FSX Boeing 767-400 Panel For Dual Monitors

PreviewBoeing 767-400 Panel For Dual Monitors. This panel is for use with computer operating systems and video cards that can horizontally span the display across two monitors. It contains the captain and first officer panels which in most commercial airliners are not exact duplicates providing a more r...

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Boeing 767-400 Panel For Dual Monitors. This panel is for use with computer operating systems and video cards that can horizontally span the display across two monitors. It contains the captain and first officer panels which in most commercial airliners are not exact duplicates providing a more realistic flight sim experience. Based on a photograph by taken Tim de Groot this version includes framed windshields, side windshields and a new overhead panel. Includes panel and all gauges. By Alan M. Harvey.

Boeing 767-400 Panel For Dual Monitors.

Boeing 767-400 Panel For Dual Monitors.

Boeing 767-400 panel for dual monitors.

This Panel requires a computer operating system and video card that can span the display across two monitors. A working knowledge of how to set up the displays is assumed by the author.


The installation is the same as for any other panel, if you know what you're doing you can skip this..

1) Backup the folder called 'panel' in your aircraft folder so that you can change back to it if you need to.

2) Copy the folder called 'panel' into your aircraft folder.

3) Open the folder called Gauges and copy the contents into your main FSX gauges folder. Warning if asked to replace a gauge the call is yours. If in doubt then backup the original gauge first!

That's it!

[Technical Bit]

This panel was developed and tested using Microsoft XP Professional and NVIDIA GTX275 and 8800GTX dual output video cards. The displays should be set for horizontal span using the card provider's software. With FSX running in full screen mode set the display resolution to 2048x768 or greater so that the 'cockpit view' displays scenery and planes that are not stretched or squashed.

If frame rate is a problem the displays can be used in the 'Windows' environment by setting the XP desktop to span both monitors and selecting a screen resolution that shows scenery and planes in the correct proportions as above.

There should not be a problem using this panel with other operating systems provided the display can be horizontally spanned using the card provider's software.

For the best effect both monitors should be the same model and make.

The default heading set by the 'Views' parameter in the Panel.cfg file, is the captain flying. When taxiing or on the runway, the centre line will be in the captain's window in the left hand monitor. When this forms a straight line ahead the aircraft's front wheels are on the centre line. This is a compromise which allows the 'cockpit view' to be spanned across both displays avoiding the need for separate windows. The 'cockpit view' zoom should set automatically to 0.5. If the aircraft appears to skew down the runway then the 'cockpit view' zoom will need to be manually set to 0.50.


On loading the panel, FSX may return 'gauge error' messages. As the errors do not relate to gauges used in the panel click on 'close' and the panel will continue to load.

Some gauges are missing for example the APU gauge in the Overhead panel. The one used in FS9 will not work in FSX and a suitable replacement has not been found.

When using the Autostart the fuel switch on the Pedistal may need to be switched on and then the appropriate Autostart switch in the Overhead panel held in the GND position until N2 exceeds 20%, before the engine starts.
This procedure may need to be repeated for the second engine.


Although I have never had any problems using this panel it is used entirely at your own risk.

