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X-Plane 10 Mobile First Look

Media information


Short preview video demonstrating X-Plane 10 mobile edition. X-Plane 10 Mobile is here for iPhone & iPad!

X-Plane has been around for a while now and makes a nice change up for those who are getting a little bit bored of the more conventional flight simulators like FSX. However, mobile flight simulation is still something that is very limited and – until now – has been quite poor. This brilliant fist look video of the latest release for X-Plane gives you all the information that you need to see just how fun flying can be on your mobile phone or tablet. Mobile aviation has long been worked upon but, as the video shows, X-Plane might just have cracked the code.

Complete with absolutely fitting music for tearing through the skies and dropping a whole load of bombs, you’ll instantly get to see just how good the graphics are. The video starts with a bomber flying through the air and littering the ground below with bombs, and you’ll really get to see that the difference in quality or attention to detail is quite minimal! This video is a fine showcase for both the power of flight simulators and the power of mobile gaming, wouldn’t you agree?

You’ll get to see a few fighter jets flying over various parts of the world at breakneck speeds, with fairly impressive terrains underneath that look great for one of the first truly holistic mobile flight simulation releases. The quality of the cockpits is pretty impressive as well – the video goes into quite thorough detail about the cockpits as you’ll get various glimpses of them throughout.

However, the video quit likes to concentrate on the carnage side of things! Full of different angles of crashes and explosions of the aircraft, as well as the exotic way that it rips up afterwards, you’ll be able to fully appreciate just how much work has got into the design and style of these aircraft. For a mobile game, the video does the latest release for X-Plane a lot of justice!

It’s not all explosions and madness, though. You’ll get to see the more domesticated side of X-Plane 10 when it switches to a medium-sized cargo aircraft heading towards a city airport. Again, the quality of the terrain around you and the actual aircraft is very impressive – it’s a great testament for how much of the original X-Plane has been able to be shrunk down and put onto your tablet or mobile without hampering the quality too much.

Again, you’ll get to see every little feature of the flying aspect of the simulator put in front of you, allowing you to see that if you want to get flying whilst you are on the go there probably aren’t too many better flight simulators out there to start with at the moment. It’s a brilliant selection for anyone with an Apple device who wants to really maximize their time flying – so if you are sitting on the train, or even flying yourself, you can get a few hours of flight simulation in, at a very respectable quality! 

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320 x 240
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Date Submitted
Thu, 08 Jan 2015 13:04:28 GMT
Overall rating of 3 out of 10 with a total of 6 votes.



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