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VATUSA Announces November Events

Last updated Mon, 25 Mar 2019 14:26:40 GMT
Originally posted on Wed, 29 Oct 2003 23:21:53 GMT

VATUSA has quite a number of multiplayer events scheduled for November. Included are fly-ins in Florida, Michigan and California and a flight across the Pacific. For details, click on Read More.

November 2nd - Central Florida fall classic

Joint sponsored event by the ZJX and ZMA ARTCC. We will be providing full staffing for the Orlando (KMCO) and Tampa (KTPA) Terminal Areas from 1900-2300 EST on November 1st 2003 (don't let the GMT listing fool you...we're 5 hours behind, so it is actually the 1st, not the 2nd). Bring your Jumbo, Regional, or Business Jet and fly the Central Florida Skies on us.

November 9th - California Screaming 9

The Los Angeles and Oakland ARTCC's are pleased to announce the 9th intallment of the very popular California Screamin' Series to be held Sunday, November 9th, 2003.

Popularly known as "CalScream," VATUSA's largest online event hopes to smash previous online records by attracting traffic to the extremely realistic environment CalScream creates. From 1900z to 0000z, aircraft will be travelling across the ZLA and ZOA skies in many directions at once. Unlike most events in VATUSA, this should be called a "Fly-Around" instead of a "Fly-In."

CalScream mimmicks real-world traffic to the point that if you're signed up for United Flight 2356 from PSP to LAS and your pushback time is 1235 local, you can bet that the real United 2356 is pushing back at the same time.

November 16th - Cross the Pacific 2

You guessed it folks, Round 2! Depart the new PHNL Chiefs house (PHNL) and head to any of 3 sponsored destinations. Places like Seattle (KSEA), Vancouver (CYVR) and Anchorage (PANC).

With a flight leaving every few minutes every couple minutes off the 8's at PHNL and KZAK staffed to the gills, and pilots keeping track and reporting their next waypoint to the FSS controller.

November 23rd - Greater Detroit Fly in

Come join Pacific Airways/American Flight Airways. Depart from any of your VA's hubs and head to Detroit! And make it there between 2000Z and 0000Z! Cleveland is set and ready for us this time! Keep an eye on for details.

Jeff Turner
VATUSA4 (VATUSA Events/VA Director)

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