Alan M Harvey

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P767-40002.19.110 B
AMHP767-400DMFSX01.jpg02.19.111.63 MB
File Description .txt02.20.11536 B
Gauges02.18.110 B
717rjy02.18.110 B
717rjy.zip12.25.05925.98 kB
AB_BUTTON.bmp06.11.055.18 kB
ACCESS EXIT1.xml06.16.05513 B
ACCESS EXIT2.xml06.16.05532 B
ACCESS EXIT3.xml06.16.05535 B
ACCESS EXIT4.xml06.16.05537 B
ACCESS_CARGO_CLOSED.bmp06.12.05974 B
ACCESS_CARGO_CLOSED_L.bmp06.12.05974 B
ACCESS_CARGO_OPEN.bmp06.12.05974 B
ACCESS_DOOR_CLOSED.bmp06.12.05574 B
ACCESS_DOOR_CLOSED_L.bmp06.12.05574 B
ACCESS_DOOR_OPEN.bmp06.12.05574 B
ACCESS_DOOR_OPEN_L.bmp06.12.05574 B
ADFADJ1.xml12.11.03441 B
ADFADJ10.xml12.11.03444 B
ADFADJ100.xml12.11.03447 B
ADFDIS_1.XML06.15.05610 B
ADF_SWITCH.xml06.15.05450 B
ADF_VOR_A.bmp01.17.041.03 kB
ADF_VOR_V.bmp01.17.041.03 kB
AIL_POINTER.bmp05.19.04950 B
airspeed.txt05.18.041.54 kB
Airspeed_bug.bmp05.15.041.54 kB
airspeed_number_0.bmp06.12.03264 B
airspeed_number_1.bmp06.12.03208 B
airspeed_number_2.bmp06.12.03256 B
airspeed_number_3.bmp06.12.03236 B
airspeed_number_4.bmp06.12.03228 B
airspeed_number_5.bmp06.12.03248 B
airspeed_number_6.bmp06.12.03228 B
airspeed_number_7.bmp06.12.03252 B
airspeed_number_8.bmp06.12.03232 B
airspeed_number_9.bmp06.12.03248 B
Airspeed_number_strip.bmp06.12.0384.46 kB
Airspeed_number_strip_mask.bmp05.14.0425.45 kB
AIRSPEED_POINTER.bmp05.15.041.53 kB
ALT HOLD.xml05.15.04539 B
ALT.bmp05.14.045.60 kB
ALTDIS.XML05.15.04517 B
Altitude_bug.bmp05.15.041.54 kB
ALTITUDE_number_0.bmp05.15.04558 B
ALTITUDE_number_1.bmp05.15.04558 B
ALTITUDE_number_2.bmp05.15.04558 B
ALTITUDE_number_3.bmp05.15.04558 B
ALTITUDE_number_4.bmp05.15.04558 B
ALTITUDE_number_5.bmp05.15.04558 B
ALTITUDE_number_6.bmp05.15.04558 B
ALTITUDE_number_7.bmp05.15.04558 B
ALTITUDE_number_8.bmp05.15.04558 B
ALTITUDE_number_9.bmp05.15.04558 B
Altitude_number_strip.bmp05.16.041.32 MB
Altitude_number_strip_mask.bmp05.15.0419.29 kB
ALTITUDE_TENS_STRIP.bmp05.15.045.83 kB
Analog_Clock_Background.bmp06.06.02108.05 kB
Analog_Clock_Knob_CHR_Down.bmp06.06.023.05 kB
Analog_Clock_Knob_CHR_Up.bmp06.06.023.05 kB
Analog_Clock_Knob_Date_Down.bmp06.06.025.68 kB
Analog_Clock_Knob_Date_Up.bmp06.06.025.68 kB
Analog_Clock_Knob_ET_Hld.bmp06.06.026.80 kB
Analog_Clock_Knob_ET_Rst.bmp06.06.026.80 kB
Analog_Clock_Knob_ET_Run.bmp06.06.026.80 kB
Analog_Clock_Knob_Sim_Rate.bmp06.06.024.55 kB
Analog_Clock_Knob_Sim_Time.bmp06.06.024.55 kB
Analog_Clock_Needle.bmp06.06.022.12 kB
ANNUN_ALT.bmp05.15.041.65 kB
ANNUN_APP.bmp05.15.041.65 kB
ANNUN_BC.bmp05.15.041.65 kB
ANNUN_GPS.bmp05.15.041.65 kB
ANNUN_HDG.bmp05.15.041.65 kB
ANNUN_IAS.bmp05.15.042.65 kB
ANNUN_MACH.bmp05.15.042.65 kB
ANNUN_NAV.bmp05.15.041.65 kB
ANNUN_VOR.bmp05.15.041.65 kB
AP1.bmp05.15.041.46 kB
APLITE_OFF.bmp12.19.059.50 kB
APLITE_ON.bmp11.27.039.50 kB
APPRLITE_OFF.bmp12.19.053.84 kB
APPRLITE_ON.bmp11.27.033.84 kB
APPR_OFF.bmp12.25.051.95 kB
