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Miscellaneous files for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3
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CFS3 Tactical Map

CFS3 Tactical Map....

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Color Tracers

This adds new tracer colors to CFS3. You pick a color from the zip folder and install it (instructions in readme). Make sure you back up your files first. You can pick from yellow, red, green, blue, and purple. Enjoy Ben Blohn....

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Supadetail! replacement railway track textures for CFS3

release 1.0 IMPORTANT: Read the installation instructions carefully, this is not straightforward As-is the railway tracks are at least two times too big in CFS3, these textures correct that. Due to the smaller size small misalignments may become more noticeable (for example when tracks enter a railway station) but they're not too bad unless you're looking for them. I expect I'll update these textures when the Scenery SDK becomes available, so consider these almost like a preview version. ...

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More realistic red tracers for CFS3, as opposed to the standard white. Better visibility in the daylight. By Chuck Dyer....

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