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A2A Releases Piper J-3 Cub

Last updated Thu, 06 Aug 2015 16:40:39 GMT
Originally posted on Wed, 15 Jun 2011 12:01:13 GMT

A2A CubFew airplanes define "stick and rudder" more faithfully and distinctly than does the Cub. Aeroncas, Taylorcrafts, Stinsons, Luscombes, Cessnas and all the rest are but refinements and alternatives to what was created by the advent of the Cub. They are all the heirs of the Cub, and as such, owe homage and their very existence to their venerable predecessor.

The New A2A Piper J-3 Cub Features

A2A piper cub showing engine and prop

A2A's Piper J-3 Cub showing engine and prop.

  • As with every A2A aircraft, it is gorgeously constructed, inside and out, down to the last rivet.
  • Flying qualities built by pilots with unprecedented stall and spin realism.
  • Includes standard J-3 Cub, tundra tires, floats, and skis (nine liveries).
  • 118 page, full-sized Pilot's Manual written by Mitchell Glicksman
  • Visual Real-Time Load Manager, with the ability to load fuel, oil, pilot, passenger, and cargo in game
  • Single code base for both SP2 and Acceleration, so both SP2 and Acceleration will yield 100% full features.
  • Sound engineered by A2A sound professionals.

Accu-Sim J-3 Cub Expansion Pack

Piper cub with floats using the A2A expansion pack

Piper cub with floats using the A2A expansion pack.

  • Accu-Sim physics creates an entirely new world including true wing, airframe, engine, ground, water, and internal systems behavior.
  • Passenger On Board™ adds a new dimension of piloting realism with an intelligent passenger that is aware of the surroundings, talks when appropriate, including being able to spot and call out traffic.
  • Third generation Accu-Sound now allows for a direct connection to the Accu-Sim and FSX physics engine with airflow through the airframe, window, and door, structural creaks, bumps, jolts etc. with three hundred and ninety sounds in all.
  • Piston combustion engine modeling. Air comes in, it mixes with fuel and ignites, parts move, heat up, and all work in harmony to produce the most accurate combustion engine simulation available.
  • Engine has an actual life. Good piloting skills are rewarded with longer life and more reliable performance.
  • New propeller physics means the propeller is constantly active and allows for both hand and air starting the engine.
  • Ground physics realistically rock your wings and buck your tail. Regular tires, skis, and large tundra tires all have their own distinctive ground handling benefits and limitations. Each aircraft comes with its own sound set which is tied in with the physics of the airframe.
  • Tundra tires demand respect for the size and weight of the larger tires. 3-point landing on tarmac is highly recommended.
  • Water physics simulate waves, water drag, and creates an authentic "on the step" experience.
  • Total audible cockpit experience made with professional recordings from three actual Piper J-3 aircraft.
  • Fuel System allows for an authentic primer system with fuel in lines, tank, and authentic gravity-fed fuel-air mixture.
  • Third generation engine wear and oil system including an engine that sputters, spits, and runs rough when damaged.
  • Both engine and airframe physically vibrate and shake, based on real world conditions.
  • Latest generation carburetor icing modeling, which is critical for the proper management of the Continental A-65-8 engine

A2A Piper J-3 Cub

A2A Piper J-3 Cub in yellow paint with blocks under wheels.

Cockpit of J-3 Cub

Cockpit of A2A's Piper J-3 cub.

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