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Originally posted on Sat, 10 Apr 2004 01:42:52 GMT

It's more than likely that at some point or another that you have sat in front of your PCs, leaving your spouse watching the TV, or wandering about the house while you lock onto that ILS after a 4 hour flight! Well now your spouse can be entertained themselves by visiting the Flight Simulator Widows forum! This is intended for "simming widows" to meet up and do something non sim related!

If your male partner or lover is addicted to playing flight simulator by sitting in front of the computer for hours together, you might be cribbing within your selves. You might have to wait for three hours to even four hours for him to complete the simulated flight.

When your partner is one such flight simulator enthusiast, it's difficult to grab his attention by trying to divert him using your preferred tactics. In such a frustrating situation, you could avoid getting more frustrated, by getting involved in some fun activities.

You could become a member of the Flight Simulator Widow forum. This forum had been started by a couple of women, who had gone through similar frustrations earlier. By getting in to this forum, you would be able to meet like minded women, who are waiting for their partners to finish their flight simulation.

You could chat with members in the forum as this forum contains only spouses of husbands, who are tuned in to flight simulation. In addition to chatting with them, you could also post your favorite images in the forum and share your favorite videos.

Through this forum, called the Flight Simulator Widows forum, you could also play fun games with the like minded counterparts at the other end of the chat. By becoming a member of this community, you would be able to divert your attention and relax your sense.

By getting in to the flight Simulator Widows Community, you might also get an opportunity to start a new venture with like mined people in the community. There are also other flight simulator communities that would provide you exciting information regarding the attractions available in a particular place. You could also get information regarding the entertainment facilities that are available in different airports. By becoming a member in a couple of such communities, you wouldn’t feel the absence of your spouse.

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