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FSX Turboprops

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Olympic Airways Short 330-100Complete with Base Model

Short 330-100 Olympic Airlines "Isle of Naxos" is a repaint under permission of PREMIER AIRCRAFT DESIGN Shorts SD3-30 Aircraft, panel and sound package including dynamic VC with custom gauges. The original package of PREMIER AIRCRAFT DESIGN include also a Cargo Version that not included here, cause didn't serve in Olympic Airways. You can visit PAD at for more S360 liveries & more models. MODEL INFORMATION Inside folder texture.IsleofNaxos you...

File size: 80.53 MB | Download hits: 275

Embraer EMB-110Complete with Base Model

EMB-110 "Bandeirante" R3.0 Freeware for FSX/P3D. The 3.0 version is a much-upgraded release from the previous 2.1 for FS9. Now it is an FS9/FSX compatible model. Many 3D details and corrections have been made. A new and more resolution texturing were added. The panels, instruments and XML programming was improved, including a very limited but genuine Garmin 150 GPS. The dynamics suffer some changes that added more realism to flight performance. Engine sounds were changed, and many...

File size: 20.75 MB | Download hits: 319

DeHavilland DHC-6-300 Super Twin Otter VistalinerComplete with Base Model

Full package with model, custom panel and VC, custom sound, and check lists. Three real world liveries, Scenic Airlines (USA), LC Peru and Carib Aviation. Perfect for those sightseeing trips over the Nazca Lines, the Grand Canyon or the Caribbean Islands. Pleasant and accurate flight dynamics. By Premier Aircraft Design. Image showing two repaints of the DeHavilland DHC-6-300. Extract all files into the FSX MAIN Folder using WINZIP. New folders will be created and...

File size: 18.33 MB | Download hits: 7285

Piaggio P-180 V3.1 UpdateComplete with Base Model

For use with P180_V3_FSX.ZIP. This is a minor update to for the FSX version of the P-180 v3.0. By Mario Noriega. Cover image for Piaggio P-180 V3.1 Update. Misbehaving clickspots: altitude selector now is only +-100ft, easily operable via mouse wheel. Missing Recognition light effect: the file was mistakenly not included in the 3.0 release Lowered ITTs: for better hot climate behavior; now only very (very) hot days cause problems. passenger removed...

File size: 15.94 MB | Download hits: 1643

Buffalo Airways Braddick DC3-TPComplete with Base Model

Repaint based on the work of Manfred Jahn and his team. Buffalo Airways looking for a Turbo Dakota to increase its fleet. Work dedicated to Arnie Schreder. By JA Lopez R. Screenshot of Buffalo Airways Braddick DC3-TP in flight. Extract the zip to a temporary folder or open it in Windows Explorer. The root folder contains three subfolders: Effects, Simobjects, and Sound. You should be able to copy these three folders directly to your "Flight Simulator X" folder...

File size: 125.27 MB | Download hits: 3793

Port-Over DeHavilland Dash 7Complete with Base Model

Not compatible with FS2004. With backing from the Canadian government, de Havilland Canada began in late 1972 the development of a larger capacity short/medium range Short-Take-Off-and-Land (STOL) transport that would provide the higher standards of comfort to be found in much larger airliners. Designated DHC-7, and later named Dash-7, the first of two pre-production aircraft (C-GNBX-X) made its maiden flight on 27 March 1975. The first production aircraft (C-GNBX-X) was flown on 20 May 1977...

File size: 90.58 MB | Download hits: 11000

Braddick DC-3TP/C-47TP Turbo DakotaComplete with Base Model

This model of the Turbo Dakota is a modified version of the FSX Basler BT-67 as developed by Fuernkaess, Jahn, Metzger, and Naegele. The Turbo Dakota team includes Andrew Brown (research and project co-ordination), Manfred Jahn (model), Johan Jacobs (Silver Falcons paint), and Janus Swanepoel (heat shimmer effect and SAAF paints). Screenshot of Braddick DC-3TP/C-47TP Turbo Dakota on the ground. Extract the zip to a temporary folder or open it in Windows Explorer. The...

