X-Plane 11/10 Airwolf

Preview Max speed Mach 2 (1.3 at sea level). Extending working guns and rocket pod.

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Max speed Mach 2 (1.3 at sea level).
Extending working guns and rocket pod.

Screenshot of Airwolf in the air.

Screenshot of Airwolf in the air.

Building this was all about the challenge of trying to make the un-flyable fly.

It was fun!If you're going to give her a whirl, please see the instructions file - it's very easy to set things up, but the tail rotor considerations can crash more than the helicopter.

I'll keep updating her until the effort involved gets too absurd....
If you're using X-Plane 9 - please download the version for 9.40, I couldn't open this file in 9.

I hope you enjoy,


What's New in Version for X-Plane 10:

  • Changed category to X-Plane 10, Helos.
  • Tweaked for proper performance in X-Plane 10<br />Invisible tail skid added to limit occurrences of the tail rotor getting stopped on the runway.

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The archive Airwolf10.zip has 176 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
ECAM_rnd_FF-1.png12.26.083.39 kB
ECAM_rnd_FF-2.png12.26.082.96 kB
ECAM_rnd_FF-3.png12.26.082.78 kB
ECAM_rnd_FF-4.png12.26.083.16 kB
ECAM_rnd_FF.png12.26.081.45 kB
ECAM_rnd_FF.txt12.26.08166 B
ECAM_rnd_N1-1.png12.26.083.33 kB
ECAM_rnd_N1-2.png12.26.082.96 kB
ECAM_rnd_N1-3.png12.26.082.78 kB
ECAM_rnd_N1-4.png12.26.083.16 kB
ECAM_rnd_N1.png12.26.081.45 kB
ECAM_rnd_N1.txt12.26.08166 B
radioalt_linear-1.png02.27.096.70 kB
Mach_round.png02.27.0916.77 kB
engine_RPM_prop.png02.27.0911.46 kB
engine_TRQ.png02.27.0911.23 kB
map_s_HM-1.png12.26.0813.95 kB
map_s_HM-2.png12.26.0821.31 kB
map_s_HM-3.png12.26.0823.90 kB
map_s_HM-4.png12.26.084.73 kB
map_s_HM.png12.26.081.14 kB
map_s_HM.txt12.26.08118 B
el_airspeed-1.png02.19.095.18 kB
el_airspeed-2.png02.19.093.17 kB
el_airspeed-3.png02.19.092.92 kB
el_airspeed-4.png02.19.093.71 kB
el_airspeed.png02.19.092.97 kB
el_airspeed.txt02.19.09327 B
el_altitude-1.png02.19.095.54 kB
el_altitude-2.png02.19.093.42 kB
el_altitude-3.png02.19.092.94 kB
el_altitude-4.png02.19.093.85 kB
el_altitude.png02.19.092.99 kB
el_altitude.txt02.19.09417 B
Avidyne_PFD-1.png12.26.0848.09 kB
Avidyne_PFD-2.png12.26.086.95 kB
Avidyne_PFD-3.png12.26.0814.06 kB
Avidyne_PFD-4.png12.26.0811.29 kB
Avidyne_PFD.png12.26.081.86 kB
but_off_run_start-1.png12.26.087.24 kB
but_off_run_start.png12.26.083.71 kB
but_beacon-1.png12.26.081.45 kB
but_beacon.png12.26.081.25 kB
but_land_light-1.png12.26.081.45 kB
but_land_light.png12.26.081.25 kB
but_nav_light-1.png12.26.081.45 kB
but_nav_light.png12.26.081.24 kB
but_strobe_light-1.png12.26.081.45 kB
but_strobe_light.png12.26.081.28 kB
but_taxi_light-1.png12.26.081.45 kB
but_taxi_light.png12.26.081.24 kB
but_gear_handle_BC-1.png12.26.084.53 kB
but_gear_handle_BC.png12.26.084.18 kB
but_gear_light_HM-1.png12.26.083.17 kB
but_gear_light_HM.png12.26.08373 B
but_afterburner_level.png12.26.083.48 kB
but_generator-1.png12.26.081.45 kB
but_generator.png12.26.081.25 kB
Airwolf9 avionics.wav04.12.091.24 MB
Airwolf9 click.wav04.10.0928.53 kB
Airwolf9 flap.wav03.13.09224.06 kB
Airwolf9 gear.wav04.10.09224.49 kB
Airwolf9 prop1.wav01.14.09861.44 kB
gun.wav06.20.09456.08 kB
oldAirwolf9 gear.wav01.14.091.85 MB
Airwolf9 afterburner_inn.wav01.14.09861.44 kB
Airwolf9 engn1.wav04.10.091.05 MB
Airwolf9 engn1_inn.wav04.10.091.05 MB
Airwolf9 engn2.wav03.14.09861.44 kB
Airwolf9 engn3.wav10.20.08802.93 kB
Airwolf9 engn3_inn.wav06.21.09802.18 kB
Airwolf9 engn4.wav03.15.09826.33 kB
Airwolf9 engn4_inn.wav04.12.09802.21 kB
Airwolf9 engn5.wav01.14.09861.44 kB
