FSX Buffalo Airways Braddick DC3-TP

Preview Repaint based on the work of Manfred Jahn and his team. Buffalo Airways looking for a Turbo Dakota to increase its fleet. Work dedicated to Arnie Schreder. By JA Lopez R.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Repaint based on the work of Manfred Jahn and his team. Buffalo Airways looking for a Turbo Dakota to increase its fleet. Work dedicated to Arnie Schreder. By JA Lopez R.

Screenshot of Buffalo Airways Braddick DC3-TP in flight.

Screenshot of Buffalo Airways Braddick DC3-TP in flight.

Extract the zip to a temporary folder or open it in Windows Explorer. The root folder contains three subfolders: Effects, Simobjects, and Sound. You should be able to copy these three folders directly to your "Flight Simulator X" folder using "merge" or "integrate folders" mode (NOT replace). If you have any misgivings about this
procedure play it safe, enter the source subfolders individually and copy the files individually to the respective FSX target folders.

Should you already have a working installation of the FSX Basler BT- 67 you can skip or abort copying the Sound folder, and from the Effects folder only the single file fx_fsx heat shimmer.fx will be needed.

title=Braddick DC3-TP Buffalo
ui_typerole="Twin Engine Prop"
description="C-47TP Buffalo Airways. Repaint by JALopezR

