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Flight Simulator pre 2000, including FS98 and FS2000.
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FS2000 Quick Silver MXComplete with Base Model

FS2000 Quick Silver MX, for sport flying and guys who like to fly low and slow. By Daniel C. Kelly. ...

File size: 1.95 MB | Download hits: 411

ALPHA Tupolev Tu-142 BEAR-FComplete with Base Model

Previously an Alpha Simulations release. ...

File size: 71.53 KB | Download hits: 1136

Antonov An-30Complete with Base Model

another member of the An-24 family. It was designed as an aerial survey and photographic airplane, employed e.g. for map-making. Some An-30 are also known to have been employed on ecological survey missions. Various cameras and sensors are integrated into the fuselage, and the airplane reportedly even features its own darkroom. To make room for the equipment, the An-30 features a raised cockpit on the forward fuselage. As the An-30 is a highly specialised aircraft type, it has only been built...

File size: 48.19 MB | Download hits: 1322

Tupolev Tu-95Complete with Base Model

For FS2002 and FS2000 Soviet intercontinental nuclear bomber; First flew in 1954, it is still in service. FSDS Pro model by Samdim. Featuring all moving parts (including rolling wheels, stearable gear) and transparent windows. Samdim may 2002 sounds by M.Ellis. 1.4MB...

File size: 1.42 MB | Download hits: 1166

FS2000 P-51D 'Miss America' MustangComplete with Base Model

FS2000/CFS2 North American P-51D Miss America. Includes moving parts and night time textures for the virtual cockpit. Flight model contains a true FS2000 .air file. Engine starts and shut downs work. Sliding canopy activates when gear retracts. Detailed cockpit can be viewed from spot plane view. Pilot's head turns left and right with rudder movement. Panel included is a freeware non-commercial release. Visual model by Roger Dial (Blue Arrow FS). Sound by Mike Hambly (Blue Arrow FS). Flight...

File size: 7.58 MB | Download hits: 974

FS2000 Continental Boeing 777-200Complete with Base Model

FS2000 Continental Boeing 777-200 Features maximum moving parts, maximum 3D parts, maximum textures. AF99 circle,12 sided fuselage and engines.Night lighting. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. ...

File size: 88.6 KB | Download hits: 1057

FS2000 Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-200Complete with Base Model

FS2000 Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-200 (ProMax2000) Features maximum moving parts, maximum 3D parts, maximum textures. AF99 circle,12 sided fuselage and engines.Night lighting. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. ...

File size: 86.99 KB | Download hits: 683

FS2000 Qantas Concorde

replacement textures for default FS2k Concorde. Fictional as Qantas never flew Concorde. ...

File size: 69.11 KB | Download hits: 1605

FS2000 Air France Concorde

FS2000 Air France Concorde. Re-paint of the default textures. Only BA & Air France fly Concorde....

File size: 69.9 KB | Download hits: 1550

FS2000 American Airlines Boeing 777-200Complete with Base Model

(ProMax2000) This aircraft is modify to be compatible for both FS2000 and FS98. Features maximum moving parts, maximum 3D parts, maximum textures. AF99 circle,12 sided fuselage and engines. Night lighting, including tail logo lighting (FS98). Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. ...

File size: 87.23 KB | Download hits: 1191

FS2000 British Airways Boeing 777-200Complete with Base Model

This model of a Boeing 777-200 was created for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and also works with FS98.  Created by the well known Camil Valiquette, you can be sure of high quality.  This model features many 3D animated parts and extensive night lighting.  The model is painted in British Airways colors. ...

File size: 88.05 KB | Download hits: 1017

98-FS2K Swissair MD11

SWISSAIR MD11, THE FULL PACKAGE VERSION 1.12 / November 1999 INSTALLATION FOR FS98 This archive contain a self installing archive "FS98MD11U112.exe". Run this "exe" file and you will receive a requester where you can specify the installation path of your FS98. The standard default path is already set for you. Check this path is correct for your own installation configuration. Change it if necessary and then press unzip button to install. INSTALLATION FOR...

File size: 496.54 KB | Download hits: 2000

FS2000 Air France Concorde Repaint

Repainted texture file for the default Concorde. Air France Concorde This is a replacement texture for the default (British Airways) external texture for FS2000. To create another Concorde specifically for this texture follow the following steps.  Create a new folder under the Aircraft folder of your FS2000 directory and name it something like Concorde_AirFrance (Doesn't really matter what you name it as long as you remember. (example c:program filesMicrosoft...

File size: 93.08 KB | Download hits: 1716

FS2000 United Boeing 737

FS2000 United Boeing 737, new colors. Repaint of the default. 737-400 United Colors. Installation: There are 2 methods of installation: 1.Overwrite (after backing up) the old 737-400_T1.BMP with the one supplied in this zip file. You are ready to go. 2. a.Make a new folder under 737-400 named Texture.United b. Insert the following lines on text into the aircraft.cfg file under the other one that looks like this. [fltsim.1] title=United...

File size: 60.29 KB | Download hits: 672

FS2000 Air France Boeing 777

FS2000 Air France Boeing 777 repaint of the default....

File size: 79.69 KB | Download hits: 682

FS2000 Laudair

FS2000 Laudair repaint of the default 737. This is a replacement texture in Lauda Air colors for the default (Orbit) external texture for FS2000, improving the appearance of the door and window layout. To replace the default texture file, copy 737-400_t1.bmp file into the  ...fs2000aircraftB737_400texture folder.   COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This file is copyright 1999 by the author, Christoph Krause.  All Rights Reserved.  ...

File size: 76.41 KB | Download hits: 289

FS2000 Silent Wings (VA) A330-300Complete with Base Model

G-SLAA "Mundinglaya" in special "Gold"livery. Used to serve routes to Asia and Australia Features maximum moving parts, maximum 3D parts, maximum textures AF99 circle,12 sided fuselage and engines....

File size: 53.65 KB | Download hits: 668

FS2000 Canadian Pacific Airlines Boeing 737-400

"Empress of Regina". Re-Designed by Frank Di Candia, paint by Frank Di Candia. This aircraft is a high detailed version of the Boeing 737-400. New Window design, new fuselage textures. Especially made for Canadian Pacific Virtual Airlines....

File size: 100.49 KB | Download hits: 417

FS2k British Airways Boeing 777-200

FS2k British Airways Boeing 777-200, repaint of default 777 textures. This is a replacement texture in British Airways colors for the default (World Travel Airlines) external texture for FS2000, converting the door and window layout from the -300 version into a -200 version. This change gives the airplane a more realistic look, since the overall proportions of the model are closer to the shorter -200 version. Unfortunately, I did not find a location on the bitmap to remove the black...

File size: 66.4 KB | Download hits: 1108

FS2000 Air New Zealand 737-219 ZK-NAUComplete with Base Model

Pacific Wave Tribute no.2 to mark the end of the era of the 200 series with Air NZ Domestic after faithfull service for over 30 years. Painted in 24bit higher colours in the current livery using new techniques available in FS2K to achieve the best possible result. The 737-300 will progressively replace the existing 200 series between Oct1999 and May 2000. Features 12 sided fuselage/P&W JT8D's, animated parts including undercarriage...

File size: 95.17 KB | Download hits: 644

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