APPR_ON.bmp12.25.051.95 kB
AP_AltWindow.xml02.28.045.53 kB
AP_Apr_Off.bmp01.29.042.31 kB
AP_Apr_On.bmp01.29.042.31 kB
AP_AT_Down.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_AT_Up.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_Cmd_Off.bmp01.28.043.02 kB
AP_Cmd_On.bmp01.28.043.02 kB
AP_CseWindow.xml02.28.044.79 kB
AP_FD_Down.bmp02.08.047.96 kB
AP_FD_Up.bmp02.08.047.96 kB
AP_HdgKnob_Auto.bmp11.27.036.30 kB
AP_HdgWindow.xml02.28.044.83 kB
AP_Hdg_Off.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_Hdg_On.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_Hld_Off.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_Hld_On.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_IASMachWindow.xml02.28.045.10 kB
AP_Nav_Off.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_Nav_On.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_OFF.bmp12.24.057.62 kB
AP_ON.bmp12.24.057.62 kB
AP_Sel_Off.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_Sel_On.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_Spd_Off.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_Spd_On.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_VSWheel_1.bmp11.27.034.43 kB
AP_VSWheel_2.bmp11.27.034.43 kB
AP_VSWheel_3.bmp11.27.034.43 kB
AP_VSWheel_4.bmp11.27.034.43 kB
AP_VSWindow.xml02.28.044.44 kB
AP_VS_Off.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_VS_On.bmp01.30.042.50 kB
AP_YawDamperLight.xml06.30.03432 B
AP_YawDamperSwitch.xml07.03.03631 B
ATHR.bmp05.15.041.91 kB
attitude_bank_pointer.bmp05.14.04990 B
attitude_bank_slip_skid.bmp05.14.04598 B
attitude_card.bmp05.14.04196.37 kB
attitude_card_mask.bmp05.14.0442.49 kB
attitude_fd_bar_pitch.bmp05.14.04678 B
attitude_fd_bar_roll.bmp05.14.04886 B
attitude_plane.bmp05.14.048.05 kB
attitude_roll_card.bmp05.14.04196.37 kB
attitude_roll_card_mask.bmp05.14.0421.97 kB
attitude_roll_card_maskA.bmp05.14.04126.19 kB
attitude_roll_ticks.bmp05.14.0441.83 kB
attitude_roll_ticksA.bmp05.14.0441.83 kB
AutobrakeSwitch.xml05.20.041.18 kB
Autopilot Altitude Hold Switch.xml01.30.04773 B
Autopilot Approach Switch.xml01.29.04747 B
Autopilot Hdg Switch.xml01.30.04759 B
Autopilot Heading Selector.xml06.12.03594 B
Autopilot IAS-Mach Switch.xml01.30.04792 B
Autopilot ILS.xml12.10.05706 B
Autopilot Localizer Switch.xml05.15.04641 B
Autopilot Master Switch.xml01.28.04738 B
Autopilot Nav Switch.xml01.30.04739 B
Autopilot Speed Switch.xml01.30.04796 B
Autopilot VS Selector.xml06.12.031.19 kB
Autopilot VS Switch.xml01.30.04861 B
Autopilot.xml11.27.03560 B
Autopilot1.xml05.15.04581 B
AutopilotLIGHT.xml12.19.05391 B
Autospoiler.xml11.28.03518 B
Autothrottle Switch.xml01.30.04657 B
Avionics Icon.xml06.12.03270 B
Avionics.xml11.23.03521 B
background.bmp05.13.04353.62 kB
BARBER_POLE.bmp05.15.0412.55 kB
BARBER_POLE_MASK.bmp05.15.046.21 kB
billtest1_on.bmp07.21.023.59 kB
bsw_0.bmp05.20.046.12 kB
