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X-Plane 11 Mitsubishi MU-2 Solitaire

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This package includes a highly detailed Mitsubishi MU-2 Solitaire model for X-Plane 11.  The author has recently revived the project.

Mitsubishi MU-2 Solitaire on ramp.The package comes with a fully featured model including several repaints, improved flight dynamics and textures and a fully loaded documents folder containing reference PDF files from the original aircraft.

Flight notes:

  • Take off with the first deployment of flaps, land with the second or third
  • Landing lights auto turn off when the gear is raised
  • Like the real MU2, it's a bit of a handful
  • Careful approaches can lead to decent "short" field performance
  • I know it's not perfect, if you want to help make it better.

Developer: Alex Jenns.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

The archive has 136 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Airfoils09.19.180 B
Boeing Mid (high subsonic).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
Boeing Root (high subsonic).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
Boeing Tip (high subsonic).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
Clark-Y (good propeller).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
Flat Plate (very thin).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 0006 (symmetrical).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 0009 (symmetrical).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 0012 (symmetrical).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 0024 (symmetrical).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 16 (good propeller).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 23010.afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 23012 (low-moment).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 23016.afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 2412 (popular) cuffed.afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 2412 (popular) invert.afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 2412 (popular).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 4412_.afl09.19.1825.21 kB
NACA 63-015 (Helo Rotor).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 63-209 (supersonic).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 64(1)-012_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(1)-012_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(1)-112_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(1)-112_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(1)-212(Inverted)_3m.afl09.19.1825.21 kB
NACA 64(1)-212(Inverted)_9m.afl09.19.1825.21 kB
NACA 64(1)-212_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(1)-212_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(1)-412_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(1)-412_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(2)-015_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(2)-015_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(2)-215_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(2)-215_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(2)-415_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(2)-415_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(3)-018_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(3)-018_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(3)-218_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(3)-218_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(3)-418_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(3)-418_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(4)-021_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(4)-021_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(4)-221_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(4)-221_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(4)-421_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64(4)-421_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-006_3m.afl09.19.1825.23 kB
NACA 64-006_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-009_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-009_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-108_3m.afl09.19.1825.23 kB
NACA 64-108_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-110_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-110_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-206(Inverted)_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-206(Inverted)_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-206_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-206_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-208 (supersonic).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 64-208_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-208_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-209(Inverted)_3m.afl09.19.1825.21 kB
NACA 64-209(Inverted)_9m.afl09.19.1825.21 kB
NACA 64-209_3m.afl09.19.1825.23 kB
NACA 64-209_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-210_3m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 64-210_9m.afl09.19.1825.20 kB
NACA 65(216)-415 (lam flow).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NACA 65-006 (supersonic).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NASA LS(1)-0417 (hi-lift).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NASA LS(1)-0417 inverted.afl09.19.1824.49 kB
NLF(1)-0215F (laminar flow).afl09.19.1824.49 kB
VintageUtilityRoot.afl09.19.1825.21 kB
VintageUtilityTip.afl09.19.1825.21 kB
Cockpit.png09.19.181.91 MB
cockpit_3D09.19.180 B
-PANELS-09.19.180 B
panel.png09.19.181.02 MB
docs09.19.180 B
1400440720_MU-2----.jpg09.19.18202.48 kB
A10SW.pdf09.19.1873.88 kB
A40-1868-000-001-TPE331TurbopropEngine-ig.pdf09.19.18127.28 kB
E4WE_Rev_34.pdf09.19.18142.96 kB
mitsubishi_m2_3v.jpg09.19.1832.15 kB
MU2_Specs_and_Performance.pdf09.19.181.01 MB
N61-1491-000-000-TPE331-10TurbopropEngine-bro.pdf09.19.18446.23 kB
N61-1852-000-000_WelcomeToTheFamily.pdf09.19.181.40 MB
TPE331_-10_Overview.pdf09.19.181.44 MB
Liveries09.19.180 B
D-IKKY09.19.180 B
MU2_icon11.png02.25.11210.06 kB
MU2_icon11_thumb.png02.25.1116.27 kB
objects09.19.180 B
Fuselage.png09.19.186.92 MB
PropsEngines.png09.19.18544.78 kB
Wings.png09.19.18651.48 kB
MU2.acf09.19.18821.07 kB
MU2.acf~09.19.18821.06 kB
MU2_cockpit.obj09.19.181.69 MB
MU2_icon11.png09.19.18145.83 kB
MU2_icon11_thumb.png09.19.1813.63 kB
MU2_prefs.txt02.25.11412 B
Objects09.19.180 B
Cockpit.obj09.19.181.68 MB
Cockpit.png09.19.1812.47 MB
Details.obj09.19.186.02 MB
Details.png09.19.1811.21 MB
FloorandExit.obj09.19.18116.92 kB
FloorandExit.png09.19.184.79 MB
Fuselage.obj09.19.18841.48 kB
Fuselage.png09.19.185.09 MB
Gear.obj09.19.181.29 MB
Gear.png09.19.18306.97 kB
Gear_LIT.png09.19.18105.50 kB
InsideandGearwells.png09.19.182.96 MB
Interior.obj09.19.18891.48 kB
PropsEngines.obj09.19.182.49 MB
PropsEngines.png09.19.18578.23 kB
Seats.obj09.19.181.67 MB
Seats.png09.19.183.31 MB
Windows.obj09.19.18288.53 kB
Windows.png09.19.18144.57 kB
Wings.obj09.19.181.12 MB
Wings.png09.19.18611.67 kB
README.txt09.19.18485 B
Screenshots06.01.190 B
mu-2-xp11-1.jpg06.01.197.54 kB
mu-2-xp11-2.jpg06.01.1943.23 kB
mu-2-xp11-3.jpg06.01.1932.54 kB
mu-2-xp11-4.jpg06.01.1947.10 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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