File size: 45.44 MB | Download hits: 4019

Sukhoi Su-80 UpdatedComplete with Base Model

An up to the Robert Versluys and Gustavo La Cruz Sukhoi 80 RA82911 by modifying the Camsim Aviation Simulation 787 panel using real photos courtesy of Sukhoi {United Aircraft Corporation (KnAAPO)}. Uses metric gauges from Bill Wolfgen's Russian gauges and Il-96 gauges, Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's An-12 autopilot and Dennis Seeley's gauges for the Be-200. Also includes thumbnails and Benny Miller's Saab 340 sound set. Includes two models, one with working rear ramp and one without....

File size: 24.08 MB | Download hits: 2960

Buffalo Airways Basler BT64Complete with Base Model

Buffalo Airways is a family tradition airline based in Hay River, Northwest Territories established in 1970 by Joe McBryan, also known as "Buffalo Joe". It operates scheduled passenger and cargo, charter passenger and cargo airline services and fire fighting and fueling. The airline is the subject of the reality series channel Ice Pilots NWT Canadian history. The company's flagship aircraft are Douglas DC3 and Curtiss C46. This repaint uses the work done by Manfred Jahn and...

File size: 54.62 MB | Download hits: 2079

Australian Air Express Metro 3Complete with Base Model

This aircraft is designed to fly in FSX, although it is a reworked FS2004 model. There is no virtual cockpit but it comes with a new 2D panel using standard FSX gauges. By Tony Lonsdale. Screenshot of Australian Air Express Metro in flight. This aircraft is a patchwork quilt made from various sources to provide an FSX version of the popular Metro, especially crafted for QVA. To start, I went looking online for an FSX version of the Metro that I could paint in AaE...

File size: 9.89 MB | Download hits: 1157

Beech Super King Air FDEComplete with Base Model

Flight dynamic packages for Beechcraft 300 and 350 Super KingAir. These files will allow prototypical cruise performance at correct altitudes. Modified using AirWrench. Modifications by Bob Boudoin. Screenshot of Beech Super King Air FDE in flight. [fltsim.0] title=Beech King Air 300...

File size: 158.31 kB | Download hits: 1519

Varig Lockheed L-188 PP-VJVComplete with Base Model

L188 model by Team FS KBT. Repaint by Fabio I.D. Cabral. Screenshot of Varig Lockheed L-188 on the ground. Installation: Copy the folder: "ELEC_PP_VJV" inside your "airplanes" folder in FSX. I included the Passenger model from TEAM FS KBT inside, so no need to copy and paste these textures. PLEASE, READ CAREFULLY THIS NEXT STEEP, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU DO IT OTHERWISE YOU WONT SEE THE HD TEXTURES IN YOUR FSX! Installing HD...

File size: 176.47 MB | Download hits: 2634

Antonov An-8 PackageComplete with Base Model

An update of the Alexander Sklyar AI Antonov AN8 to be flyable in FSX. Adds the V. Zhyhulskiys An-12 2D panel and sound, along with thumbnail textures. No VC panel. By Michael E. Roberts. Screenshot of Antonov An-8 in flight. Antonov An-8 "Camp" Base Models. Models by Sergey Bunevich (sib2217) Paint Kit & Base Liveres by Alexander Sklyar (Sanovich) Tested & FDE by Pavel Tolstov (buhg68) Variants: A) folder "model" -...

File size: 33.22 MB | Download hits: 2391

Antonov An-22 PackageComplete with Base Model

An AI An-22 Flyable in FSX by compiling the Mehlin Rainer Antonov An22 Antheus for AI traffic set. Adds the V. Zhyhulskiys An-12 2D panel and sound and replaces the .air file with the Dimitri Samborski Antonov An-22 Antheus .air file and based the .cfg on it as well. There are seven different aircraft: two Aeroflot, two Antonov demonstrators, one Antonov International Cargo Transporter (Antonov Airlines) and one Antonov special lift extensively modified aircraft. No VC panel. By Michael E....

