FS2004 Sikorski S-70 B-6 Aegean Hawk

PreviewThe S-70 is the most advanced naval helicopter in the world. These helicopters were purchased for use with the Meko 200HN frigates and new fleet additions. They have the capability of launching Penguin anti-ship missiles as well as torpedoes and other anti-submarine ordinance. Repaint and Modify ...

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The S-70 is the most advanced naval helicopter in the world. These helicopters were purchased for use with the Meko 200HN frigates and new fleet additions. They have the capability of launching Penguin anti-ship missiles as well as torpedoes and other anti-submarine ordinance. Repaint and Modify by Angelos Hatzikatakos original Model by Jordan Moore

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Aegean.gif12.30.0313.78 kB
aircraft12.31.030 B
Aegean Hawk12.31.030 B
Aegean Hawk.air11.15.034.89 kB
Aircraft.cfg12.30.037.88 kB
model.standard12.31.030 B
Aegean Hawk.mdl11.17.032.08 MB
Model.cfg12.28.0330 B
panel12.31.030 B
annunciator_1024.bmp04.18.0113.75 kB
annunciator_640.bmp04.18.015.86 kB
Bell_compass.BMP04.18.0196.42 kB
collective_1024.bmp04.18.0133.20 kB
collective_640.bmp04.18.0114.38 kB
H60panel.bmp11.13.03769.05 kB
panel.cfg11.14.036.41 kB
Thumbs.db12.30.0317.50 kB
sound12.31.030 B
com2001.wav06.21.01814.92 kB
com2002.wav06.21.01814.49 kB
com2003.wav11.25.01217.16 kB
osp.wav11.25.0117.07 kB
r3.wav11.25.0145.15 kB
shut2002.wav06.25.01831.72 kB
sound.cfg12.11.015.82 kB
strt2002.wav06.27.01908.29 kB
T2002.wav06.21.01367.72 kB
Turbo.wav11.25.01219.48 kB
texture12.31.030 B
Internals.bmp08.24.031.00 MB
rotor.bmp11.11.03341.40 kB
Thumbs.db12.30.0372.00 kB
tx_bh_cockpit.bmp11.13.031.00 MB
tx_bh_doors.bmp12.30.03256.07 kB
tx_bh_doors_inner.bmp11.08.03257.04 kB
tx_bh_floorswalls.bmp11.10.03257.05 kB
tx_bh_floorswalls_2.bmp12.30.03257.07 kB
tx_bh_frontdoors.bmp12.28.03256.07 kB
tx_bh_frontdoors_inner.bmp11.15.03341.43 kB
tx_bh_fuselage.bmp12.30.03257.07 kB
tx_bh_fuselage_inner.bmp11.10.03256.55 kB
tx_bh_nacelles.bmp12.30.03257.07 kB
tx_bh_stabs.bmp12.30.03257.07 kB
tx_bh_tailboom.bmp12.30.03257.07 kB
tx_bh_various_1.bmp12.30.03257.07 kB
tx_bh_windows_1.bmp12.30.03256.07 kB
tx_bh_windows_1_inner.bmp11.15.03341.43 kB
dets707.jpg12.31.0373.94 kB
fregata.jpg12.31.0346.09 kB
fs9 2003-12-30 17-31-58-64.jpg12.31.0352.47 kB
fs9 2003-12-30 17-34-34-10.jpg12.31.0346.99 kB
fs9 2003-12-30 18-12-44-60.jpg12.31.0336.04 kB
GAUGES12.31.030 B
as532_hover.gau04.19.03228.00 kB
readme.txt12.30.031001 B
sima.bmp12.28.0346.93 kB
AegeanHawk12.31.030 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


When I first decided to install this mod, it would be fair to say that my expectations were rather limited. I was not only unsure about the actual Sikorski brand of helicopters but I also knew very little about this style of helicopter. I was typically used to flying smaller models used for mountain rescue and the like, and I typically did stick to larger aircraft when flying.

Preview screenshot

However, this mod has captured my attention and in a bid to try out something new and engaging I decided to turn to this; I have to say that after several hours of flying around and getting used to this mod, it’s excellent.

Initial Reaction

Whilst Sikorski experts can tell you better than I, as a fan of flight simulation and aviation in general for most of my life I can let you know that it feels great to my mind.

From my own research and learning, too, the image and the overall performance of the aircraft is in line with the real thing. Known for its sturdy nature and its power in comparison with many of its competitors, this aircraft gives you that mule feel like you expect from a helicopter.

It feels strong and sturdy, as if it could carry a city without any fuss, whilst also coming with rather frightening military capabilities.

In-Depth Features

For example, this aircraft is capable of letting off rather terrifying bouts of energy and damage through its flight weaponry, giving you something really impressive to remember after you take a few shots. As the most powerful naval helicopter on the planet at the time of writing, this mod respects the product it is based on by giving you an exciting and engaging model that really flies great to fly around in.

If you want to enjoy the depth of flight that can be brought to life by this model, I recommend you try it out – it’s a challenge, but a fun one. With the ability to launching the likes of Penguin anti-ship missiles to enjoying anti-submarine ordinance assaults, this can be used for just about anything that you might wish; the Sikorski S-70 is a flying battle machine. Another magic factor about this wonderful helicopter is the fact that this mod so closely resembles the real thing; it’s got the little details and the minor factors down perfectly.

The modification and the management of both the model and the performance is of the highest level, giving you something that is exceptionally easy to enjoy in one place. Another massive factor in the design and the element of this aircraft comes from the fact that it’s lots of fun to learn.

The Verdict

For people like myself who aren’t gurus at flying helicopters, getting to grips with a new style and layout of cockpit is well worth your time – it’s a great laugh, one that really does capture the intricate details that make FS2004 mods come to life so much.

This might be for an old simulator, but it looks and feels every bit as good as any Sikorski mods that I have tried for FSX!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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lajollapenguinMon, 27 Aug 2007 21:57:51 GMT
awsome helicopter. flys well.

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