FSX Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise

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A 7-9 seat twin turboprop corporate and executive transport. The Marquise is one of the "stretched" versions of the MU-2 and was the final production version. New model with full animation, dynamic shine and reflective textures. Includes a 2D panel and VC with Garmin GPS/radios and complete passenger cabin. Full package for FSX/SP2 with two real life liveries. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Bob May, Joe Zerilli / Premier Aircraft Design.

Screenshot of Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise 321 in flight.

Screenshot of Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise 321 in flight.


Extract all files into the FS9 MAIN Folder using WINZIP in Classic Mode...Do not use the Wizard...Make sure the "Use Folder names" BOX is checked in WINZIP. New folders will be created and all files installed.

Here's how by the numbers...

1. Navigate to where you downloaded the zip file.

2. Double click with your mouse on the zip file.

3. WINZIP should Open and show all the files inside the zip.

4. Press 'CTRL A' and this will select all the files.

5. Click on upper 'Extract' Button in the Main Tool Bar above.

6. Type in your path in the dialog box the default location is C:\program files\microsoft games\flight simulator 9 or Browse to your FS9 Location...Open the FS9 main folder.

7. Now Click on the 'Extract' button in the upper right.....you're done...go flying.


*Turn on Tool Tips....Lots of panel information available. Go to Options - Settings - General....Click the "Show Tool Tips" box.)

SHIFT E opens/closes the passenger door, there is no separate crew door.

Shift-W toggles the yoke on/off in VC panel (Ctrl-W in FSX).

To Raise your seat higher press SHIFT-ENTER (in FSX this only works in VC view).

The spinning props look better in flight if you dab Ctrl-F2 a few times.


Move eyepoint back into passenger cabin
CTRL+ENTER (press and hold)

Move Eyepoint Down

Move Eyepoint Forward

Move Eyepoint Left

Move Eyepoint Right

Move Eyepoint Up

Reset Eyepoint

Screenshot of Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise 541 in flight.

