FS2004 Continental Airlines MD-11

Preview Full package, v2.0. SMS Overland MD11 by Matsushi Yutaka and Jim Waters.

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Full package, v2.0. SMS Overland MD11 by Matsushi Yutaka and Jim Waters.

Screenshot of Continental Airlines MD-11 on runway.

Screenshot of Continental Airlines MD-11 on runway.


Unzip file and copy aircraft to main FS9 aircraft file.

If you already have the SMS Overland MD-11 v.2 with virtual cockpit, this is the same model file that you already have.

Copy effects to main FS9 effects file. Copy gauge file PAPMD_11v2 as is (*do not extract or unzip).

This is a fictional model. CAL flew the DC-10 10's and 30's series, however, the company did not fly the MD-11.

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The archive sms11con.zip has 53 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
aircraft.cfg12.19.0415.95 kB
copy to effects12.19.040 B
fx_vclight_yellow.fx11.04.031.31 kB
copy to gauges12.19.040 B
papmd11_v2.cab08.25.041.59 MB
file_id.diz12.19.0460 B
md11.air11.30.038.55 kB
md11_notes.txt02.13.040 B
model.vc12.19.040 B
fspap_md11vc.mdl08.27.042.75 MB
model.cfg08.27.0429 B
panel12.19.040 B
enginepanel.bmp02.08.041.00 MB
panel.bmp02.08.043.52 MB
panel.cfg12.19.048.55 kB
Thumbs.db12.10.0415.00 kB
pic.JPG12.19.0436.59 kB
readme.txt12.19.04557 B
sound12.19.040 B
sound.cfg12.19.0432 B
texture.CAL-NC12.19.040 B
ap_l.bmp08.24.0485.43 kB
ap2_l.bmp08.24.0485.43 kB
ctr_l.bmp08.24.0485.43 kB
fspap_md11fuseL_l.bmp02.06.041.00 MB
fspap_md11fuseL_t.bmp12.19.041.33 MB
fspap_md11fuseR_l.bmp02.06.041.00 MB
fspap_md11fuseR_t.bmp12.19.041.33 MB
fspap_md11misc_l.bmp02.08.04256.07 kB
fspap_md11misc_t.bmp02.08.04256.07 kB
fspap_md11tail_l.bmp02.04.041.00 MB
fspap_md11tail_t.bmp12.19.041.33 MB
fspap_md11wingL_l.bmp12.19.041.33 MB
fspap_md11wingL_t.bmp12.19.041.33 MB
fspap_md11wingR_l.bmp12.19.041.33 MB
fspap_md11wingR_t.bmp12.19.041.33 MB
fspap_pilot.bmp02.22.04128.07 kB
fspap_pilot_l.bmp02.22.04128.07 kB
fspap_PW4460_l.bmp12.19.041.33 MB
fspap_PW4460_t.bmp12.19.041.33 MB
md11vc1_l.bmp08.24.041.33 MB
md11vc1_t.bmp08.24.041.00 MB
md11vc2_l.bmp08.24.041.33 MB
md11vc2_t.bmp08.24.041.00 MB
md11vc3_l.bmp08.24.041.33 MB
md11vc3_t.bmp08.24.041.00 MB
md11vc4_l.bmp08.24.04341.43 kB
md11vc4_t.bmp08.24.04256.07 kB
radio_l.bmp09.01.04128.07 kB
stby_l.bmp08.24.04170.78 kB
Thumbs.db10.06.0447.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Pontus ErikssonSat, 26 Apr 2014 01:44:59 GMT

Hi ! Am just downloading MD11 (or DC 10 variant). As the file is large, I hope that a good panel is included. As realistic as possible. Perhaps You could make a Boeing 707 with full overhead and F/E panel. Without APU. By Request start up of engine #3, ground crew (may or may not be seen) starts the turbine, the F/E says "Valve open", "Oil pressure rising" and Captain puches up start lever #3 from "cut off" to "start" and if everything is well, the F/O turns on the ignition (tp GND) for some seconds. If a "hot start" is imminent captain redraws strat lever to cutoff, elsewise (when engine has stabilized) the start lever is pushed to "IDLE". And then same procedure with engines #4, #1 and #2. Overall better SYSTEM. like hydralics, preumatics - (incl. preassurization heating and air contition), DC, AC.fuel dump etc. And errors like "left gear stuck, will not come out" If fixing the hydraulics it may come out, but making a disaster as small as possble is also a challange. For FS9 please. /Pontus Eriksson distater as small as possible is also a challange.

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