bsw_1.bmp05.20.046.12 kB
bsw_2.bmp05.20.046.12 kB
bsw_3.bmp05.20.046.12 kB
bsw_4.bmp05.20.046.12 kB
bsw_5.bmp05.20.046.12 kB
bsw_back.bmp05.20.0414.55 kB
Checklist.xml07.05.02258 B
Clock.xml07.26.027.15 kB
COM1_ACTIVE.xml06.09.05462 B
COM1_POINTER.xml06.10.05390 B
COM1_SELECT.xml06.09.05198 B
COM2_ACTIVE.xml06.09.05463 B
COM2_POINTER.xml06.10.05390 B
COM2_SELECT.xml06.09.05198 B
COMADJ_1.xml12.12.03793 B
COMADJ_2.xml12.11.03797 B
COMDIS_1.XML05.21.04582 B
COMDIS_2.XML05.21.04582 B
COMPASS_STRIP.bmp05.14.04140.68 kB
COMSTBYDIS_1.XML05.21.04588 B
COMSTBYDIS_2.XML05.21.04588 B
CRSADJ.xml05.13.04447 B
CRSDIS.XML06.19.05582 B
DeIce.xml11.23.03564 B
digital3_window.bmp10.26.034.15 kB
digital5_window.bmp10.26.034.99 kB
digital_0.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_1.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_2.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_3.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_4.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_5.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_6.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_7.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_8.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_9.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_dec.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_minus.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
digital_plus.bmp10.26.031.70 kB
ECU Icon.xml06.12.03266 B
EICAS LOWER Switch.xml06.07.051.09 kB
EICAS.xml06.07.0437.92 kB
EICAS_1.bmp12.05.04353.62 kB
EICAS_2.bmp12.05.04353.62 kB
EICAS_3.bmp12.05.04353.62 kB
EICAS_4.bmp12.05.04353.62 kB
EICAS_5.bmp12.05.04353.62 kB
EICAS_LOWER.xml06.22.0523.64 kB
EICAS_LOWER1.bmp06.21.05353.62 kB
EICAS_LOWER2.bmp06.22.05353.62 kB
EICAS_LOWER3.bmp06.21.05353.62 kB
EICAS_LOWER4.bmp06.21.05353.62 kB
EICAS_NEEDLE.bmp06.03.04270 B
EICAS_NEEDLE2.bmp06.03.04230 B
EICAS_SWITCH.xml06.07.04891 B
Eknob_0.bmp06.07.045.72 kB
Eknob_1.bmp06.07.045.72 kB
Eknob_2.bmp06.07.045.72 kB
Eknob_3.bmp06.07.045.72 kB
Eknob_4.bmp06.07.045.72 kB
Eknob_5.bmp06.07.045.72 kB
Eknob_6.bmp06.07.045.72 kB
Engine Start Knob 1.xml12.05.04825 B
Engine Start Knob 2.xml12.05.04825 B
ENG_OFF.bmp06.04.049.23 kB
ENG_ON.bmp06.04.049.23 kB
EXIT_OPEN.bmp06.12.05974 B
FD1.bmp05.15.041.37 kB
FLAPHAND.bmp05.20.043.32 kB
FLAP_0.bmp12.17.0544.00 kB
FLAP_10.bmp12.17.0544.00 kB
FLAP_15.bmp12.17.0544.00 kB
FLAP_20.bmp12.17.0544.00 kB
FLAP_25.bmp12.17.0544.00 kB
FLAP_30.bmp12.17.0544.00 kB
FLAP_5.bmp12.17.0544.00 kB
FLAP_BACK.bmp06.04.0444.00 kB
FLAP_HANDLE.bmp06.04.0411.48 kB
FLAP_LEAD_0.bmp06.05.04890 B
FLAP_LEAD_1.bmp06.03.04890 B
FLAP_LEAD_2.bmp06.03.04890 B
FLAP_LEVER.XML06.04.041.31 kB
FLAP_TRAIL_0.bmp06.03.041.15 kB
FLAP_TRAIL_1.bmp06.03.041.15 kB
FLAP_TRAIL_2.bmp06.03.041.15 kB
FLAP_TRAIL_3.bmp05.16.043.22 kB
FLAP_TRAIL_4.bmp05.16.043.22 kB
FLAP_TRAIL_5.bmp05.16.043.22 kB
