FS2004 Tupolev Tu-154 B-2

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Tupolev Tu-154 B-2 virtual cockpit add-on package for the Tupolev Tu-154 B-2 of Tibor Kykai. Features realistic flight dynamics for FS2004; virtual cockpit with new photorealistic textures; 2D panel; realistic sound; crew voices. Paint schemes include Aeroflot CCCP-85389, Aeroflot RA-85547 and Ural Airlines RA-85439. Collection assembled by Aleksi Pennanen. Model designed by Tibor Kykai. Flight dynamics by Dmitry Kolesnik. Repaint of virtual cockpit and fuselage by Maxim A. Mysin. Fuselage textures by by Shestenko Sergei and Anton Rozhkov. Sounds by Erick Cantu and Mark Nutter. 2D Panel by Dmitry Kolesnik, Stepan Gritsevski, Valery aka Lavrik, Andrei Novikov, Dmitry Dobronravin.

Screenshot of Tupolev Tu-154 B-2 taking off.

Screenshot of Tupolev Tu-154 B-2 taking off.


  • New realistic flight dynamics for FS2004.
  • Virtual cockpit with new photorealistic textures.
  • Paint Schemes: Aeroflot CCCP-85389, Aeroflot RA-85547.
  • Ural Airlines RA-85439.
  • 2D Panel (don't press Shift + F2, otherwise this will shot down all engines... APU panel is not yet working if FS2004).
  • Real Tu-154 B-2 Sound.
  • Voices of the copilot and crew.


  1. Copy contains of "Flight Simulator 9" folder to your default Flight Simulator folder.
  2. Run FS, and select ANTK Tupolev in aircraft menu.
  3. Enjoy!

View of Tupolev Tu-154 B-2 cockpit.

View of Tupolev Tu-154 B-2 cockpit.

