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REX Soft Clouds Demonstration in Prepar3D

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Sample of REX volumetric clouds running in PREPAR3D v.2.4 REX Soft Clouds is the new volumetric-like soft cloud texture add-on for FSX, PREPAR3D and FSX:Steam Edition. Get ready to be amazed! This soft cloud pack gives a true volumetric feel to your flight simulator clouds. REX Soft Clouds takes advantage of the core features of PREPAR3D v2 while realistically enhancing the FSX, FSX-Steam Edition and PREPAR3D v.1.4 cloud environment. This package is compiled from years of feedback from current REX customers to meet a specific demand! You will truly experience volumetric haze and fog as never before seen within a flight simulator environment.
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320 x 240
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Mon, 19 Jan 2015 21:25:45 GMT
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