FlightDirector.xml05.14.04612 B
FuelCutOff_1.xml06.04.04692 B
FuelCutOff_2.xml06.04.04692 B
FUEL_CUT_OFF.bmp05.04.0410.37 kB
FUEL_CUT_ON.bmp05.04.0410.37 kB
GPS Icon.xml06.12.03262 B
Icon_ECU.bmp06.12.031.44 kB
Icon_GPS.bmp06.12.031.29 kB
Icon_Map.bmp06.12.031.44 kB
Icon_Radio.bmp06.12.031.44 kB
ILSLITE.xml11.27.03484 B
INNER.bmp05.15.041.12 kB
Kneeboard Icon.xml06.12.03269 B
Landing Inboard Lights Switch.xml11.22.031.12 kB
Landing Outboard Lights Switch.xml11.27.031.13 kB
Map Icon.xml06.12.03240 B
Map.xml07.05.02229 B
MAP_ROSE.bmp06.15.05663.85 kB
MFD SWITCH.xml06.13.051.11 kB
MFD.xml06.19.0526.48 kB
MIDDLE.bmp05.15.041.12 kB
NAV-GPS.xml05.17.04477 B
NAV.bmp12.11.038.32 kB
NAV1_POINTER.xml06.10.05388 B
NAV1_SELECT.xml06.09.05198 B
NAV2_POINTER.xml06.10.05388 B
NAV2_SELECT.xml06.09.05198 B
NAVADJ.bmp12.11.0311.77 kB
NAVADJ_1.xml12.11.03797 B
NAVADJ_2.xml12.11.03797 B
NAVDIS_1.XML05.21.04576 B
NAVDIS_2.XML05.21.04576 B
NAVSTBYDIS_1.XML05.21.04582 B
NAVSTBYDIS_2.XML05.21.04582 B
nd2_adf_arrow.bmp05.13.0438.15 kB
nd2_expanded_rose.bmp05.22.04887.36 kB
nd2_expanded_rose2.bmp06.14.05887.36 kB
nd2_horizontal_gs.bmp05.13.04293.21 kB
nd2_hsi_cdi_filled.bmp05.13.042.54 kB
nd2_ILS_pointer.bmp05.13.0411.77 kB
nd2_Ownship.bmp05.13.046.80 kB
nd2_pointer.bmp09.19.012.57 kB
ND2_Staple_Track.bmp06.14.05109.95 kB
nd2_track.bmp05.13.0426.55 kB
nd2_vertical_gs.bmp05.22.0420.25 kB
nd2_vor_arrow.bmp05.13.0462.99 kB
ND_AIRPORT.xml06.15.05536 B
nd_background.bmp05.13.04253.14 kB
nd_background_overlay.bmp06.14.05353.62 kB
nd_background_overlay1.bmp04.26.02157.30 kB
ND_CDI_NEEDLE.bmp06.14.052.94 kB
ND_CRS.xml06.15.05520 B
ND_GLIDESLOPE.bmp06.14.052.65 kB
nd_glideslope_bg.bmp09.19.012.64 kB
nd_glideslope_filled.bmp05.15.042.55 kB
ND_HDG_BUG.bmp06.14.051.58 kB
nd_hsi_adf_needle.bmp05.13.0414.30 kB
nd_hsi_card.bmp05.13.04195.57 kB
nd_hsi_cdi_filled.bmp05.13.042.54 kB
nd_hsi_cdi_hollow.bmp05.13.043.78 kB
nd_hsi_heading_bug.bmp05.13.041.58 kB
nd_hsi_plane.bmp04.23.022.21 kB
nd_hsi_tf_indicator.bmp05.13.041.67 kB
nd_hsi_track_line.bmp04.23.021.99 kB
nd_hsi_vor1_needle.bmp05.13.0465.68 kB
nd_hsi_vor2_needle.bmp05.13.0418.76 kB
ND_ILS_ADF.bmp06.15.0520.31 kB
ND_ILS_MARKERS.bmp06.14.0585.05 kB
ND_ILS_ROSE.bmp06.14.05229.74 kB
ND_NDB.xml06.15.05518 B
ND_VOR.xml06.15.05520 B
ND_VOR1_ARROW.bmp06.14.0522.45 kB
ND_VOR2_ARROW.bmp06.14.0521.38 kB
nd_vor_arrow.bmp06.14.0521.38 kB
ND_VOR_ROSE.bmp06.14.05229.74 kB
ND_WPT.xml06.15.05518 B
OFF1.bmp11.28.038.49 kB
ON1.bmp11.28.038.49 kB
OUTER.bmp05.15.041.12 kB
PB_ALT_OFF.bmp05.14.042.63 kB
PB_ALT_ON.bmp05.14.042.63 kB
PB_AP1_OFF.bmp01.17.042.87 kB
PB_AP1_ON.bmp01.17.042.87 kB
PB_AP2_OFF.bmp01.17.042.87 kB
PB_AP2_ON.bmp01.17.042.87 kB
PB_APPR_OFF.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_APPR_ON.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_ARPT_OFF.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_ARPT_ON.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_ATHR_OFF.bmp01.17.042.87 kB
