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19 More Microsoft Flight Screenshots Released

Last updated Thu, 13 Nov 2014 22:59:11 GMT
Originally posted on Wed, 09 Nov 2011 13:10:26 GMT

Microsoft have released 19 more screenshots from their next flight simulator, Microsoft Flight over the past few months.  We have added them all the the Microsoft Flight Screenshots gallery, where you can view them and comment too.

Building demonstration in Microsoft Flight

Screenshot shows a building demonstration in Microsoft Flight; we're beginning to get a feel of what we can expect.

From what we can see so far, Microsoft have gone into more detail with buildings and airport terminals.  We can also see great improvements in cloud textures and general flight environment.  However, these are only development screenshots so the final release could be very different.  We would love to hear your comments and feedback, so feel free to comment on this post or the individual images in the gallery.

The 19 new screenshots demonstrate some of the following points

  • Cloud effects, what we can expect
  • Default aircraft detail
  • Terrain textures
  • Building details

View the new screenshots here.

Download iconDon't forget... We have a huge selection (over 24,000 files) of free mods and add-ons for FSX, P3D & X-Plane in the file library.  Files include aircraft, scenery, and utilities  All are free-to-download and use - you don't even need to register.  Browse on down to the file library here.

Ian Stephens

About Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens is a flight simulation enthusiast also with a keen interest in aviation and technology.  Ian spends a lot of his time experimenting with various simulator packages but has a love for Microsoft Flight Simulator X because of the huge selection of add-ons available.  However, Ian also has copies of Prepar3D and X-Plane installed. 

Ian has been writing for Fly Away Simulation for over 9 years.  Should you wish, you can contact Ian via email at


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JohnWed, 09 Nov 2011 16:01:34 GMT

The detailed images are great and it will in fact improve the overall flight experience but in my opinion Microsoft FS Team should also improve in Air Traffic Control adding more realism into it.

Preventing things like: -"747 Heavy, you a cleared to land, follow the Cessna on final!".?

Run-over the Cessna, right? And many more other small situations regarding Air Traffic Control.

raffyWed, 09 Nov 2011 17:09:28 GMT

When come the FX11 because FSX is not a big success, heavy, slow, bugged, near unplayable, bad managing multi thread and object, bad network management, to many limitations on aircraft features. I understand why the developer team was fired. FSX is crap.

OmarWed, 09 Nov 2011 18:35:28 GMT

Microsoft Flight is very tempting for the next few years! But I would like to include for once and for all systems & Blu Ray Google Earth... It would be fascinating could see. greetings!

Dave DuhrkoopWed, 09 Nov 2011 18:53:02 GMT

I'm confused! Are these screens for the 2004 release, or for FSX?

n lewendonWed, 09 Nov 2011 19:24:19 GMT

Magnificent! But I hope that we are not into another round where frame rates suffer so much that we have to update our hardware at great expense to return to FSX frame rates.

NelsonWed, 09 Nov 2011 20:11:33 GMT

I'm waiting a long time ago to buy this product, because I think this will be much better than FSX. I do have the same opinion than Raffy and John, things important for those who love flight sim... I Hope Microsoft Fight will be much better than FSX.

ChuckWed, 09 Nov 2011 20:33:01 GMT

I just hope FX11 will fix all that was wrong with FSX. FSX was ten years outdated when it was released and horribly bugged with data usage issues among others. Developers such as ORBX, Aerosoft, A2A, PMDG etc. have proven what can be done with the old platform so FX11 needs to at least hit that bar if not surpassing it. It should appeal to the pilot as well as the new person wanting to experience flight for the first time. This means it must be accurate and detailed but also have settings that allow a beginner to enjoy and learn as their experience and skill grow thereby maintaining interest in the game for years to come not just a few weeks. Microsoft has done amazing things, I expect an excellent flight sim if they put the same energy and resources into this that they do other products. They need to if they want this title to once again become the benchmark and gain not only the faithful back, but a whole new audience as well. Don't let us down Microsoft!

PeterWed, 09 Nov 2011 20:44:06 GMT

It would be wonderful if Microsoft included airport ground marshaling (person or lights) at airports and also bridges will connect to all aircraft at the gates.

Leonardo88Wed, 09 Nov 2011 20:51:42 GMT

Why should we buy this when MS abandons support like they did with FSX?