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The archive tu154b2v.zip has 217 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Exterior1.jpg11.16.0383.29 kB
Exterior2.jpg11.16.0360.90 kB
Exterior3.jpg11.16.0387.91 kB
Flight Simulator 911.16.030 B
Aircraft11.15.030 B
Tu-154B211.16.030 B
154B-2k2_notes.txt07.30.030 B
154b-2v7.air07.30.038.67 kB
AIRCRAFT.CFG11.16.0311.80 kB
model11.15.030 B
Model.cfg08.03.0330 B
Tu154B2_LCG.mdl08.28.031.25 MB
panel11.15.030 B
154B-2A.bmp07.30.03769.05 kB
154B-2B.bmp07.30.03769.05 kB
154ENG_PAN.bmp10.08.02405.74 kB
154_Eng.bmp07.30.03469.80 kB
Gear_Pan.bmp07.30.0328.53 kB
K_Karta.bmp07.30.0383.12 kB
panel.cfg11.04.0311.78 kB
sound11.15.030 B
ROLL.WAV11.10.02272.09 kB
Sound.cfg12.01.025.61 kB
TYAIR.WAV06.10.021.71 MB
TYAN11.wav11.10.0265.09 kB
TYAN12.wav11.10.0243.59 kB
TYAN13.wav11.10.0233.59 kB
TYAN14.wav11.10.02128.59 kB
TYAN1STRT.WAV11.30.02407.59 kB
TYAN21.wav11.10.02259.09 kB
TYAN2SHUT.wav11.30.02304.09 kB
TYAN2STRT.wav11.30.02373.09 kB
TYAN2T.wav11.10.02354.09 kB
TYAPDIS.wav10.22.0113.69 kB
TYFLAPS.WAV11.10.0268.31 kB
TYGEARDN.wav10.22.01119.19 kB
TYGEARUP.wav10.22.01122.19 kB
TYGLIDE.wav10.22.017.19 kB
TYGWARN.wav10.22.0114.73 kB
TYOVER.wav10.22.0122.23 kB
XTYAN11.wav11.10.0241.59 kB
XTYAN12.wav11.10.0232.09 kB
XTYAN13.wav11.10.0233.59 kB
XTYAN14.wav11.10.02128.59 kB
XTYAN1STRT.wav11.10.02407.59 kB
XTYAN21.wav11.10.02163.59 kB
XTYAN22.WAV11.10.02396.09 kB
XTYAN2SHUT.wav11.10.02277.09 kB
XTYAN2STRT.wav11.10.02349.09 kB
XTYAN2T.WAV11.10.02114.81 kB
texture.newaeroflot11.16.030 B
inside.bmp06.26.03257.05 kB
tu154_fuse01.bmp09.27.034.00 MB
tu154_fuse02.bmp09.28.034.00 MB
tu154_fuse03.bmp09.28.034.00 MB
tu154_fuse04.bmp08.03.0364.54 kB
tu154_panel01.bmp09.12.034.00 MB
tu154_panel02.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel03.bmp09.12.034.00 MB
tu154_panel04.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel05.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel06.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel07.bmp06.21.03257.05 kB
tu154_wing01.bmp09.28.034.00 MB
tu154_wing02.bmp09.28.034.00 MB
texture.oldaeroflot11.15.030 B
inside.bmp06.25.03257.05 kB
tu154_fuse01.bmp09.26.031.00 MB
tu154_fuse02.bmp09.26.031.00 MB
tu154_fuse03.bmp09.26.031.00 MB
tu154_fuse04.bmp08.03.0364.54 kB
tu154_panel01.bmp09.12.034.00 MB
tu154_panel02.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel03.bmp09.12.034.00 MB
tu154_panel04.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel05.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel06.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel07.bmp06.21.03257.05 kB
tu154_wing01.bmp10.04.031.00 MB
tu154_wing02.bmp10.04.031.00 MB
texture.ural11.15.030 B
inside.bmp06.26.03257.05 kB
tu154_fuse01.bmp09.09.034.00 MB
tu154_fuse02.bmp09.09.034.00 MB
tu154_fuse03.bmp09.09.034.00 MB
tu154_fuse04.bmp08.03.0364.54 kB
tu154_panel01.bmp09.12.034.00 MB
tu154_panel02.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel03.bmp09.12.034.00 MB
tu154_panel04.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel05.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel06.bmp09.05.034.00 MB
tu154_panel07.bmp06.21.03257.05 kB
tu154_wing01.bmp09.08.034.00 MB
tu154_wing02.bmp09.08.034.00 MB
Tu-154B-2_check.txt07.30.034.11 kB
Tu-154B-2_ref.TXT07.30.031.41 kB
Effects11.15.030 B
fx_154.fx07.30.034.54 kB
fx_beaconb.fx08.09.013.03 kB
fx_beaconh.fx08.09.013.03 kB
fx_contrail_l.fx06.15.013.39 kB