File size: 9.55 MB | Download hits: 4539

Viking DeHavilland DHC2A Mk3 Turbo Beaver AmphibianComplete with Base Model

Full package with two special liveries by Cirrus Productions, Netherlands. Full animation, wing views, dynamic shine, full suspension, water rudders, includes a pair of 2D panels and a dynamic VC with a complete cabin, with opening crew doors, passenger doors, cargo door with steps, custom sound, check and ref HTML files and more. FD updated for FSX/Acceleration. Model by Premier Aircraft Design. Screenshot of DHC2A Mk3 Turbo Beaver Amphibian in flight. Extract *all*...

File size: 13.61 MB | Download hits: 1767

Piaggio P-180Complete with Base Model

This is a true FSX (SP2) SDK aircraft Version 3.0 brings an entirely new cockpit (2D/3D, 2D panel available in widescreen and 4/3) and cabin down to almost every single switch, entirely new flight dynamics, advanced systems and avionics, new sound and panel sound effects, and much more! Screenshot of Piaggio P-180 on runway. The Piaggio P180 is a high-speed high-efficiency turboprop aircraft. Capable of speeds up to 395 KTAS (or M0.68) up to its service ceiling of 41,000...

File size: 68.37 MB | Download hits: 8076

Dehavilland DHC6-300 Twin Otter 2 PackComplete with Base Model

Two aircraft pack, Paradise Island Airlines reflective and non-reflective. Includes custom panel, dynamic VC with a full cabin, custom sound. reflective textures, full suspension, opening doors and more. By Barry Blaisdell, Jean-Pierre Brisard, Bob May, Kevin Pardy and Danny Crance - Premier Aircraft Design. Texture by Bahamasflyers. Screenshot of Dehavilland DHC6-300 Twin Otter on the ground. Extract all files into the FSX MAIN Folder using WINZIP or similar...

File size: 19.65 MB | Download hits: 2686

Basler BT-67 Base Pack V2Complete with Base Model

The BT67 is a turboprop conversion of the classic Douglas DC-3/C-47. Version 2 has a new panel layout, some new gauges, and new flight dynamics. No 2D panel and aliased default sound only. By Daniel Fuernkaess (paints and research), Manfred Jahn (models), Alexander M. Metzger (flight dynamics and docs) and Hansjoerg Naegele (gauges, animation and docs). Minimum system-requirements: FSX SP2. Screenshot of Basler BT-67 in flight. The BT-67 is a general-purpose turbo-prop...

File size: 39.07 MB | Download hits: 6383

Shorts Sherpa Twin Turboprop STOL TransportComplete with Base Model

Full package for FSX/SP2 with custom panel, VC, full cabin modelling, opening rear loading ramp, sounds, check and reference lists. Two paint schemes with USA and UK registrations, as an ex-USAF NG C-23A in civilian use as a cargo hauler. Realistic and pleasant handing. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design. Screenshot of Shorts Sherpa Twin Turboprop STOL Transport in flight. INSTALLATION FSX: Extract all files into the FSX MAIN...

File size: 6.91 MB | Download hits: 3305

Bahamasair Black Dash-8Complete with Base Model

A DeHavilland Dash 8-300 series in new fictional Bahamasair color. Model by Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May and Kevin Pardy. Painted by Shawn Penn / BahamasFlyers. Screenshot of Bahamasair Black Dash-8 in flight. INSTALLATION: Extract all files into the FS2004 MAIN Folder using WINZIP or similar utility. Make sure the " Use Folder Names " BOX is checked IN WINZIP. New folders will be created and all files installed. See the...

File size: 13.65 MB | Download hits: 2249

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