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MegaScenery USA: Los Angeles & San Diego Goes Gold

Last updated Fri, 12 Oct 2012 11:15:43 GMT
Originally posted on Wed, 30 Jul 2003 22:05:14 GMT

PC Aviator has today announced that its MegaScenery USA 2004 covering southern California including Los Angeles and San Diego, has gone gold and will be available for purchase in about two weeks. This scenery is specifically created for use with FS2004 and is based on actual satellite photos. For full details and screen shots, click on Read More.

The first official scenery expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

SOUTH CAROLINA, 30 July 2003. On the day after the official release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century Of Flight, PC Aviator today announced that its MegaScenery USA 2004: Southern California, Los Angeles & San Diego, a hi-resolution photorealistic scenery for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004, featuring the Los Angeles basin, has gone gold and is scheduled for release on 11 August 2003.

MegaScenery USA: Los Angeles and San Diego is the first official commercial add-on created specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. MegaScenery is visual scenery created using actual satellite photographs and replaces generic repeating textures within Microsoft Flight Simulator with actual real world scenery from those satellite images.

The Los Angeles MegaScenery captures the true essence of the 14,000 square mile Los Angeles basin area with all landmarks spectacularly recreated from the San Gabriel and San Bernadino mountain ranges through to the beaches that Los Angeles is famous for. and everything else in between. Even Catalina Island is faithfully captured for across the water flights. Flight Simmers can explore such features as Beverly Hills (yes, they can fly over rooftops of the stars), Malibu, Marina Del Rey, Big Bear City in the San Bernadinos, hundreds of golf courses, follow all highways and interstates, Los Angeles' famous beaches and cruise all the way to San Diego and find all the same detail there. If it's there in real life it's there to see in MegaScenery.

MegaScenery is not just limited to daytime scenery. MegaScenery developers have also created equally stunning night scenery for the area based on actual lighted roads and streets throughout the whole area for a night effect that gives flight simulator pilots the same degree of awe you feel flying over a city at night.

Another great benefit for flight sim consumers is that the product is available in a "Lite" and "Full Kit" version. The Full Kit version gives users a full printed Aeronautical Map kit for navigating their scenery which includes 1 full color full size sectional chart for Los Angeles, 2 full color full size Terminal Area Charts (LAX and San Diego) and 232 pages of Instrument Approach Charts. On top of that users get a 64 page manual with 48 pages of VFR flying lessons and tutorials authored by a Certified Flight Instructor. The Lite version is created designed for individuals who do not require the aeronautical charts. PC Aviator president and Executive Producer of MegaScenery Robert Ferraro said "I am dismayed with the direction that the flight sim software industry has gone with the skimping on 'printed literature and software manuals'. Most consumers need these printed materials to enjoy their software properly. I am proud to say that as a publisher, PC Aviator, continues to defy this trend and provide extensive printed literature and manuals inside its (MegaScenery) boxes. Consumers will certainly feel like they got tremendous value for money when they open up their Megascenery software box."

MegaScenery USA 2004: Los Angeles and San Diego is scheduled for release on 11 August. The Lite version will be priced at $29.95 and the Full Kit will be $39.95. The product will not initially be available in retail stores but through a limited dealer channel of flight simulator specialist companies.

MegaScenery is created and developed by Australian company Aerosoft Australia Pty Ltd and published by PC Aviator Inc. The Los Angeles title is the first in a number of MegaScenery titles planned.                                  

About PC Aviator

PC Aviator Inc is based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and is the US subsidiary of the Australian based The PC Aviator Pty Ltd. The company is in its 14th year of providing flight simulator products and services to flight simulator enthusiasts worldwide. The company publishes Computer Pilot Magazine the world's only monthly flight simulator magazine, operates PC Aviator Direct, its mail order division and also publishes flight simulator software titles such as MegaScenery. 

About Aerosoft Australia

Aerosoft Australia is Australian based and develops and manufactures a number of flight simulator related products - both software and hardware. The company is noted for its Scenery USA photorealistic scenery for the Fly! flight simulator created using its powerful proprietary scenery development techniques and which it has also used to develop MegaScenery. Also of great interest to flight simulator pilots is its 747 Mode Control Panel (747MCP) hardware for flight simulations. 

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