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Aerospatiale Alouette IIIComplete with Base Model

The Aerospatiale Alouette III is a single-engine, light utility helicopter developed by French aircraft company Sud-Aviation. During its production life, it proved to be a relatively popular rotorcraft; including multiple licensed manufacturers, in excess of 2,000 units were constructed. Plenty of room for improvement on this model, but still probably the best Alouette III for X-Plane 11 at the moment. It's open-source/GPL so please feel free to do more work on it. Credits: Braddock,...

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X3_Proto Windows V1

L ' X3 uses a cell of helicopter Eurocopter Dauphin equipped with a main rotor for five pales drawn away by two turbines and of two aircraft propellers taken up on short fixed wings. This hybrid shape gives birth to an apparatus of advanced transport which conjugates the speed of a plane with turboprop engine and the capacities of stationary flight of a helicopter. In cruise, wings take the intermediary of the main rotor for the lift. The rotor adopts a "flat" contour, where...

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Winch for BK117 Nils.

Winch BK117 Nils. Screenshot of winch attached to BK117 Nils. Installation: Unzip the two files, "VERRICELLO.png" and "VERRICELLOBK.obj" in the "objects" folder of BK117. Only the two files, not the folder "BK Viper winch." Launch Plane Maker. Open the BK117, at your choice or "BK-117 + + WP.acf RAD", or "BK-117 + + RAD WP.acf". From the menu at the top click > standard> Misc...

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Max speed Mach 2 (1.3 at sea level). Extending working guns and rocket pod. Screenshot of Airwolf in the air. Building this was all about the challenge of trying to make the un-flyable fly. It was fun!If you're going to give her a whirl, please see the instructions file - it's very easy to set things up, but the tail rotor considerations can crash more than the helicopter. I'll keep updating her until the effort involved gets too absurd.... If...

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