Dave WightmanWed, 09 Nov 2011 21:22:04 GMT

Is there any news about the program's compatibility with WIN 7 or whatever the latest version of the WIN OS is at the time of MS Flight release?

rickWed, 09 Nov 2011 21:50:55 GMT

Really need to have a lot more of AI aircraft and need more terminal functions at airports and terminals when aircraft arrive and depart. This function should be automatic when aircraft arrive and depart.

Pro Memberbb1040Wed, 09 Nov 2011 23:02:37 GMT

When FSX came out I asked the question "how much computer do I need to see it as it was advertised? The answer was, that computer has not been made yet. I hope we don't have the same problem with this one. I have been flying FS since it had stick planes and only a small area up by Chicago for scenery.

AnthonyWed, 09 Nov 2011 23:07:20 GMT

I wonder if FS11 will actually surpass an FSX installation that is heavily "improved" with multiple add-ons. Rex, Ultimate Terrain, PMDG, Ultimate Traffic etc etc have converted FSX from a skeleton to a very realistic flight sim in my opinion. I reckon FS11 might only be a worthwhile upgrade "only" for those that haven't already heavily invested in add-ons. It will probably be a worthwhile investment for newcomers though.

Joseph MateusWed, 09 Nov 2011 23:53:41 GMT

A few days ago I started to fly Brazil in alphabetical order, with FSX, starting with Abaete (SNLI), Minas Gerais state. With 780 airports and airfields, its going to take me a long time to fly all of Brazil in real time until I reach the "Z"'s. For all flights over 400 kms I am sticking with the Learjet 45 and its bigger brother, The Bombardier J70. flying IFR.

I hope that this new Flight Simulator 11 shows buildings and houses in some far flung northern and Amazonian state capitals, like Boa Vista Roraima state, Porto Velho Rondonia state, Macapá Amapá state, Rio Branco Acre state, and a few more, rather than just an airport/airstrip.

Further I would love to see this new Flight Simulator 11 show all of Brazil 27 states with all airports/airfields within each state, so we could fly all airports in each state individually, like we can do in the USA and Canada.

PeterThu, 10 Nov 2011 00:53:44 GMT

When? When? When?

PaulThu, 10 Nov 2011 01:20:54 GMT

When is the new one coming out

EdGeneer (N180GS)Thu, 10 Nov 2011 01:25:41 GMT

These screen shots look great... the vegetation density is wonderful.... many other things as well... But of course, I, too, share the reservations as to the system required to get even 'close' to the screenshots. We all know the FSX struggle with even the respectfully fast systems to get the fps and complexity to look like the screenshots...

One thing I would like to see is the correct usage of multiplayer interaction, as ALWAYS seems to be left out in ALL previous versions... For one, red floating letters in the sky because multiplayer lights 'never' seem to look right, is NOT and I mean NOT 'as real as it gets'.... It seems its impossible to use multiplayer and see the a/c of others properly without the res letters, the lights never seem to work or look correct.... More and more games and such are fully multiplayer designed, and FS always left that to third party developers to get it close to useable and tolerable... (and that never got the lights right)

I have remained optimistic since version 5.1, so I am not holding my breath...

owen mobleyThu, 10 Nov 2011 01:38:41 GMT

I am very happy with FS2 and FS4 for years now. Whats the big thing with this new Microsoft FS. Scenery? - confused. I tried FSX and found it a bunch of crap- took it back to the store and gave it back. - Owen

DJPThu, 10 Nov 2011 02:45:00 GMT

2 things I would like to see, first and foremost the design team needs to take chapter from the developers of Flight Unlimited 95 and the flight dynamics of that sim. It was way ahead of its time and that sim responded more like real aircraft. Second, I wish they would bring back the crop dusting feature that MSFS4 had. That was a lot of fun and would look great with the new graphics. I think it may have been in MSFS5 as well but I don't think it went beyond that.

Darrell VillaThu, 10 Nov 2011 03:34:45 GMT

Awesome pictures! I also hope that they'll add people movements inside the terminal, baggages, fuel truck, catering truck and better landing lights (red/white) than ghost-look spots! What's more, they should add strobe-reflection against the ground at night (i.e. red strobe on the bottom and bright white flash from the end of its wings. Plus strobe-reflection while flying inside the cloud at night!! That would bring much more realistic!!

Real-time flights should be also installed! :)

CostaThu, 10 Nov 2011 06:57:07 GMT

I have been a passionate fan of Flight Sim since the beginning and have owned and used all versions of Flight Sim up to and including FSX I did have some frame rate issues with FSX but this was soon sorted with a larger graphics card. Flight looks awesome from the screen shots and I can't wait for its release... When will that be and what kind of demand will the new Flight have on resources? Thanks for a great site 'Fly Away'

IanThu, 10 Nov 2011 08:18:13 GMT

FSX is crap? You guys must be rank amateurs with no clue. Don't post stupid comments if you have nothing better to do.

