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Utilities for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3
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Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 No-CD Patch

This is the No-CD patch (crack) for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3. This package includes patches for both versions, which are v1.0 and v3.1. These patches will allow you to play the game without inserting the disk into your computer. Installation instructions inside ZIP file. ...

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Beta Theatre Changing Utility for CFS3 (v1.0)

This is a trial utility for making it easier to swap between theatres in CFS3, and to keep inappropriate spawns from occuring during missions flown in different theatres. C Burgess, Ground Crew Design Group....

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CFS3 For All Systems!

Hints & Tips of how to get CFS3 to run smoothly & effectively on your PC system! By RAAF453_Shep CO....

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CFS3 Key Commands

This document is in Excel, Word and Notepad formats. I thought this might be a help for everyone in playing CFS 3. Enjoy and if you have any comments or questions please e-mail me. Kevin Ryan. ...

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