PB_ATHR_ON.bmp01.17.042.87 kB
PB_BATT_OFF.bmp05.17.042.19 kB
PB_BATT_ON.bmp05.17.042.19 kB
PB_BC_OFF.bmp05.15.042.63 kB
PB_BC_ON.bmp05.15.042.63 kB
PB_CSTR_OFF.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_CSTR_ON.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_C_OFF.bmp05.17.042.27 kB
PB_C_ON.bmp05.17.042.27 kB
PB_DATA_OFF.bmp05.17.042.63 kB
PB_DATA_ON.bmp05.17.042.63 kB
PB_FD_OFF.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_FD_ON.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_GEN1_OFF.bmp05.17.042.68 kB
PB_GEN1_ON.bmp05.17.042.68 kB
PB_GEN2_OFF.bmp05.17.042.68 kB
PB_GEN2_ON.bmp05.17.042.68 kB
PB_GPS_OFF.bmp05.17.042.63 kB
PB_GPS_ON.bmp12.25.052.63 kB
PB_HDG_OFF.bmp05.14.042.63 kB
PB_HDG_ON.bmp05.14.042.63 kB
PB_LC_OFF.bmp05.17.042.87 kB
PB_LC_ON.bmp05.17.042.87 kB
PB_LOC_OFF.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_LOC_ON.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_LS_OFF.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_LS_ON.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_LVL_OFF.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_LVL_ON.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_L_OFF.bmp05.17.042.40 kB
PB_L_ON.bmp05.17.042.40 kB
PB_MAP_OFF.bmp05.17.042.63 kB
PB_MAP_ON.bmp05.17.042.63 kB
PB_NAV_OFF.bmp05.15.042.63 kB
PB_NAV_ON.bmp05.15.042.63 kB
PB_NDB_OFF.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_NDB_ON.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_RC_OFF.bmp05.17.042.87 kB
PB_RC_ON.bmp05.17.042.87 kB
PB_SPD_OFF.bmp05.14.042.63 kB
PB_SPD_ON.bmp05.14.042.63 kB
PB_START.bmp05.20.041.74 kB
PB_VORD_OFF.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_VORD_ON.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_VS_OFF.bmp05.14.042.63 kB
PB_VS_ON.bmp05.14.042.63 kB
PB_WPT_OFF.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_WPT_ON.bmp01.17.042.63 kB
PB_XFEED_OFF.bmp05.17.042.29 kB
PB_XFEED_ON.bmp05.17.042.29 kB
PFD.XML06.18.0520.05 kB
PFD_background_overlay.bmp05.19.04353.62 kB
PFD_COMPASS_MASK.bmp05.14.0414.68 kB
PitotHeat.xml05.17.04525 B
PITOT_OFF.bmp11.28.038.49 kB
PITOT_ON.bmp11.28.038.49 kB
RADIO 1 SWAP FREQS.xml06.13.05272 B
RADIO 2 SWAP FREQS.xml06.13.05266 B
RADIO_1_ADJUSTER.xml06.09.051.04 kB
RADIO_1_SWITCH.xml06.10.05457 B
RADIO_2_ADJUSTER.xml06.09.051.05 kB
RADIO_2_SWITCH.xml06.10.05457 B
RADIO_BUTTON_ON.bmp06.09.052.27 kB
RADIO_POINTER.bmp10.24.04174 B
RAD_BUTTON.bmp06.09.051.17 kB
RAM_OFF.bmp11.06.026.82 kB
RAM_ON.bmp11.06.026.82 kB
RANGE SWITCH.xml06.15.051.21 kB
RMI 1 Switch.xml05.18.04505 B
rmitemp.bmp05.18.0472.55 kB
ROSE_ARC_Switch.xml05.13.04532 B
ROSE_KNOB_0.bmp01.13.046.03 kB
ROSE_KNOB_135.bmp05.19.046.03 kB
ROSE_KNOB_180.bmp01.13.046.03 kB
ROSE_KNOB_315.bmp01.13.046.03 kB
ROSE_KNOB_45.bmp05.13.046.03 kB
