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FSX Aermacchi M-346 Master

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Aermacchi is now developing a next-generation jet trainer designated the M-346 now named MASTER. This program began as a joint effort with the Yakovlev organization , resulting in the construction of a demonstrator, which is now performing test flights. In Dec/18/2008 the plane was flown at mach 1.15. Thank you for downloading this package, we hope you'll enjoy it.This is a full package aircraft and panel for FSX or FSX plus Service Pack 1.

You MUST also insert the enclosed 'GougeSound.dll' in the Main FSX folder, otherwise you will experience an FS crash!!

This model features reflective metallic skin and full animations.
Three liveries are provided, one factory livery for the Prototype Roll-Out , one 'fictitious' Frecce Tricolori , one in blue livery for the demonstrator. The latest, was flown in a recent air show in Pratica di Mare military airport, near Rome.
The panel background is based on photographic material found on the net. Official instruments data are not available, so we used many of our old EFA gauges.
Included in this model there is also a simplified Virtual Cockpit, with working essential flight instruments and animated flight controls.

Aermacchi M-346 Master for FSX

Aermacchi M-346 Master for FSX

Aermacchi M-346 Master for FSX

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The archive has 114 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aermacchi M-346.JPG02.14.09162.77 kB
Aermacchi M-346PAINTFrecce.JPG03.06.09172.58 kB
Aermacchi M-346PAINTprototype.JPG04.15.09190.47 kB
Aircraft.cfg04.15.0910.82 kB
FSX_Read me.txt04.15.094.45 kB
GaugeSound.dll05.01.0340.00 kB
M346-panel.jpg06.23.08186.38 kB
Macchi M-346.air06.05.0811.17 kB
model04.15.090 B
Macchi M-346.mdl03.18.09864.01 kB
Model.cfg05.23.0831 B
panel04.15.090 B
EFA_Panel_Hsi.bmp02.28.09469.80 kB
Lear_45_XML.cab09.04.061.57 MB
M346gau04.15.090 B
GV_specchio_nuovo.gau09.25.06793.50 kB
GV_specchio_VC.gau02.04.09793.50 kB
ID_777_FuelValve_L.gau12.31.0334.00 kB
ID_777_FuelValve_R.gau12.31.0334.00 kB
ID_A380_Spoil_Lbl.gau06.16.0522.00 kB
ID_C550_GearLvrV2.gau12.27.0330.50 kB
ID_EFA_APalt.gau02.05.0622.00 kB
ID_EFA_APapr.gau02.05.0622.00 kB
ID_EFA_APctrl.gau02.05.0622.00 kB
ID_EFA_APhdg.gau02.05.0622.00 kB
ID_EFA_APmach.gau02.06.0622.00 kB
ID_EFA_APnav.gau02.05.0622.00 kB
ID_EFA_APspd.gau02.05.0622.00 kB
ID_EFA_BrkPress.gau02.10.06109.00 kB
ID_EFA_CrsSel.gau06.22.0825.00 kB
ID_EFA_CrsVal.gau02.16.0615.50 kB
ID_EFA_DigClock.gau02.07.0616.00 kB
ID_EFA_ECU.gau02.08.0648.50 kB
ID_EFA_FDbtn.gau02.05.0622.00 kB
