Contact Fly Away Simulation

There are a number of methods to contact the team here at Fly Away Simulation. 

If you require specific contact details or support from a member of the team, please see below for further details.

All of our support or contact inquiries are now routed through our dedicated support ticketing system for ease of tracking.

Submitting a File to the Downloads Library

You can submit your creation (such as an aircraft, scenery or add-on file) to our file library using the form here

Once you have submitted your file, we will contact you within a few days with confirmation of listing in our downloads section.

Support for installing the downloads and add-ons

We do not currently provide technical support and information for installing the downloads, add-ons or tools found on this web site.

We are unable to do this because systems vary from users to user and our support staff are not trained in this field.

However, the community forums have a massive user base and many of the users will be able to help you overcome any problems you may be encountering.

Please see the links below in order to find the installation support you need.

Useful links

Account, billing and site technical support

We provide support to all of our members and users who wish to become members.

We are able to provide support with login issues, registration problems, and other similar problems. However, we are unable to provide technical support for downloads and how to install downloads.

If you require technical support for installing downloads, please see the details above.

For support and questions regarding your Fly Away Simulation account, please contact customer support using our support ticketing system by clicking on the link below.

Contact Support

If none of the above helps with your query then please contact our support team by emailing us using the email address below.

Please note: If your request is to cancel your Fly Away Simulation PRO membership please follow the instructions here. Emails send to our support address listed below will not be actioned for account cancellations as they will end up with the wrong team dealing with this.

Canceling your PRO Membership

You may cancel your Fly Away Simulation PRO membership at any time. However, if you are thinking of canceling because of problems you are having using the site then we'd love to try to resolve these for you first so you may continue enjoying your PRO experience.

Let us help you first...

Please email us at with any issues you may be having and we will get back to you with aim of resolving them. However, if you're certain you wish to cancel, please read below.

If you're certain you wish to cancel...

You'll be sorely missed but if you're sure you wish to cancel your PRO account, please follow the instructions below.

If you signed up using a PayPal account

If you signed up to Fly Away Simulation PRO using a PayPal account, you may cancel your subscription yourself by logging into your PayPal account and browsing to the preapproved payments menu, and then finding the associated Fly Away Simulation subscription and clicking on "cancel".

If you signed up using a debit or credit card

If you signed up with a credit or debit card you may contact us at and we can cancel this manually for you. In order to cancel your subscription swiftly, we will need your Subscription ID which starts with "I-". Please send this directly to the PRO cancellation team along with your login username and full name.

Press, media and submitting your press release to us

If you are a member of the press or media and would like to contact the team regarding any issues you have, you should contact Ryan Barclay. Email details are found below.

If you are a developer, flight simulation or aviation company or website and would like for your press release to appear on our network, please forward it to our Managing Editor Ian Stephens using his email address below.

Please send us your press release and any images, video or media you would like to be published with it and we will try our best to have it featured on our website.

Contact us by email

Press inquiries should be directed to Executive Director Ryan Barclay.

Contacting by other means

There are a few other ways to contact us here at Fly Away Simulation. These are not the best methods but are still available.


You may still contact us by regular post if you wish. You can reach us at the following address:

Fly Away Simulation
c/o RBFTP Networks Ltd.
Mountview Court
1148 High Road
N20 0RA
United Kingdom


You can contact us by telephone at certain times of the day.

Our staff are usually in the office from 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday London UK Time.

We are unable to provide any account support by telephone; this all needs to be done through our support ticketing system above.

Telephone inquiries should only be made if you need to contact us about press releases, media inquiries and major problems and issues with the Fly Away Simulation website.

If you have problems logging in or have account issues, we are unable to help via telephone and you should use open a ticket using the button above.

Our telephone contact details are as follows.

Contacting us in Europe

If calling from Europe or the UK, you can contact using the telephone number below which is based in London, UK:


Contacting us in the USA

If calling from the USA, you can contact us on our USA number which is based in California, USA:


If calling from anywhere else in the world, feel free to use one of the numbers above which is the cheapest from the country you are calling from - they will still be routed to us.

About Fly Away Simulation

Fly Away Simulation is owned and operated by RBFTP Networks Ltd., registered in England No. 05718807.

Read more about Fly Away Simulation on our About Us page.