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CFS3 Aircraft

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Republic Thunderbolt P-47D-25-RE "A1"

This skin is repaint for P_47d_25 stock.The Republic P-47D-25-RE nš 44-20854 "A1" Cap.Av.Lafayette Cantarino Rodrigues de Souza, utilized for 1th GAVCA (SENTA PUA) in Italy....

File size: 449.11 kB | Download hits: 420

Go-229a Repaint for CFS3

Textures are of that of a DML Model of the 1/72 scale airplane. Very few were built and It came out too late in the war to see combat, was the Horton Go-229a. The plane was one of many Secret Weapons That the Luftwaffe was testing torwards the end of the war. This texture has the Defence of Berlin Band, and it is close as I could get it to what it looked like. No History of Go-229a having had winter textures on the plane, so one was not made. Just Place DDS. files into your stock folder. Have...

File size: 859.51 kB | Download hits: 707

Ju-88p-4 of Kg 3 textures

PATCH HAPPY!Textures are that of the Ju-88p-4 of Kg 3. Only 50 were made due to structual Damage from the recoil of the massive gun,It is also well stated that it also had the tendancy for jamming. Only 10 of them were sent to Kg3.The Aircraft was built to be a Tank Buster. The textures were taken from a Old Revell Plastic model Kit, Winter textures are included. Just place DDS files into your stock Ju_88p_4 folder..And ENJOY! My Repaints are all done by actual pictures and is realistic as...

File size: 1.33 MB | Download hits: 305

Ju-88a4 " Terror from the Sky"

for CFS3 from Jg.51. Textures I painted from the book " Terror from the Sky."My wife did the Identification numbers on the plane. It's believed that the plane survived the war and is now in a Europe on display. This texture is Patch happy and should not cause any problems with the computer. Just Put the DDS files in your stock Ju_88a_4 folder...and welcome to realism.This is my best work yet! Winter Textures are included of course. Peter J. Dowling Jg.53. ...

File size: 1.46 MB | Download hits: 614

Flak-Bait B26 MarauderComplete with Base Model

Standalone aircraft. Repaint of the original. I really enjoyed doing this skin, I hope you enjoy flying it. Now this is a standlaone plane with 1% beta airfiles. WildBat aka Tomas Oszlar....

File size: 5.68 MB | Download hits: 1123

Repainted Textures: P-47D-RA-40, was manufactured by the Indiana Division of Republic Aviation

in Evansville, Indiana and was accepted by the Army Air Force on 7 May 1945. Enjoy Bat aka Tomas Oszlar. ...

File size: 539.49 kB | Download hits: 396

Repainted Textures: Ferocious Frankie P51D

Repaint of the stock P51D on Dan Swart's template. Replace the and files in the p_51d aircraft folder in the aircraft folder of CFS3. Remeber to back the originals up first! WildBat aka Tomas Oszlar. ...

File size: 549.54 kB | Download hits: 420

Repainted Textures: bf_109g_6 painted as a night fighter

The pictures I made the paintjob after shows clearly that this paintjob was done in the field. I have trid to make it look as authentic I could mannage. Hope ypu like it. The file you have to backup and replace to fly this nightbird, is in the bf_109g_6 folder. Bat aka Tomas Oszlar. ...

File size: 463.96 kB | Download hits: 195

Do-335b-2. Stock repaint

This is my first stock repaint and modified XPD aircraft for CFS3. Extract folder to your desktop, pull everything out and put the files in your stock do_335b-2 folder. I repainted this plane from a real drawing of the Do-335b-2. This plane is realistic in every detail. This plane has flame start up with the smoke and it has smoking bullet casings. Winter textures are included. I take no responsibility if this plane does anything to your computer..It works perfect on mine. Any Questions or...

File size: 1.06 MB | Download hits: 280

Do-335a1 stock repainted textures only

and modified XPD aircraft for CFS3. This plane made it through the war without being damaged and it's realistic in every detail. This plane has flame start up with the smoke and it has smoking bullet casings. Winter textures are included.Peter Dowling....

File size: 1.22 MB | Download hits: 252

Desert Camo Spitfire IXc Skin

Fictional CFS3 Texture of a North African Desert Camoflauged Spitfire IXc. Texture Only. Repaint by Marc P. ...

File size: 591.80 kB | Download hits: 339

P-51d SharkComplete with Base Model

This is a fictional repaint of the stock cfs3 p-51d. I added the sharks teeth & a girl to it plus invasion stripes and a few kills to spice things up a bit, I hope you all enjoy it. Standalone conversion & repaint done by Steve " Luckydog " Renner. ...

File size: 1.83 MB | Download hits: 820

P-51d MooseComplete with Base Model

This is a repaint of a plane that I found on Mustang Mustang, I thought that it was a very neat looking plane I hope you all do as well , Enjoy. Standalone conversion & repaint done by Steve " Luckydog " Renner....

File size: 1.68 MB | Download hits: 376

P-51d TuskegeeComplete with Base Model

This is a repaint done of the Tuskegee " Red Tail" group. The original plane that I took this paint sceme from was a P-51c, I added it to the d model because I thought it would look good , Enjoy. Standalone conversion & repaint done by Steve " Luckydog " Renner. ...

File size: 1.84 MB | Download hits: 591

P-51d TemptationComplete with Base Model

This is a repaint of the P-51d " Temptation", I found this plane at I thought it was a nice looking plane. I added some kills to it & also a girl to the side but other than that it is painted like the original, Enjoy. Standalone conversion & repaint done by Steve " Luckydog " Renner....

File size: 1.47 MB | Download hits: 397

P-51d 118th TRSComplete with Base Model

This is a repaint of Col. Edward McComas of the 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron "Black Lightning" he shot down five Japanese Oscars in China on the Dec. 23rd, 1944. McCommas ended the war with 14 aerial victories. Standalone conversion & repaint done by Steve " Luckydog " Renner....

File size: 1.90 MB | Download hits: 249

P-51D Mustang " Hurry Home HoneyComplete with Base Model

got the Idea for this plane at like most of the repaints for cfs3 I tried to make this as close to the original plane as I could I hope you all enjoy it. Standalone conversion & repaint done by Steve " Luckydog " Renner....

File size: 1.86 MB | Download hits: 324

P-72 for CFS 3Complete with Base Model

3500 HP and contrarotating props. This is the Superbolt! Two were built, and had it not been for the advent of the jet engine, this aircraft surely would've been put into production. She is fast and powerful! Mike Wholaver....

File size: 1.58 MB | Download hits: 1540

P-51D from the 325th FGComplete with Base Model

This aircraft served with the 317th FS in Italy. The aircraft serial numbers were painted over on purpose. They used code numbers only. Repaint/Standalone conversion by Tom Stovall....

File size: 1.37 MB | Download hits: 349

P-51D from the 375th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter GroupComplete with Base Model

8th Air Force. She was based at Little Walden in Essex while making this flight. Repaint/Standalone conversion by Tom Stovall. ...

File size: 1.14 MB | Download hits: 331

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