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The archive fsx_braddick_dc-3_tp_buffalo_airways.zip has 243 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Braddick_DC3TP Buffalo01.02.130 B
aircraft.cfg01.02.1331.58 kB
Basler_BT67_v1.7.air07.16.1212.08 kB
BT-67_check.htm01.20.1284.91 kB
BT-67_ref.htm07.03.1218.48 kB
Documentation01.02.130 B
Ex Rossair 5Y-RDS (ICRC) Lokichokkio, Kenya.doc12.16.1240.50 kB
Flying the BT-67 in FSX.pdf07.03.12482.00 kB
GARMIN GNS430 Users Guide.doc09.22.05206.50 kB
GARMIN GNS530 Instructions.doc09.22.05170.50 kB
IN MEMORY.jpg01.02.13140.19 kB
Leeme.txt01.03.131.21 kB
model.dc3tp_112.17.120 B
dc3tp_1.MDL12.18.126.56 MB
dc3tp_interior.MDL12.17.124.16 MB
model.cfg11.30.1249 B
panel12.17.120 B
Basler.dll04.24.1266.50 kB
BT67.CAB07.17.12115.46 kB
Cessna208B_Basler.CAB07.16.12542.27 kB
FS9Garmin430_Basler.CAB06.28.12159.65 kB
FS9Garmin530_Basler.CAB06.28.12174.34 kB
FuelControl.bmp06.26.12501.55 kB
panel.cfg12.16.127.24 kB
Shimmer12.17.120 B
FSX_Heat_Shimmer.xml12.13.121.57 kB
Readme.txt01.02.139.79 kB
sound01.02.130 B
c4wind4.wav07.07.06274.56 kB
Car_FireAlrm.wav05.12.06257.55 kB
Car_FuelPump.wav05.12.06467.21 kB
carflt_apdisconnect.wav05.12.06164.60 kB
carflt_gearwarndown.wav05.12.06172.87 kB
carflt_gearwarnup.wav05.12.06170.11 kB
carflt_gyro.wav05.12.062.86 MB
carflt_stallhorn01.wav05.12.06198.14 kB
carflt_stallhorn02.wav05.12.06196.76 kB
carfltflap.wav05.12.06200.93 kB
carfltgeardn.wav05.12.06736.94 kB
carfltgearup.wav05.12.06960.20 kB
carfltn11.wav05.12.06352.73 kB
carfltn12.wav05.12.06274.50 kB
carfltn13.wav05.12.06358.39 kB
carfltn14.wav05.12.06355.43 kB
carfltn1shut.wav05.12.06930.11 kB
carfltn1strt.wav05.12.061.68 MB
carfltn21.wav05.12.06332.85 kB
carfltn22.wav05.12.06443.63 kB
carfltn23.wav05.12.06434.87 kB
carfltn24.wav05.12.06450.04 kB
carfltn2shut.wav05.12.06605.81 kB
carfltn2strt.wav05.12.061.47 MB
carfltprop1a.wav05.12.06308.16 kB
carfltprop1b.wav05.12.06262.17 kB
carfltprop2a.wav05.12.06276.17 kB
carfltprop2b.wav05.12.06340.17 kB
door_medium_close.wav05.12.0660.31 kB
door_medium_open.wav05.12.0662.93 kB
flaps.wav03.29.08346.99 kB
Full A.wav09.16.081.73 MB
Full B.wav09.16.081.73 MB
FullXA.wav09.14.081.98 MB
FullXB.wav09.14.081.98 MB
GA_wind.wav07.07.06123.24 kB
Idle A i.wav09.16.081014.51 kB
Idle B i.wav09.16.08992.98 kB
idle prop XA.wav09.17.08691.52 kB
idle prop XB.wav09.17.08691.52 kB
kap1c.wav05.12.0634.75 kB
kap1d.wav05.12.0634.75 kB
kapr.wav05.12.0637.31 kB
MiddleXA.wav09.14.081.01 MB
MiddleXB.wav09.14.081.01 MB
Prop XA.wav09.14.081.35 MB
reverserA.wav09.17.083.14 MB
reverserAX.wav09.17.083.14 MB
reverserB.wav09.17.083.13 MB
reverserBX.wav09.17.083.13 MB
roll2.wav04.27.082.36 MB
saab12.wav12.06.12339.88 kB
saab13.wav12.06.12320.82 kB
saab14.wav12.06.12282.07 kB
saab21.wav12.06.12575.58 kB
saab22.wav12.06.12282.96 kB
saab23.wav12.06.12856.45 kB
saab24.wav12.06.12877.83 kB
saabapdisc.wav12.06.1243.96 kB
saabctouch.wav12.06.1238.06 kB
saabflaps.wav12.06.12508.39 kB
saabgear.wav12.06.12527.13 kB
saabltouch.wav12.06.1228.82 kB
saabover.wav12.06.12185.71 kB
saabpropwash.wav12.06.12877.92 kB
saabreverse.wav12.06.121.41 MB
saabroll.wav12.06.12506.15 kB
saabrtouch.wav12.06.1231.90 kB
saabrumble.wav12.06.12440.59 kB
saabshut.wav12.06.12883.02 kB
saabstall.wav12.06.12370.60 kB
saabstart1.wav12.06.12767.51 kB
saabstart2.wav12.06.12826.36 kB
saabWind.wav12.06.121014.66 kB
ShutA.wav09.17.086.10 MB
ShutAX.wav09.17.086.39 MB
ShutB.wav09.17.086.10 MB
ShutBX.wav09.17.086.10 MB
Sound.cfg09.20.0812.51 kB
Startcomb X.wav09.17.087.41 MB
Startcomb.wav09.17.083.03 MB
Starter.wav09.17.081.35 MB
StarterX.wav09.17.081.69 MB
touchdown 2.wav09.18.08134.34 kB
touchdown 3.wav09.18.08258.21 kB
touchdown.wav04.27.08196.25 kB
TSS-Autopilot.wav04.12.08533.79 kB
TSS-Cockpit.wav03.01.081.35 MB
TSS-geardown.wav03.04.081.05 MB
TSS-gearup.wav03.04.081.05 MB
TSS-p Ai.wav09.17.08667.69 kB
