Boeing 787 Dreamliner in flight with Prepar3D v4.  This is a freeware add-on.Prepar3D is a spin-off from the Microsoft ESP platform and originally released in 2007 by Lockheed Martin after they bought the rights.  Prepar3D brought great things for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator X who wanted to port all of their existing add-ons over to a more modern and advanced platform as it was backward-compatible with FSX add-ons.

In 2017, Lockheed Martin released Prepar3D v4 (P3Dv4) which brought the binary and all associated modules up to 64-bit.  While this limited the library of older FSX add-ons that were compatible with it, it opened up the platform to more advanced and sophisticated mods along with improving the actual sim engine itself - gone were memory limits and associated nuances of a 32-bit platform.

Many previous FSX users have shifted over to P3D because of the modern design of the system.  The sim improves graphics, lighting, weather along with many advanced features with a completely new SDK enabling developers to create add-ons that are next-gen.

Given the release of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator imminent, we can still expect users to stay loyal to Prepar3D - much as users have been with X-Plane.

In this news category, you can find all of our latest Prepar3D (P3D) news along with updates including freeware add-ons and features.

Many of our users have requested a dedicated page listing all P3Dv4 compatible mods.  We listened... If you're interested in Prepar3D v4 compatible add-ons, we have also recently launched our new freeware P3D add-ons page here.

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Prepar3D v5.4 Released by Lockheed Martin

Prepar3D v3.4 Now Available

Prepar3D v5 Review

Aerosoft Airbus Professional Series Major P3Dv4 Update

Latest news and articles

Prepar3D v6 Released by Lockheed Martin

Posted on Wed, 05 Jul 2023 19:36:38 GMT

In the evolving world of flight simulation, Lockheed Martin has once again stepped up its game with the release of Prepar3D v6. This next-generation simulator incorporates a host of groundbreaking features, enhancing every aspect of the virtual flight experience. From realistic lighting and atmospheric models to improved airports and an optimized update process, Prepar3D v6 has redefined the standards of visual simulation platforms. In this article, we delve deep into the details of the new release, its compatibility with add-ons, its comparison with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and much more.

Prepar3D v5.4 Released by Lockheed Martin

Posted on Tue, 23 May 2023 22:12:08 GMT

Revving up the engines for flight simulation enthusiasts, Lockheed Martin has unveiled the latest iteration of its benchmark software, Prepar3D v5.4 ( Fusing dynamic improvements and bug fixes, this release promises an even more immersive and robust virtual piloting experience.

Prepar3D v5 Review

Posted on Thu, 23 Jul 2020 21:17:26 GMT

You could perhaps be forgiven for missing the release of Prepar3D v5 given it was released right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and with around a week’s notice to the general public. On the other hand, those who did grab the latest release from the Lockheed Martin team have perhaps used a portion of the lockdown to hone their flight simulation skills all the more.

Best Payware P3D v5/v4 Aircraft & Scenery Add-ons for 2024

Posted on Mon, 01 Oct 2018 15:47:51 GMT

OK, we all like freebies, free stuff, and offers. However, sometimes even the thriftiest of us have to accept that on occasion you “get what you pay for!” While the virtual world of aviation offers some amazingly high-quality freeware add-ons, some of the payware available simply serves to open up your virtual flying experience. Indeed, they bring some of the most famous, picturesque parts of the world right into your living room via your computer screen, as well as offering some of the most graceful aerial machines to ever take to the skies to visit them in.

Aerosoft Airbus Professional Series Major P3Dv4 Update

Posted on Thu, 04 Jan 2018 18:19:32 GMT

As one of the most commonly used Aerosoft releases, the Airbus Professional package has undergone a major reboot and revival. This latest take on the Airbus range covers the A318/319, A320/321 and A330 Professional models previously released.

Prepar3D v3.4 Now Available

Posted on Mon, 26 Sep 2016 21:05:12 GMT

As one of the most well-respected flight simulators out there, P3D has long been one of the most exciting to use. However, it’s a simulator that regularly gets updated and improve to further satisfy user demand. The latest release for P3D, version 3.4, is here. This latest update brings a gluttony of new changes to the table. It also introduces some exciting new features from rendering changes to new SDK management tools.