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FS2004 Sound

Sound files for engines, aircraft, cockpits and all other sounds for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.
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Delta Flight Attendant Voice Set

FS2004 Delta Flight Attendant Voice Set. A voice set featuring Delta Airlines flight attendant Alexis. To be used with the FlightDeck SFX Panel (FDSFXPNL.ZIP). Cabin announcements for a generic Delta flight and a "choppy" Delta flight into New York's LaGuardia airport (KLGA). By Marcus Thompson. ...

File size: 5.35 MB | Download hits: 3910

Rolls Royce Trent 800 Series Sounds

After a long a grueling 3 and a half months of work, Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you my Rolls Royce Trent 800 sounds. All of the sounds included in this package were carefully taken and chosen from some of the best Trent 800 recordings around, ultimately giving you an awesome, powerful crystal clear stereo experience in Flight Simulator. Whatever your needs this soundset will cover you in every single aspect of all your Flight Simulator demands bringing you once step closer to the real...

File size: 36.55 MB | Download hits: 4623

Grumman F-14 Tomcat Sound Pack

FS2004 Grumman F-14 Tomcat Sound Pack. Engine sounds recorded and edited by Christoffer Petersen along with other sounds....

File size: 29.8 MB | Download hits: 892

Boeing 727 PW JT8D-9 Sound Pack

FS2004 Boeing 727 PW JT8D-9 Sound Pack. By Christoffer Petersen....

File size: 29.95 MB | Download hits: 1886

Boeing 737 Awesome Sounds

FS2004 Boeing 737 Awesome Sounds. A package of jet engine sounds as heard from the cabin, created and modified in 16 bit stereo with a lot of bass. Made specifically for the Boeing 737 but will work for other twins like the A319. By Eric DeRoche....

File size: 10.84 MB | Download hits: 3548

FS2002/FS2004 Spitfire Sound Pack

FS2002/FS2004 Spitfire Sound Pack. An updated version of the soundpack for the Supermarine Spitfire. Includes auto-installer. By Martin Schwanke....

File size: 13 MB | Download hits: 649

Boeing 737-200 P&W JT8D Sound Pack

FS2004 Boeing 737-200 P&W JT8D Sound Pack "the real deal". Intended for the Erick Cantu/Kittyhawk B737-200 model. By Christoffer Petersen....

File size: 37.51 MB | Download hits: 2492

Airbus A320 CFM56-5B9 Sound Set

FS2004 Airbus A320 CFM56-5B9 Sound Set, with new idle, spool-up, reverser and roar sounds. By Christoffer Petersen....

File size: 61.42 MB | Download hits: 4991

Airbus A32X CFM International CFM56-5 Sound

I always thought: "Haha, me doing an Airbus soundset!". Well, that was the case untill a few months ago when I started work on this soundset. Ed's PSS panel mod MAY have had something to do with it ;) Thanks to some members of Project Airbus, I got my hands on some great material to work with. And now I'm here to present you with the results! Test flights were succesfully conducted on the entire iFDG Airbus A32X range (A318, A319, A320 and A321). You can also equip your PSS or Project Airbus...

File size: 37.21 MB | Download hits: 2786

F-16 PW200 Update With Louder Roar

FS2004 F-16 PW200 Update With Louder Roar for F16PW200.ZIP sound pack intended for Kirk Olsson's Viper. An update that has been played with to get the best sounding roar at full throttle as possible. By Ryan Cobb. Base sounds from Christoffer Petersen....

File size: 370.93 KB | Download hits: 523

F-16 PW200 Sound Pack

FS2004 F-16 PW200 Sound Pack intended for use with Kirk Olsson's Viper. By Christoffer Petersen. ...

File size: 29.52 MB | Download hits: 1442

AI Aircraft Sounds

FS2004 AI Aircraft Sounds. Replacement sound for AI aircraft including small jets, large jets and turboprops....

File size: 6.37 MB | Download hits: 2348

Jet Reverse Sound Effect

FS2004 Jet Reverse Sound Effect. A new effect that adds typical reverse sounds after touchdown to jet AI aircraft. By Thorsten Reichert....

File size: 108.25 KB | Download hits: 1592

General Electric CF6-80C2B5F Sound

FS2004 General Electric CF6-80C2B5F Sound Set. The General Electric CF6-80C2B5F is the power plant of choice for many of the world's Boeing 747-400 operators. These powerful engines are rated at 62,100 lbs of thrust. By Emil Serafino Jr....

File size: 12.14 MB | Download hits: 1425

Ground Roll Sound

FS2004 Ground Roll Sound. A replacement ground roll sound that adds the sounds of vibrations, going over bumps, etc. By Daniel Ernstes....

File size: 527.1 KB | Download hits: 2524

Boeing 747-200 PW JT9D-7R4G2 Sound Set

After months of hard work (and some time off from the 777 GE90 project) it's finally available. Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to present to you........ my Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4G2 soundset! True 747 thunder can now be heard in FS2004 :) My "testbed" was a Project Opensky Boeing 747-300, but the soundset also works fine with the -100/-200 models. This soundset also features internal systems and APU sounds for a more realistic atmosphere both inside and outside of the cockpit. Please see...

File size: 37.12 MB | Download hits: 2989

Boeing PW 4060 Sound Set

FS2004 Boeing 767 PW 4060 Sound Set. A sound package suitable for the B767-200 or -300. By Christoffer Petersen....

File size: 43.78 MB | Download hits: 1219

McDonnell Douglas MD-11 sound set v2

FS2002/FS2004 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 sound set, v2. Recommended for the iFDG MD11. By Devyn Silverstein. Base files by Mike Maarse, Achim Buerger, Matt Ukena, Mike Hambly and Riuji Ozawa....

File size: 29.86 MB | Download hits: 2203

Boeing 777 Super Soundset All Variations

A soundset for the ages for an aircraft for the ages. This is the UnReal 777 Superset. Instead of forcing all of you to download three sets and then figure out who uses what engine on their 777s, Ive done all of that work for you. Ive included the GE90, PW4080 and Trent 800 in this package as well as a readme file that states which carriers use which engines. If you know my work then I have no need to explain my level of quailty. However, If you are new to my soundsets, prepare to be blown...

File size: 41.64 MB | Download hits: 1962

Pratt & Whitney 4000 Engine Sounds

Pratt & Whitney 4000. A sound set for PW4000 powered Airbus A330's, based on real recordings. By Lance Charles. ...

File size: 57.79 MB | Download hits: 1238