TSS-p AX.wav09.17.08691.52 kB
Tss-p Bi.wav09.16.08669.98 kB
TSS-p BX.wav09.17.08691.52 kB
TSS-Rolling.wav05.17.081.68 MB
TSS-Stall.wav04.12.08516.96 kB
TSS-Wind.wav05.23.08562.31 kB
TubineA.wav09.17.08691.51 kB
TubineAX.wav09.17.08691.51 kB
TubineB.wav09.17.08691.51 kB
TubineBX.wav09.17.08454.64 kB
wind_general.wav07.07.06269.64 kB
xcarfltn11.wav05.12.06176.37 kB
xcarfltn12.wav05.12.06137.21 kB
xcarfltn13.wav05.12.06179.25 kB
xcarfltn14.wav05.12.06177.77 kB
xcarfltn1shut.wav05.12.06652.05 kB
xcarfltn1strt.wav05.12.06682.01 kB
xcarfltn21.wav05.12.06260.81 kB
xcarfltn22.wav05.12.06238.15 kB
xcarfltn23.wav05.12.06239.04 kB
xcarfltn24.wav05.12.06259.61 kB
xcarfltn2shut.wav05.12.06229.60 kB
xcarfltn2strt.wav05.12.06311.18 kB
xcarfltprop1a.wav05.12.06308.16 kB
xcarfltprop1b.wav05.12.06262.17 kB
xcarfltprop2a.wav05.12.06276.17 kB
xcarfltprop2b.wav05.12.06340.17 kB
xCarN1a1.wav05.12.06204.04 kB
xCarN1a2.wav05.12.06148.99 kB
xCarN1a3.wav05.12.06290.99 kB
xCarN1b1.wav05.12.06216.21 kB
xCarN1b2.wav05.12.06493.57 kB
xCarN1b3.wav05.12.06242.91 kB
xCarN2a1.wav05.12.06202.50 kB
xCarN2a2.wav05.12.06219.20 kB
xCarN2a3.wav05.12.06235.28 kB
xCarN2b1.wav05.12.06188.07 kB
xCarN2b2.wav05.12.06221.72 kB
xCarN2b3.wav05.12.06287.54 kB
xkap1c.wav05.12.0634.75 kB
xkap1d.wav05.12.0634.75 kB
xkapr.wav05.12.0637.31 kB
xsaab21.wav12.06.12889.57 kB
xsaab24.wav12.06.12474.52 kB
xsaabreverse.wav12.06.12490.34 kB
xsaabrumble.wav12.06.12249.21 kB
xsaabshut.wav12.06.12846.12 kB
xsaabstart1.wav12.06.12688.00 kB
xsaabstart2.wav12.06.121.46 MB
soundai12.17.120 B
AIkan11.wav06.30.06237.27 kB
AIkan13.wav06.30.06228.26 kB
AIkan21.wav06.30.06196.30 kB
AIkan23.wav06.30.06189.73 kB
AIkbn11.wav06.30.06240.27 kB
AIkbn13.wav06.30.06225.25 kB
AIkbn21.wav06.30.06143.12 kB
AIkbn23.wav06.30.06254.22 kB
SOUNDAI.CFG06.30.066.87 kB
xAIkan11.wav06.30.0660.29 kB
xAIkan13.wav06.30.0658.29 kB
xAIkan21.wav06.30.0650.25 kB
xAIkan23.wav06.30.0648.25 kB
xAIkbn11.wav06.30.0661.29 kB
xAIkbn13.wav06.30.0657.29 kB
xAIkbn21.wav06.30.0636.79 kB
xAIkbn23.wav06.30.0664.75 kB
Texture.Buffalo12.26.120 B
cable.dds11.21.124.12 kB
curtains.dds01.02.138.12 kB
dc3tp_1_T.dds01.02.134.00 MB
dc3tp_1_T_SPEC.dds12.01.124.00 MB
dc3tp_2_T.dds01.02.134.00 MB
dc3tp_2_T_SPEC.dds12.03.124.00 MB
dc3tp_4_T.dds01.02.131.00 MB
dc3tp_4_T_SPEC.dds12.07.121.00 MB
fresnel1.dds06.09.121.12 kB
fresnel2.dds06.09.121.12 kB
fresnel_ramp.dds01.12.11640 B
Glass.dds06.22.124.12 kB
glass_spec.dds06.22.124.12 kB
pilot.dds01.02.13128.12 kB
propdisk.dds12.12.12256.12 kB
texture.cfg07.15.12112 B
thumbnail.jpg12.26.1247.43 kB
VC_nose.dds06.11.12128.12 kB
texture12.17.120 B
Bt67_skis.dds06.11.12128.12 kB
C47_pilot.dds01.02.13128.12 kB
dc3tp_1_T_BUMP.dds12.03.124.00 MB
dc3tp_2_T_BUMP.dds12.03.124.00 MB
dc3tp_4_T_BUMP.dds12.10.121.00 MB
fresnel1.dds06.09.121.12 kB
fresnel2.dds06.09.121.12 kB
fresnel_ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
Glass.dds06.22.124.12 kB
glass_spec.dds06.22.124.12 kB
glasstop.dds06.25.124.12 kB
texture.cfg07.15.1287 B
thumbnail.jpg11.30.1229.87 kB
VC_back.dds01.02.13512.12 kB
VC_bits.dds01.02.13512.12 kB
VC_clipboard.dds03.02.12512.12 kB
VC_console.dds06.11.12512.12 kB
VC_floor.dds06.05.12512.12 kB
VC_gauges.dds08.26.12512.12 kB
VC_gauges_night.dds05.29.12512.12 kB
VC_GNS430.dds06.01.12128.12 kB
VC_GNS430_night.dds06.14.12128.12 kB
VC_GNS530.dds05.28.12128.12 kB
VC_GNS530_night.dds06.14.12128.12 kB
VC_lights.dds02.11.1232.12 kB
VC_lights_L.dds06.01.1232.12 kB
VC_nose.dds06.11.12128.12 kB
VC_ovhead.dds07.01.122.00 MB
VC_ovhead_night.dds07.07.122.00 MB
VC_panel.dds07.10.122.00 MB
VC_reflection.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
VC_seat.dds01.02.13512.12 kB
VC_sides.dds06.05.122.00 MB
vc_switches.dds01.07.128.12 kB
thumbnail.jpg01.02.13231.86 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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