Pro MemberpontiusThu, 10 Nov 2011 08:34:01 GMT

I fly GA and light military jets and fly mainly UK VFR. So I want low level detail at least as good as I currently have with Photographic Scenery. My outlay of cash to get to this stage of realism has been considerable. If the FS?? is going to be as good, what will it cost, and how much of our current kit will be usable. I can't see people like me moving unless we can use some of our expensive addons (scenery and aircraft). Right from the early FS, I have always waited a year after release, because there have always been problems, I would take some persuading to change that habit! But, in spite of my negativity, I am really looking forward to seeing the new one!

BrianThu, 10 Nov 2011 09:05:31 GMT

I don't believe for one minute the what you see in those screenshots is what you will see in the game.

Author FlyerThu, 10 Nov 2011 09:21:10 GMT

The ability to move the tower is essential as in FS9 - It says you can in FSX but you cannot. LANDING at HEATHROW OR A LARGE AIRPORT THE BUILDINGS BLOCK THE TOWER VIEW. More realistic cities need to be used with better mapping. I use another weather station which is superior to Jeppeson

Paul HowardThu, 10 Nov 2011 11:52:48 GMT

Along with many flight sim enthusiasts I've spent a small fortune on FSX addons ( not to mention previous FS versions). Can anyone tell me if any of the addon FSX aircraft ( and sceneries ) will be compatible with Flight, or am I back to square one with buying addon aircraft for the new version?

Don PowellThu, 10 Nov 2011 14:35:22 GMT

When, I'm ready for FX-11, please when? FSX is a FLOP!

Nazmul AhsanThu, 10 Nov 2011 16:51:18 GMT

I like FSX. It would be nice if new sim would implement airframes and allow players build planes based on realistic airline/fleet data. FSX seems consume a lot of memory to load aircraft.

Nice to have functions would be 1) ability to use multiple planes, i.e. park one and take another while last one still parked at airport. 2) Integrate google earth for realistic buildings, and improve buildings

There are tons of bugs in FSX that should be adressed.,

Pro MemberBill53Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:05:29 GMT

This seems to be the only way to contact any of the sites with downloads. I would like to know how to get around the .air installation program in the downloads. I keep downloading planes but can't get them to install. Does anyone know how to make these downloads work, or do I need to go back to Tandy computers?

AnthonyThu, 10 Nov 2011 17:21:06 GMT

@Paul Howard.....back to square one I reckon. FSX was written with a different code (or so I'm lead to believe)so I would imagine FSX addons won't be compatible with FS11.

Konstantin ZemberThu, 10 Nov 2011 23:37:28 GMT

As a long-time professional pilot, and aircraft owner, anyone who feels FSX is a poor example of "real-world" flight needs to "kiss my a**"!

Real world fight is not some idiots computer game!

Try to catch up!

Darrell VillaTue, 15 Nov 2011 00:01:44 GMT

If I may add?

Hopefully that in this new game, they'll correct the TIME ZONE! FSX's time zone is screwed!

And also they better have a better auto-spoilers system meaning when you set from 480 knot down to 300, the spoilers would be deployed till it has reached desired speed. :)

carlcatFri, 18 Nov 2011 00:45:53 GMT

I want it all; better images, more interactive stuff, more traffic, better detail, people, cool things to see, ships, cars, trucks, planes, trains,animals, better sounds, better skies, better water, better land,cool stuff at airports, zoos with animals, waterfalls,plane towing, luggage handlers, incredible detail in the all cities... tons of stuff to see. I don't want to buy add ons, I want it all in one program. I'm ready for the next level. OK MS, step your game up and make a great new flight simulator.

WillMon, 26 Dec 2011 14:55:59 GMT

I entered the flight sim arena two years ago with FSX - and the experience has been wonderful. With the modest hardware I am using (Intel I3/GMA HD/8G ram) I long for the day of a high end hardware to bring the sim to 'full' potential. Like others though, with ~ 3K USD already invested (hardware/addons) I will wait patiently to see if the time and expense of changing to FS11 proves worthy..

Pro Memberav8rH2Sun, 15 Jan 2012 18:14:23 GMT

Does anyone have any information about the release date? Or any pricing information for the product?

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