Installing Addon Flight Simulator Downloads

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Fri, 22 Oct 2021 19:17:04 GMT

Most of the downloads featured in our file library come with easy to understand instructions in the form of either a "readme" file included within the package or on the actual listing page you download the file from.  However, some of the files do not include installation instructions or some users may find them difficult to understand and have problems.

We have several tutorials in our knowledge center to help you install the files easily.

Help Tutorials

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Please note that the tutorials for Microsoft Flight Simulator X may also work for 2004 and vice-versa, so please see both.

The Difference Between Full Aircraft and Repaints

Many of our users get confused when they download a package and realize that the package doesn't include a base model aircraft, only a repaint.  In this situation, you must download the full aircraft from the file library first, and then apply the repaint you downloaded second.

Using Addit! Addon Manager for FSX

There is a brilliant addon manager for Microsoft Flight Simulator X that provides drag and drop installation of aircraft, repaints and scenery addons.

Download the FSX version here

Help via the Forum

As a last resort, you may post your question in the forum where other members of the flight simulation community may answer.  You should do this only if you are having trouble and none of the above options are working for you.

Visit the forum here