fx_navgreh.fx09.14.014.53 kB
fx_navredh.fx09.14.014.53 kB
fx_navwhih.fx08.09.012.99 kB
fx_smoke_rx.fx10.21.011.17 kB
fx_vclighth.fx08.09.011.30 kB
Newll.fx07.30.031.35 kB
Gauges11.15.030 B
154GauB_VB.cab05.09.02327.52 kB
154_Avt.cab07.30.0392.93 kB
154_B2copilot.gau07.30.0344.50 kB
154_B2E.cab10.08.02748.19 kB
154_b2k.cab05.10.03684.85 kB
154_B2S.gau07.30.03296.50 kB
154_b2t.cab08.26.03712.95 kB
154_B2_APU.gau07.30.03178.50 kB
ACS.GPS98-KLN90B_CRT.gau11.30.01186.50 kB
Add-on11.15.030 B
154_B2copilot.gau07.31.0344.50 kB
154_B2S.gau07.31.03296.50 kB
bendix_king_radio.gau06.13.03296.00 kB
gps.gau09.20.01320.07 kB
RobSound.gau07.31.03376.00 kB
STT_Clock.gau07.31.03164.00 kB
windspeed.gau11.09.9890.50 kB
bendix_king_radio.gau06.13.03296.00 kB
gps.gau09.20.01320.07 kB
rcb-gauges.cab07.30.034.79 kB
RobSound.gau07.30.03376.00 kB
stt_ambtemp_tue48_v1.1.gau05.24.0176.00 kB
STT_An24_26_V1_21.gau03.30.0311.44 MB
STT_baro_2_V1_0.gau05.09.03892.00 kB
STT_BrakesInd.gau05.09.0156.00 kB
STT_Clock.gau07.30.03164.00 kB
STT_Clock_V2_0.gau05.25.03516.00 kB
STT_IL18_V1_1.gau02.10.0313.91 MB
windspeed.gau11.08.9890.50 kB
Sound11.15.030 B
154_B211.15.030 B
Hol_VSU.wav05.02.03652.02 kB
VSU_Act.wav05.02.03123.78 kB
VSU_Shut.wav05.02.03236.89 kB
VSU_Strt.wav05.02.03473.62 kB
154_B2copilot11.15.030 B
En_0.wav12.24.0223.47 kB
En_1.wav12.24.0228.47 kB
H_1.wav12.24.0210.07 kB
H_10.wav12.24.0212.05 kB
H_100.wav12.24.0219.45 kB
H_150.wav12.24.0219.96 kB
H_20.wav12.24.028.41 kB
H_250.wav12.24.0221.41 kB
H_3.wav12.24.0210.24 kB
H_30.wav12.24.0214.53 kB
H_40.wav12.24.0213.30 kB
H_6.wav12.24.0212.46 kB
H_80.wav12.24.028.16 kB
H_VPR.wav12.24.0210.81 kB
S_dn.wav12.24.0238.58 kB
S_up.wav12.24.0229.66 kB
Vap_150.wav12.24.0218.28 kB
Vap_200.wav12.24.0212.89 kB
Vap_220.wav12.24.0218.96 kB
Vt_180.wav12.24.0215.50 kB
Vt_220.wav12.24.0213.72 kB
Vt_Up.wav12.24.0215.73 kB
Vt_V1.wav12.24.029.61 kB
Vt_V2.wav12.24.0210.08 kB
Vt_Vr.wav12.24.027.88 kB
Z_dn1.wav12.24.0268.70 kB
Z_dn2.wav12.24.0242.68 kB
Z_dn3.wav12.24.0222.55 kB
Z_up1.wav12.24.0254.97 kB
Z_up2.wav12.24.0223.89 kB
Manuals11.15.030 B
154B_RLE (Russian).doc07.30.03146.00 kB
documents11.15.030 B
154.htm08.28.034.71 kB
154.jpg08.05.037.52 kB
b0.jpg08.28.0368.80 kB
b1.jpg08.28.0371.55 kB
k0.jpg08.28.0334.76 kB
k1.jpg08.28.0355.88 kB
k2.jpg08.09.0346.36 kB
panel_info (Russian).jpg07.30.0366.42 kB
Tu-154 Load Manager11.15.030 B
CFG11.15.030 B
126.CFG06.29.031.48 kB
154.CFG06.29.031.62 kB
164.CFG06.29.031.66 kB
180.CFG06.29.031.78 kB
CONFIG.CFG11.04.03378 B
IMG11.15.030 B
126.BMP07.09.03494.35 kB
154.BMP07.09.03494.35 kB
164.BMP07.09.03494.35 kB
180.BMP07.09.03494.35 kB
2_Pilot.bmp07.15.037.50 kB
blank_eng.bmp07.21.03914.50 kB
blank_rus.bmp07.17.03914.50 kB
Disp.bmp07.15.037.50 kB
error_eng.bmp07.17.0319.19 kB
error_rus.bmp07.17.0319.19 kB
seat_bus_empty.bmp07.09.031.54 kB
seat_bus_load.bmp07.09.031.54 kB
seat_eco_empty.bmp07.09.031.18 kB
seat_eco_load.bmp07.09.031.18 kB
LoadManager.exe07.21.031.15 MB
readme.txt11.16.031.46 kB
VCockpit1.jpg11.16.03120.54 kB
VCockpit2.jpg11.16.0365.59 kB
VCockpit3.jpg11.16.0386.60 kB
VCockpit4.jpg11.16.0393.20 kB
Tu-154 B-2 with new Virtual Cockpit11.16.030 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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JasonThu, 21 Feb 2013 11:35:13 GMT

Hello, have you got the APU working on the FS2004 Tupolev Tu-154 B-2 yet ? Thanks :)

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