simple flight with an American Airlines A300 taking a flight on Christmas Day. These kinds of videos can be nice and effective for getting you moving and more engaged with the actual process of flying, whilst keeping you active for anything that happens in the video that you can learn from.

The video starts with a simple take-off procedure before taking you into various views from the sky as the plane makes it journey. The peaceful flight can be a nice way to just see how easy flying can be, and help you enjoy the rather relaxing experience that is flying. It can be a bit much trying to do everything at one when you are flying, so being able to just relax and watch a flight – rather than actively do it yourself – can be a very enjoyable experience.

The flight shows various parts of the US covered in Snow as the aircraft flies by, giving you a nice panoramic view of Christmas morning across the country from the eyes of the aircraft. These simple, plain views can be what make the flight simulation experience for many so if you are looking for an easy way to remind yourself of the little things that make the simulator so great this is a good place to get started.

The video shows you just how many various landscapes you can come across even just heading across the US and landing again in a relatively close-by airport. Even in this short video, you’ll be able to see how varied the landscape can be – even the airports are completely different. These excellent little videos are a fine example of just how fun taking part on these simple flights can be whilst getting to take in a vast landscape that is always changing below you.

The fact that the world is covered in snow underneath you – for the most part – can be a nice touch for anyone who isn’t quite sure how the snow effects look within the flight simulator. If you want to pass the time and find a nice way to just learn more about flight simulation, this is a great place to start off. The video ends with some nice panoramic shots of the aircraft, and with the night sky now coming down after a long days flight!

Needing reminded of just how epic flying can be? Then this simple video can get you right in the mood. It’s an excellent way to tease yourself before being able to get home and fire up your own flight simulator and try and re-enact the flight in the same speed and professionalism as the user of the American Airlines flight in the video was able to! 

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320 x 240
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Mon, 05 Jan 2015 02:36:22 GMT
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wefTue, 14 Apr 2015 19:16:05 GMT

This is hot! Cool! I think you should make more vidios

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