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Community Update 2 for FSW Goes Live

Posted on Mon, 19 Jun 2017 10:39:01 GMT

Flight Sim World has been, since release, getting a fair amount of updates and improvements. The latest Community Update landed this week, and it changes a hell of a lot of content about the simulator. At around 200MB, it’s a fairly substantial add-on that brings a lot of positive changes to the way FSW works. If you have FSW in your Steam library, it will auto-update when you log in.

So, what’s been changed and what has been added?

FSW aircraft selection menu.
FSW aircraft selection menu.

Aviation Changes

One major change was the aircraft in the simulator at present. For example, the P-18 Super Cub had some airspeed indicator calibrations altered to make them more accurate. It also had instrument panels moved into a more natural eye-line, with some changes to the way the tires run on the ground, too. Some minor stuff, but most of the aircraft got some kind of positive face-lift and improvement. Most of it is based on user feedback, too, which is a nice touch.

For example, the PA-28 Cherokee has seen some big changes. From the airspeed indicator to the cockpit instrument selection models being improved, this looks much better. They also added a new starter torque function which has been improved to help aid those wishing to do a ‘cold’ start.

The PA-34 Seneca, meanwhile, was changed quite dramatically. New contact point adjustments were added in for the tire/ground contact. They also made major optimizations to the cockpit model and the altitude functionality to ensure that this aircraft now flies much truer to the real thing.

Likewise, the PA-46 Malibu Mirage has been altered to have better visibility through the glass and a new PROP HEAT functionality. With new overhead switches for managing this, the control you have over the cockpit just expanded. With better gauge functionality, too, this just flies better than it had done previously.

Image showing the PA-46 Malibu Mirage panel and cockpit.
Image showing the PA-46 Malibu Mirage panel and cockpit.

The DA40/DA42 model offers new and improved tooltips to be more concise and understanding. It also adds cockpit instrument selection model changes like most of the other models, alongside G100 functionality finally being optimized.

Really, all the aircraft in the simulator got a nice little improvement and a facelift. New gauge highlights appear to be functional no matter what aircraft you hop onto now, which is a big change over the previous edition. Also, various new auto-pilot logic improvements were made so every aircraft can handle itself better in auto-pilot.

Other Changes and Improvements

Otherwise, users of this simulator can enjoy some pretty impressive new changes in the simulator. Some of the most detailed improvements that we have seen come to life include:

  • Better pathing when using the Pro Mission Editor start-up point. This was a huge contention, gladly corrected.
  • Crashes related to the use of the Sidewinder 2 were corrected, as well, although force feedback is disabled at present
  • ATC annoying you? Now you can set a keyboard shortcut to close it in one swoop rather than having to do so manually.
  • The communications widget will now automatically close if it does not contain tabs, giving you valuable screen space.
  • Now, server names and dialogues will sort themselves out accordingly when using Flight Planner in the Multiplayer mode.
  • Other changes such as localization and small, minor bug changes have been added for overall improvement in performance.

Please be aware, though, that at the moment multi-monitor set-ups are disabled. As performance hiccups continue, the development team have put them aside until a genuine solution can be found.

As ever, you should send any problems you have to if anything pops up in your simulator that you believe needs correcting. Keep an eye out for new updates to come, too: this is only the start. 

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Simon FallaTue, 20 Jun 2017 14:19:09 GMT

Hmm...No multi support for Saitek ability as far as i'm aware to network panels to other monitors.

Looooooooooong way to go still

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