Screenshot of Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise 541 in flight.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive mu2l321x.zip has 134 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
airplanes12.15.080 B
mu2l321x12.15.080 B
aircraft.cfg12.15.0813.65 kB
CREDITS.txt12.07.081.44 kB
File_ID.diz12.15.08476 B
marq321_800.jpg12.08.0852.99 kB
marq544_800.jpg12.09.0884.07 kB
model.112.15.080 B
model.cfg12.11.0829 B
mu2lb_fix5.mdl12.10.081.77 MB
model.212.15.080 B
model.cfg12.11.0829 B
mu2ll_fix5.mdl12.10.081.77 MB
MU-2_check.htm11.15.0855.06 kB
MU-2_ref.htm11.14.089.47 kB
mu2l.air12.13.0814.85 kB
mu2l3219.gif12.10.088.91 kB
panel.mu2mx12.15.080 B
Annunciators.bmp10.14.08110.05 kB
AUD_Garmin_GMA340.gau11.08.02187.00 kB
FP_HOBBS.CAB10.08.08371.96 kB
FP_RA55.CAB03.25.08171.28 kB
FS9Garmin.cab10.17.03263.48 kB
FS9Garmin330.cab12.07.0352.47 kB
fs9gps.cab06.13.03296.71 kB
FuelPanel.bmp10.13.08105.23 kB
GH_Sound.gau04.15.0580.00 kB
Master.gau11.16.084.01 MB
mu2.CAB11.06.08357.99 kB
MU2panel_m.bmp12.07.082.25 MB
mu2_annun.cab10.27.0888.06 kB
mu2_autopilot.CAB11.16.0828.88 kB
mu2_clock.CAB05.30.0851.63 kB
mu2_eng.CAB11.04.08141.29 kB
mu2_fuel.CAB10.13.08197.26 kB
mu2_inst.CAB11.04.08272.59 kB
mu2_quadrant.CAB10.15.08215.05 kB
mu2_radios.CAB11.26.08145.08 kB
mu2_sw.CAB11.11.0856.04 kB
ovhd.bmp10.09.08624.08 kB
panel.cfg12.08.0819.43 kB
rcb-gauges.CAB12.05.0727.06 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5.CAB10.20.0626.63 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5_Sound.dll10.19.0696.80 kB
README Groundhandling5_01.txt10.22.0620.75 kB
README FIRST.txt12.07.084.08 kB
READ_ME_docs12.15.080 B
Garmin radio documents12.15.080 B
GNS43012.15.080 B
430 Default Nav Page.doc10.17.0385.50 kB
430 Nav Map Page.doc10.17.0377.50 kB
430 Nav Pos Page.doc10.17.0382.50 kB
GNS53012.15.080 B
530 Default Nav Page.doc10.17.0397.50 kB
530 Nav Bar Page.doc10.17.0390.00 kB
GTX 330 documents12.15.080 B
GTX 330 AltMon.doc12.07.03130.50 kB
GTX 330 CUTime.doc12.07.03131.00 kB
GTX 330 DenAlt.doc12.07.03132.00 kB
GTX 330 FlTime.doc12.07.03130.00 kB
GTX 330 PrAlt.doc12.07.03133.00 kB
Manual Instructions.doc12.07.0349.50 kB
Self-Test Page.doc12.07.03116.00 kB
Intro and Directions.txt10.17.033.62 kB
Marquise Panel docs.jpg12.07.08193.97 kB
MU-2 flying tips.txt12.15.089.67 kB
MU-2_console.jpg11.18.0888.11 kB
README Groundhandling5_01.txt10.22.0620.75 kB
sound.012.15.080 B
sound.CFG04.21.0842 B
texture.N321GM12.15.080 B
chrome_brown.bmp09.16.0664.07 kB
cockpit_mu2.bmp11.07.08512.07 kB
Elevator.bmp11.25.08256.07 kB
Engine.bmp11.23.08512.07 kB
Fuse_MU2L.bmp12.08.081.00 MB
lights.bmp11.17.0732.07 kB
lights_L.bmp05.16.0865.05 kB
mu2L_Cabin.bmp12.08.08512.07 kB
mu2L_Interiors.bmp12.03.081.00 MB
overhead.bmp10.20.08512.07 kB
Paneltotal_large.bmp10.20.08512.07 kB
pilots_bm.bmp11.25.08512.07 kB
pilots_bm_L.bmp10.06.05257.05 kB
prop2_TBX.bmp10.25.081.00 MB
roue2.bmp09.15.0865.07 kB
SeatsLong.bmp11.02.08128.07 kB
thumbnail.jpg12.07.087.09 kB
VC_PanelTotal.bmp11.27.08512.07 kB
WingL.bmp11.25.081.00 MB
WingR.bmp11.25.081.00 MB
WingTanks.bmp11.23.08256.07 kB
texture.n544cb12.15.080 B
chrome_brown.bmp09.16.0664.07 kB
cockpit_mu2.bmp11.07.08512.07 kB
Elevator.bmp11.03.08256.07 kB
Engine.bmp10.13.081.00 MB
Fuse_MU2L.bmp12.09.081.00 MB
lights.bmp11.17.0732.07 kB
lights_L.bmp05.16.0865.05 kB
mu2L_Cabin.bmp12.05.081.00 MB
mu2L_Interiors.bmp12.03.081.00 MB
overhead.bmp10.20.08512.07 kB
Paneltotal_large.bmp10.20.08512.07 kB
pilots_bm.bmp11.25.08512.07 kB
pilots_bm_L.bmp10.06.05257.05 kB
prop2_TBX.bmp10.25.081.00 MB
roue2.bmp09.15.0865.07 kB
SeatsLong.bmp11.02.08128.07 kB
thumbnail.jpg12.10.0810.42 kB
VC_PanelTotal.bmp11.26.08512.07 kB
WingL.bmp11.25.081.00 MB
WingR.bmp11.25.081.00 MB
WingTanks.bmp11.10.08128.07 kB
simobjects08.31.080 B
file_id.diz12.16.08483 B
Groundhandling07.17.080 B
Groundhandling503.26.080 B
GH01_Conversation1.wav10.26.03188.92 kB
GH02_Conversation2.wav10.29.0376.44 kB
GH03_Conversation3.wav11.04.0355.39 kB
GH04_Conversation4A.wav10.14.06114.56 kB
GH05_Conversation5.wav10.29.03134.51 kB
GH06_SoftClick.wav03.07.05551 B
GH07_Error.wav10.26.038.75 kB
GH08_PushbackRoll.wav05.11.0544.58 kB
GH09_Conversation4B.wav10.14.0667.76 kB
GH10_Attention.wav10.14.0621.57 kB
GH11_Brakes.wav11.06.0329.74 kB
Sound.ini03.20.07925 B
sound08.10.080 B
MU2L321X.GIF12.16.088.97 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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