ROSE_KNOB_90.bmp05.13.046.03 kB
RUDDER_POINTER.bmp05.19.042.90 kB
SPEED_BRAKE.bmp12.17.0568.61 kB
SPEED_BRAKE_BACK.bmp12.17.0568.61 kB
SPOIL_OFF.bmp11.28.038.49 kB
SPOIL_ON.bmp11.28.038.49 kB
StartJet1.xml06.04.04656 B
StartJet2.xml06.04.04656 B
SWAP.bmp05.20.04950 B
SWAP_FREQS_COM_1.xml05.20.04204 B
SWAP_FREQS_COM_2.xml05.20.04199 B
SWAP_FREQS_NAV_1.xml05.20.04199 B
SWAP_FREQS_NAV_2.xml05.20.04199 B
Switch_Lights_Inbd_Off.bmp11.27.035.55 kB
Switch_Lights_Inbd_On.bmp11.27.035.55 kB
Taxi Lights Switch.xml11.27.03553 B
Thumbs.db04.19.10517.50 kB
TU_Fab737_eng1ice.XML12.25.03521 B
TU_Fab737_eng1icelht.XML12.25.03415 B
TU_Fab737_wingice.xml12.25.03607 B
TU_Fab737_wingicelht.xml12.25.03409 B
TU_Fab_engon.bmp12.25.032.98 kB
TU_Fab_wingon.bmp12.25.032.98 kB
TU_Fab_yaw.xml12.25.03561 B
TU_Fab_yawlight.xml12.26.03490 B
TU_Fab_yawlight_off.bmp12.25.037.57 kB
TU_Fab_yawlight_on.bmp12.22.037.57 kB
TU_Speedbrake Light.xml01.07.04550 B
TU_Speedbrake_armed_on.bmp01.07.042.22 kB
TU_Speedbrake_off.bmp12.24.032.22 kB
vertical_speed_bug.bmp06.12.03140 B
vertical_speed_needle.bmp06.12.0380 B
VERT_SPEED_BACK.bmp05.15.0414.43 kB
WIND_ND.bmp06.07.041.98 kB
XPNDADJ1.xml12.11.03288 B
XPNDADJ10.xml12.11.03290 B
XPNDADJ100.xml12.11.03292 B
XPNDADJ1000.xml12.11.03294 B
XPNDDIS.XML06.15.05606 B
XPNDVFR.xml05.20.04278 B
XPND_SWITCH.xml06.15.05454 B
yaw_damper_off.bmp06.30.033.64 kB
yaw_damper_on.bmp12.25.053.64 kB
yaw_warn_off.bmp06.30.032.42 kB
yaw_warn_on.bmp06.30.032.42 kB
737-400.flaps.gau04.18.0114.50 kB
737-400.gau09.20.012.18 MB
737_405.cab10.29.0546.75 kB
757_stdbyatt.gau11.25.03385.00 kB
777KM.cab09.18.041.25 MB
AB320KM.cab01.10.05869.93 kB
AS350_switches.gau01.21.0189.50 kB
Bell_206B.dll09.04.062.05 MB
Boeing.Autobrake.CAB08.08.068.78 kB
boeing737-800.cab12.30.05381.03 kB
Boeing747-400.cab06.13.033.40 MB
boeing747-401.cab03.16.042.99 MB
boeing767-300..gau06.11.014.19 MB
BOEING767-300.gau06.17.012.11 MB
boeing767-300.rp_secur.gau05.23.0141.00 kB
Boeing777-300.gau09.20.014.35 MB
Cessna208.gau06.13.032.71 MB
CJgauges.cab10.29.05743.57 kB
Cleared747-400.CAB03.06.042.19 MB
cpt.toggles.208.cab11.07.0230.09 kB
cpt.toggles.Light-GR.cab08.26.107.83 kB
cpt.toggles.light.square.cab11.25.037.80 kB
Dash8_cabinpressure.gau03.24.05568.50 kB
Dash8_nav_gps.gau03.12.0316.50 kB
dsd_xml_sound3.gau01.16.0576.00 kB
fpda_boeing_callout.gau10.26.0115.50 kB
fs9gps.cab06.13.03296.71 kB
he_apwind.CAB04.15.044.43 kB
Kingair.gau07.03.002.43 MB
l_b757_ac.gau03.11.0613.00 kB
L_B757_cpt.toggles.trans.CAB08.26.1018.75 kB
L_CautionWarning.CAB08.26.1011.75 kB
L_cpt.toggles.767.cab03.25.056.10 kB
L_ILH_TCAS2.gau03.25.05208.00 kB
l_pnl_l-transp.gau08.26.1059.50 kB
L_Registration.CAB08.18.04497 B
MD83.cab02.21.04187.81 kB
MIKEAIR02.18.110 B
250x25_Vspeed_Background.bmp10.01.0518.41 kB
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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