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Antonov An-30

Complete with Base ModelJump to: Comments | File Details
another member of the An-24 family. It was designed as an aerial survey and photographic airplane, employed e.g. for map-making. Some An-30 are also known to have been employed on ecological survey missions. Various cameras and sensors are integrated into the fuselage, and the airplane reportedly even features its own darkroom. To make room for the equipment, the An-30 features a raised cockpit on the forward fuselage. As the An-30 is a highly specialised aircraft type, it has only been built in small numbers. Most of the airplanes are based either in Myachkovo to the southeast of Moscow, in Siberia or in the Ukraine. FSDS model by Samdim.

The archive has 241 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
An-3005.21.080 B
Aircraft05.21.080 B
An-3005.21.080 B
Aircraft.cfg05.18.0811.50 kB
An30.air07.04.0515.43 kB
FileID.txt05.21.08444 B
model05.20.080 B
Antonov An-30-light.mdl09.28.031.06 MB
Model.cfg02.28.0338 B
Panel05.20.080 B
134Gau.cab03.17.02640.75 kB
An-30mGau05.20.080 B
1.bmp05.16.0819.98 kB
1.jpg05.16.08605 B
AP Panel Toggle.xml03.25.03256 B
AZC Frame.bmp03.23.0385.56 kB
AZS Frame.xml03.23.03130 B
AZS_Panel_Lights.XML08.31.05520 B
BACK.BMP09.06.0314.37 kB
BackPanelToggle.bmp09.06.033.08 kB
Back_1.bmp09.03.053.05 kB
Back_2.bmp09.03.052.56 kB
BI Panel Toggle.xml03.25.03256 B
Button.bmp09.06.031.96 kB
Contr_Lamp.xml11.02.03585 B
Contr_Lamp_Off.bmp11.08.031.41 kB
Contr_Lamp_On.bmp11.08.031.43 kB
Engine Revers.xml09.06.031002 B
EUP_R Toggle.xml03.25.03253 B
Groza Panel Toggle.xml08.31.05262 B
groza.bmp07.10.0595.02 kB
groza.xml07.10.051013 B
groza_mask.bmp07.10.0567.09 kB
groza_ray.bmp04.06.04468 B
Labels.bmp04.07.05118.20 kB
Lamp_dvig2_ON.bmp05.16.0814.93 kB
Lamp_dvig_ON.bmp05.16.0816.03 kB
Lamp_OFF.bmp05.16.0842.55 kB
Lamp_tkren_Lev_ON ¬«»¿∩.bmp05.16.0814.93 kB
Lamp_tkren_Lev_ON ¬«»¿∩.psd05.16.0823.36 kB
Lamp_tkren_Lev_ON.bmp05.16.0814.93 kB
Lamp_tkren_Prav_ON.bmp05.16.0814.12 kB
Lamp_topl_ON_.bmp11.08.036.03 kB
Left Bank.bmp03.24.031.62 kB
Limit Bank Indikator.bmp03.24.037.16 kB
Limit Bank Indikator.xml03.25.032.11 kB
NAS Counter Toggle.xml09.06.03591 B
NasPanelToggle.bmp09.06.035.26 kB
Nas_RSBN Toggle.xml03.25.03367 B
NAV Panel Close.xml04.09.03384 B
Nav Panel Open.xml03.25.03279 B
Nav Panels Toggle.xml04.07.05649 B
NavPanelToggle.bmp09.06.036.73 kB
Neispr_Dvig.xml07.03.055.74 kB
Neispr_Dvig_bak.xml11.07.031.52 kB
Panel_38_Toggle.xml03.25.03256 B
PRED_REZ.XML06.29.052.44 kB
PRED_REZ_bak.XML11.08.033.26 kB
RedLamp_Off.bmp09.06.033.16 kB
RedLamp_On.bmp09.06.033.16 kB
Right Bank.bmp03.24.031.65 kB
RSBN Mini Toggle.xml05.07.03257 B
SPU Panel Toggle.xml03.25.03220 B
Start Engines.bmp03.23.03161.71 kB
Start Engines.xml09.06.036.07 kB