Airwolf9 prop1.wav01.14.09861.44 kB
Airwolf9 prop2.wav01.14.09861.44 kB
Airwolf9 prop3.wav01.14.09861.44 kB
Airwolf9 star1.wav04.18.092.71 MB
Airwolf9 star3.wav03.14.09343.31 kB
Airwolf9 skid_dry.wav01.14.09861.44 kB
Airwolf9 10ft.wav03.22.091.86 MB
Airwolf9 gear_warn_1.wav03.22.09902.67 kB
Airwolf9 gear_warn_2.wav04.10.091.27 MB
Airwolf9 lo_rotor.wav06.15.091.21 MB
Airwolf9 pull.wav04.13.092.41 MB
Airwolf9 sink.wav04.13.09689.34 kB
Airwolf9 stall.wav04.10.09433.38 kB
Airwolf9 tcas.wav10.19.08370.72 kB
han_thro_linear-1.png12.26.084.42 kB
han_thro_linear.png12.26.084.95 kB
han_thro_linear.txt12.26.0864 B
but_map_mode-1.png12.26.08817 B
but_map_mode.png12.26.08482 B
but_map_options-1.png12.26.08336 B
but_map_options.png12.26.083.65 kB
but_map_zoom-1.png12.26.08891 B
but_map_zoom.png12.26.08450 B
but_map_zoom_close.png12.26.083.62 kB
ECAM_mode-1.png12.26.08273 B
ECAM_mode-2.png12.26.083.04 kB
ECAM_mode-4.png12.26.087.19 kB
ECAM_mode.png12.26.081.60 kB
but_avionics-1.png12.26.081.44 kB
but_avionics.png12.26.081.25 kB
but_battery-1.png12.26.081.45 kB
but_battery.png12.26.081.22 kB
but_brakes-1.png12.26.083.74 kB
but_brakes.png12.26.083.11 kB
but_flitedir_modeSC-1.png12.26.087.24 kB
but_flitedir_modeSC.png12.26.083.26 kB
but_yawdamp-1.png12.26.081.45 kB
but_yawdamp.png12.26.081.26 kB
panel.png04.18.09466.70 kB
chaingun.wpn06.20.0912.75 kB
Falcon.png12.26.0855.03 kB
Falcon.wpn06.21.0912.75 kB
airwolf.png04.13.094.14 kB
Airwolf9_paint.png02.21.0981.15 kB
cockpit.png04.18.094.16 MB
fuselage.obj05.15.09999.60 kB
fuselage.png05.15.091.09 MB
gear.obj06.24.0682.20 kB
grey LIT.png05.09.09353.80 kB
grey.png11.21.06163.07 kB
pipe.png02.15.093.21 kB
rocketpod.obj06.19.0965.25 kB
rockets.png01.20.092.87 kB
rockets2.png06.19.09141.89 kB
rotorhub.obj05.31.0957.08 kB
sflchgleft.obj04.13.0986.71 kB
sflchgright.obj04.13.0987.17 kB
strutswheels.png07.22.092.99 kB
supersonic.obj05.09.0917.09 kB
tailpipe.obj03.01.09200.03 kB
tailpipe.png02.28.093.55 kB
wheelb1.obj07.24.09543.84 kB
wheelb2.obj07.24.09543.84 kB
wheelf.obj07.24.09547.08 kB
wipers.obj02.28.0973.35 kB
Airwolf9.acf11.26.113.33 MB
airwolf9_cockpit_INN.obj06.20.0911.79 MB
airwolf9_cockpit_OUT.obj04.13.091.42 MB
Airwolf9_paint.png03.19.09112.47 kB
Airwolf9_paint2.png03.17.096.46 kB
cockpit.png04.18.094.16 MB
Instructions_Airwolf10 .pdf11.30.111.75 MB
engine round11.26.110 B
altimeters11.26.110 B
airspeed11.26.110 B
engine round11.26.110 B
EFIS maps11.26.110 B
EFIS elements primary11.26.110 B
Avidyne11.26.110 B
mode ENG11.26.110 B
starter11.26.110 B
lights11.26.110 B
landing gear11.26.110 B
engine11.26.110 B
systems11.26.110 B
engine11.26.110 B
contact11.26.110 B
alert11.26.110 B
standard six11.26.110 B
handles11.26.110 B
engine11.26.110 B
EFIS11.26.110 B
ECAM11.26.110 B
buttons11.26.110 B
-PANELS-11.26.110 B
Weapons11.26.110 B
sounds11.26.110 B
objects11.26.110 B
cockpit_3d11.26.110 B
Airwolf 1011.30.110 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Desmond LockerFri, 15 Mar 2019 12:52:16 GMT

If you can contact me, I have a heavily updated version remodeled after yours with canon performance including canon weapons and a RedWolf version as well. I based the updates on the 4th season Airwolf. So weapons are 100% based on that model from that season. Same with the cockpit.

Roberto GomezFri, 08 Feb 2019 02:41:24 GMT


Can you reach out to me I need some help finishing the development of my VTOL project.

JasonMon, 31 Oct 2016 12:36:59 GMT

Can it be that Supersonic does not work under x-Plane V10.5x? The Supersonic sound sounds, but the speed remains the same.

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