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FS2004 Britannia Boeing 757-300

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A stretch of the Gmax B757-200 v2 by iFDG. Features dynamic shine, opening doors, steering nose wheel etc. Registration is G-BYAS painted in the new Thomson organization colors which will be on Britannia aircraft soon. Model designed by Alexander Schreijner, Kristiaan Duivesteijn and Robert Versluys. The flight dynamics are by Iskander Hannivoort. Repaint by Martin Jones.

Screenshot of Britannia Boeing 757-300 in flight.

Screenshot of Britannia Boeing 757-300 in flight.

Thomson repaint by Martin Jones-This is a Boeing 757-300 G-BYAS painted in the new Britannia livery. Thomson organization own Britannia and this livery will be seen on a lot of Britannia aircraft in 2003/4. Due to the hard work of the designers you will find this FS2004 aircraft flies beautifully in FS2004. Many thanks for downloading this repaint. Enjoy!

Install instructions-Simply extract the contents of the Thomson to the Aircraft folder in FS2004.


This is a stretch of the GMAX iFDG 757-200 v2. Credits go to the designers of this model: Alexander Schreijner, Kristiaan Duivesteijn and Robert Versluys. The flight dynamics are by Iskander Hannivoort and changed to fit the 757-300 by Robert Versluys. We also want to thank all the beta testers, painters and all other people that have attributed to the design of this model.

Screenshot of Britannia Boeing 757-300 taking off.

Screenshot of Britannia Boeing 757-300 taking off.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft.cfg12.10.0312.26 kB
B753.air02.07.038.69 kB
model12.06.030 B
b757300.mdl11.08.031.42 MB
Model.cfg11.08.0326 B
PANEL11.30.030 B
Panel.cfg02.09.0332 B
readme_7573.doc12.10.0320.50 kB
SOUND11.30.030 B
Sound.cfg09.01.0232 B
texture12.10.030 B
757_1.bmp12.31.022.67 MB
fuse757300_l.bmp11.08.031.00 MB
fuse757300_t.bmp12.04.031.33 MB
ifdg752_a1_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_a1_t.bmp11.21.0285.43 kB
ifdg752_a2_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_a2_t.bmp11.21.0285.43 kB
ifdg752_c2.bmp12.31.02170.75 kB
ifdg752_cp.bmp12.31.02682.75 kB
ifdg752_ct.bmp12.31.02170.75 kB
ifdg752_e1_t.bmp12.02.03341.43 kB
ifdg752_e2_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_e2_t.bmp11.21.02682.75 kB
ifdg752_e3_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_e3_t.bmp11.21.02682.75 kB
ifdg752_ef_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_ef_t.bmp11.21.02170.75 kB
ifdg752_fp_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_fp_t.bmp12.03.03341.43 kB
ifdg752_g1_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_g1_t.bmp11.21.025.43 kB
ifdg752_g2_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_g2_t.bmp02.07.0364.07 kB
ifdg752_ht_l.bmp02.09.03256.07 kB
ifdg752_ht_t.bmp02.07.03256.07 kB
ifdg752_i2.bmp01.08.03341.43 kB
ifdg752_in.bmp07.01.0265.05 kB
ifdg752_lf_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_lf_t.bmp02.07.03341.43 kB
ifdg752_lw_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_lw_t.bmp02.07.03256.07 kB
ifdg752_pi_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_pi_t.bmp02.08.03192.05 kB
ifdg752_py_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_py_t.bmp11.21.02170.75 kB
ifdg752_re.bmp11.15.0117.05 kB
ifdg752_rl_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_rl_t.bmp12.02.03341.43 kB
ifdg752_rr_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_rr_t.bmp12.02.03341.43 kB
ifdg752_rw_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_rw_t.bmp02.07.03256.07 kB
ifdg752_t1.bmp12.06.035.43 kB
ifdg752_t2.bmp12.06.0321.43 kB
ifdg752_t3.bmp12.06.035.43 kB
ifdg752_t4.bmp12.06.035.43 kB
ifdg752_t5.bmp12.06.035.43 kB
ifdg752_t6.bmp12.06.0312.05 kB
ifdg752_t7.bmp12.06.035.43 kB
ifdg752_t8.bmp12.06.035.43 kB
ifdg752_tl_l.bmp11.29.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_tl_t.bmp12.10.03256.07 kB
ifdg752_w1.bmp12.23.0242.75 kB
ifdg752_w2.bmp12.23.0242.75 kB
ifdg752_wf.bmp12.23.0242.75 kB
ifdg752_wl_l.bmp12.24.02341.43 kB
ifdg752_wl_t.bmp01.10.035.43 kB
ifdg752_ws.bmp12.23.0242.75 kB
pilot1.bmp05.19.02257.05 kB
pilot2.bmp05.19.02257.05 kB
skid757300.bmp12.06.0321.43 kB
Thumbs.db12.06.0394.00 kB
boeing 757-30012.10.030 B
readme.txt12.10.031.38 kB
thms757.jpg12.05.0370.11 kB
Image10.jpg12.05.0390.06 kB
757-300v8.jpg12.05.0385.95 kB
FILE_ID.DZ.txt12.12.03407 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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