Thumbs.db05.20.0896.00 kB
Trim_0.xml11.08.03927 B
Tumbler0_Midl.bmp09.06.033.08 kB
Tumbler0_Midl1.bmp09.06.031.55 kB
Tumbler0_Off.bmp09.06.033.08 kB
Tumbler0_On.bmp09.06.033.08 kB
tumbler1_off.bmp08.31.051.03 kB
tumbler1_on.bmp08.31.051.03 kB
Upper Panel Toggle.xml03.25.03259 B
Var_Processor.xml07.18.033.93 kB
Yelow_Lamp_Off.bmp09.06.031.96 kB
Yelow_Lamp_On.bmp09.06.031.62 kB
Yoke Panel Toggle.xml03.25.03258 B
Zaglushka.xml03.22.03109 B
Zaglushka_1.xml09.03.05111 B
Zaglushka_2.xml09.03.05111 B
Zakr.xml11.08.031.45 kB
An24_Baro_2_v1_0.gau03.11.03892.00 kB
An24_Compass_v2.GAU11.22.03176.00 kB
An24_Compass_v2_0001.GAU03.17.05176.00 kB
An24_Main_V2.gau06.16.0511.49 MB
An24_Parking_Brake.GAU08.26.9968.00 kB
An24_PropBeta_V1.gau06.26.0584.00 kB
an24_sounds.gau06.01.0528.50 kB
an24_sounds.ini04.24.0689 B
An24_Switches.gau02.01.0546.50 kB
An24_XML.CAB07.02.06201.63 kB
Autopilot.bmp03.25.0390.03 kB
back_left.bmp10.19.072.25 MB
back_right.bmp04.07.072.25 MB
Bort-Ingener Panel.bmp03.23.03272.68 kB
Counter.bmp04.10.0337.77 kB
Engine_start.bmp01.04.00173.00 kB
EUP_R.bmp03.23.0318.28 kB
FORWARD_LEFT.bmp09.07.072.25 MB
FORWARD_RIGHT.bmp05.14.082.25 MB
Fuel_Indicator.bmp03.17.0563.62 kB
Gik Ext.bmp03.25.0321.28 kB
GPS.bmp10.15.03769.05 kB
groza_154.gau01.29.06784.00 kB
IL18_Clock_V1.gau11.16.02164.00 kB
KVS Panel.bmp05.20.082.25 MB
LEFT.bmp09.27.02769.05 kB
Nas-1.bmp04.10.03188.12 kB
navi.bmp10.19.0713.10 MB
Navigator Panel.bmp05.15.082.25 MB
Notepad.bmp02.06.05174.08 kB
Panel.cfg05.17.0814.13 kB
Panel.org05.22.0515.70 kB
panel_m.BMP12.13.01184 B
PropBeta.gau05.10.0564.00 kB
Radio_stack.bmp02.09.00112.29 kB
RIGHT.bmp05.17.082.25 MB
RIGHT1.bmp04.29.072.25 MB
Servise.bmp03.25.0369.06 kB
SPU.BMP03.24.0354.62 kB
STT_An24_26_V1_3.gau10.05.0311.45 MB
STT_I21_N1_V1_08.gau01.08.06744.00 kB
stt_navgau.cfg08.31.051.08 kB
SU_22.cab12.10.051.23 MB
System.bmp03.22.031.11 kB
Thumbs.db05.20.08165.50 kB
UP.bmp05.17.082.25 MB
UP1.bmp05.15.082.25 MB
Upper Panel.bmp03.23.03258.13 kB
Yoke.BMP02.12.0392.97 kB
Readme.txt05.21.081.14 kB
sound05.20.080 B
AI-24_Combustion.wav07.17.05851.48 kB
AI-24_Prop.wav07.17.05448.67 kB
AI-24_Shutdown.wav07.17.054.68 MB
AI-24_Starter.wav07.17.051.62 MB
AI-24_Startup.wav07.17.053.39 MB
Ai-24_Vibr.wav06.19.05723.62 kB
flaps.wav07.30.05430.79 kB
gear.wav12.31.04560.17 kB
horn.WAV07.16.0570.11 kB
Innermk.wav05.29.0526.54 kB
ivchenko.wav03.22.0396.48 kB
Middmk.wav05.29.0534.04 kB
out.wav04.01.0395.99 kB
Outermk.wav05.29.0515.12 kB
readme.txt08.02.03239 B
Rflapl.wav10.15.97134.78 kB
rvr-1.wav07.17.0552.52 kB
rvr-2.wav07.17.0578.35 kB
rvr-3.wav07.17.0551.75 kB
sound.cfg10.23.0710.47 kB
sound400.wav07.16.05172.34 kB
st1.wav04.01.0346.09 kB
start1.wav04.01.0395.09 kB
startx.wav04.01.0394.09 kB
stop1.wav04.01.031.10 MB
stopx.wav04.01.03568.09 kB
stx.wav04.01.0349.09 kB