ID_EFA_GMeterV2.gau03.04.06286.50 kB
ID_EFA_GPSButton.gau06.08.0822.00 kB
ID_EFA_HdgSel.gau02.16.0624.50 kB
ID_EFA_HdgVal.gau02.17.0615.50 kB
ID_EFA_HSI.gau02.16.09396.50 kB
ID_EFA_HUDComp.gau02.18.0640.50 kB
ID_EFA_HUDmach.gau02.18.0620.50 kB
ID_EFA_HUD_Alt.gau02.12.06174.00 kB
ID_EFA_HUD_speed.gau02.12.0696.50 kB
ID_EFA_OAT.gau02.09.0665.00 kB
ID_EFA_PrkBrk.gau06.08.0841.50 kB
ID_EFA_Radar.gau02.11.06812.50 kB
ID_EFA_SpBk_Sw.gau02.07.0619.50 kB
ID_EFA_VSI.gau02.09.0687.50 kB
ID_GenericHSI_Vor2.gau06.22.0896.50 kB
ID_Generic_Spoil_Autoretr.gau06.23.0817.00 kB
ID_HSI_Call.gau02.18.0622.50 kB
ID_M346_APUctrl.gau06.23.0825.50 kB
ID_M346_BattBtn.gau06.19.0822.50 kB
ID_M346_BcnBtn.gau06.19.0822.50 kB
ID_M346_CautLt.gau06.20.0830.00 kB
ID_M346_FlapHndl.gau06.09.0824.00 kB
ID_M346_GearLts.gau06.22.0824.00 kB
ID_M346_Gen1Btn.gau06.20.0822.50 kB
ID_M346_Gen2Btn.gau06.20.0822.50 kB
ID_M346_hudAtt.gau06.09.08209.50 kB
ID_M346_LdgBtn.gau06.19.0822.50 kB
ID_M346_ND_Data.gau06.24.0827.50 kB
ID_M346_OvSpdLbl.gau06.20.0820.50 kB
ID_M346_PFD.gau06.25.08289.50 kB
ID_M346_PitotBtn.gau06.19.0822.50 kB
ID_M346_SbyAttitude.gau06.05.08142.50 kB
ID_M346_StallWrng.gau06.09.08124.50 kB
ID_M346_Start1_Btn.gau06.16.0820.00 kB
ID_M346_Start2_Btn.gau06.16.0820.00 kB
ID_M346_WrngLt.gau06.08.0830.00 kB
ID_Picchio_OMI.gau12.06.0442.50 kB
M346_Panel.bmp02.28.09469.80 kB
panel.cfg04.15.097.03 kB
sound04.15.090 B
Sound.cfg05.23.0830 B
texture04.15.090 B
$128vc.bmp02.05.0917.05 kB
$128vc1.bmp02.09.0917.05 kB
$128vc2.bmp02.05.0917.05 kB
$128vc3.bmp02.09.0917.05 kB
$pnl512.bmp01.21.06257.05 kB
glass_M346.bmp02.07.09257.05 kB
M346-fuse.bmp02.24.091.00 MB
M346-seat&pilots.bmp06.24.08257.05 kB
M346_tires.bmp05.29.08257.05 kB
pavimento_metallico2.bmp06.19.0865.05 kB
Thumbs.db04.13.0926.00 kB
texture.Frecce04.15.090 B
$128vc.bmp02.05.0917.05 kB
$128vc1.bmp02.09.0917.05 kB
$128vc2.bmp02.05.0917.05 kB
$128vc3.bmp02.09.0917.05 kB
$pnl512.bmp01.21.06257.05 kB
glass_M346.bmp02.07.09257.05 kB
M346-fuse.bmp04.07.091.00 MB
M346-seat&pilots.bmp03.07.09257.05 kB
M346_tires.bmp05.29.08257.05 kB
pavimento_metallico2.bmp06.19.0865.05 kB
Thumbs.db04.13.0926.50 kB
texture.prototype04.15.090 B
$128vc.bmp02.05.0917.05 kB
$128vc1.bmp02.09.0917.05 kB
$128vc2.bmp02.05.0917.05 kB
$128vc3.bmp02.09.0917.05 kB
$pnl512.bmp01.21.06257.05 kB
glass_M346.bmp02.07.09257.05 kB
M346-fuse.bmp04.15.091.00 MB
M346-seat&pilots.bmp02.25.09257.05 kB
M346_tires.bmp05.29.08257.05 kB
pavimento_metallico2.bmp06.19.0865.05 kB
Thumbs.db04.15.0925.50 kB
Aermacchi M-34604.15.090 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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