Flight Simulator 2004 Downloads and Add-ons

This section covers thousands of freeware downloads and add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, or as it's more well known within the community, FS2004FS2004 has been one of the most popular and highly developed flight simulator packages that Microsoft have ever released for PC.  Some users even swear by it, preferring it to FSX

Air Canada Boeing 747 landing at Paris in FS2004

Image shows a Air Canada Boeing 747-400 landing at Paris in FS2004.  This aircraft is an add-on, not part of the default aircraft set.

Because FS2004 is probably the most popular flight simulation package ever released, freeware developers have released thousands of files that can be installed into it.  Many users prefer FS2004 to later releases of Microsoft Flight Simulator because it's friendlier on frame rates and can be made to provide graphics equal to that of FSX, but with double the frame rate speed.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 was released on 29 July 2003, and ever since that release date, developers have been creating add-ons for it.  FS2004 provided a major leap in terms of environment textures, 3D modeling and weather systems from the previous releases and could be run on almost all of the latest computers at the time of the release date.  This differed from FSX because when that was released, thousands of users had trouble running it on their computer systems with problems with frame rates, lagging and such a slowdown that it was almost unusable.

FS2004 has stood the test of time, and still now, people are using it and not upgrading to the latest version.

In this section you will find thousands of files that can be installed alongside FS2004 including aircraft, scenery, tools, utilities, vehicles and more.  Installing any of the packages is quite easy and most of them include detailed installation instructions.  Scenery files can bring new airports and airfields that may have not existed or been very under-developed, while downloading add-on aircraft can allow you to pilot some of the most famous fighter jets, civil passenger jets and helicopters.

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