system.wav01.19.04327.60 kB
TU5ABSU.wav10.07.998.81 kB
TU5WARN.wav10.07.995.81 kB
unlock.wav01.30.02384.28 kB
unlock1.wav04.01.0392.07 kB
texture.AER05.20.080 B
an24-dvizhok.bmp08.01.03256.07 kB
an24dvigatel.bmp08.02.031.00 MB
an24dvigatelPrav.bmp08.02.031.00 MB
an24dvigatelPrav_L.bmp02.11.031.00 MB
an24dvigatel_L.bmp02.11.031.00 MB
an24hvost.bmp09.18.032.00 MB
an24hvost_L.bmp02.11.032.00 MB
an24hvost_SU.bmp03.20.032.00 MB
an24kabinaVnutri.bmp03.13.031.00 MB
an24krylo.bmp09.18.031.00 MB
an24kryloPrav.bmp09.18.031.00 MB
an24stabilizator.bmp06.08.03512.07 kB
an24vnutriBagazhnika.bmp03.13.0364.07 kB
an30fyuzelyazh.bmp09.28.032.00 MB
an30photostuff.bmp09.18.03256.07 kB
kryshkiShassi.bmp07.27.03256.07 kB
panelz.bmp03.14.03256.07 kB
panelz_LM.bmp03.14.03256.07 kB
pilot.bmp08.01.03256.07 kB
pilot_LM.bmp08.01.03256.07 kB
propSlow.bmp03.20.03256.07 kB
prop_cessna_182s.bmp03.20.03256.07 kB
shiny.bmp07.22.03128.07 kB
shinyBlurred.bmp07.22.03128.07 kB
Thumbs.db05.16.0870.00 kB
vint.bmp03.20.03256.07 kB
an24-dvizhok.BMP05.03.0632.07 kB
an24dvigatel.BMP05.04.06256.07 kB
an24dvigatelPrav.BMP05.05.06256.07 kB
an24hvost.BMP05.05.06512.07 kB
an24kabinaVnutri.BMP05.03.06128.07 kB
an24krylo.BMP05.04.06256.07 kB
an24kryloPrav.BMP05.04.06256.07 kB
an24stabilizator.BMP05.04.06128.07 kB
AN24VN~1.BMP05.03.068.07 kB
an30fyuzelyazh.BMP05.05.06512.07 kB
an30photostuff.BMP05.05.0664.07 kB
kryshkiShassi.BMP05.04.0664.07 kB
panelz.bmp03.13.03256.07 kB
pilot.bmp07.31.03256.07 kB
PROPSLOW.BMP03.20.03256.07 kB
prop_cessna_182s.BMP03.20.03256.07 kB
shiny.bmp09.18.03128.07 kB
shinyBlurred.BMP09.18.03128.07 kB
Thumbs.db05.17.0864.50 kB
vint.bmp03.20.03256.07 kB
texture.mkv05.20.080 B
an24-dvizhok.bmp08.01.03256.07 kB
an24dvigatel.bmp08.02.031.00 MB
an24dvigatelPrav.bmp08.02.031.00 MB
an24dvigatelPrav_L.bmp02.11.031.00 MB
an24dvigatel_L.bmp02.11.031.00 MB
an24hvost.bmp09.18.032.00 MB
an24hvost_L.bmp02.11.032.00 MB
an24kabinaVnutri.bmp03.13.031.00 MB
an24krylo.bmp09.30.031.00 MB
an24kryloPrav.bmp09.30.031.00 MB
an24stabilizator.bmp09.18.03512.07 kB
an24vnutriBagazhnika.bmp03.13.0364.07 kB
an30fyuzelyazh.bmp09.30.032.00 MB
an30photostuff.bmp09.18.03256.07 kB
kryshkiShassi.bmp07.27.03256.07 kB
panelz.bmp03.14.03256.07 kB
panelz_LM.bmp03.14.03256.07 kB
pilot.bmp09.03.03256.07 kB
pilot_LM.bmp08.01.03256.07 kB
propSlow.bmp03.20.03256.07 kB
prop_cessna_182s.bmp03.20.03256.07 kB
shiny.bmp07.22.03128.07 kB
shinyBlurred.bmp07.22.03128.07 kB
Thumbs.db05.15.0875.00 kB
vint.bmp03.20.03256.07 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


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S RamsaySun, 08 Jan 2017 10:11:19 GMT

Twice have d/loaded the An30 aircraft, but unable to open, "file cannot open , file may be corrupt" Using Express File Compression to open

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