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FSX Grumman G-164B/450

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Grumman G-164B/450 for aerobatics. This is Grumman G-164 Super Ag Cat B/450 in aerobatic configuration. The plane is powered by Pratt and Whitney R985-14B Wasp Junior, but apart from the regular one has increased acceleration and speed limits and arranged for inverted flying (equipped with aerobatic carburetor). The package is based on Bill Holker's work (WHLAGCAT.ZIP) and includes new fictional livery, VC and 2D pop-up panels, sound (close to authentic) and flight dynamics with spin capability. Sorry, 2D panels - for a wide-screen monitor only. By Vladimir Gonchar.

Screenshot of Grumman G-164B/450 in flight.

Screenshot of Grumman G-164B/450 in flight.


Airspeed Limits (CAS):
Vs (Stall speed) 55 m.p.h /48 Knots (60 m.p.h. for standard configuration)
Vne (Never exceed) 190 m.p.h. /165 knots (147 m.p.h. for standard configuration)
Va (Maneuvering) 150 m.p.h. /130 knots (117 m.p.h. for standard configuration)

Structural Limits: 6 G's positive, 3 G's negative (vs +4.2 and -1.0 in standard configuration)

Engine Limits:

Maximum 2300 r.p.m. (450 hp.) for all operations (both take-off and maximum continuous) with manifold pressure 36.5 in. Hg at sea level and 35.5 in. Hg at 3500 ft.

Geometry and weight:

Wing span (top): 42 ft. 3 in
Wing area: 392 sq.
Length (ground altitude): 25 ft. 11 in.
Height (ground altitude): 11 ft.
Empty Weight: 2900 pounds (3200 for standard configuration)
Gross Weight: 4500 pounds

Fuel capacity: 80 gal

Engine Start-Up Procedure:

(You can use Ctrl+E key combination for a Quick Start or the following step-by-step realistic procedure):
Fuel control - ON
Mixture - FULL RICH
Throttle - OPEN 1/4 INCH
Carb. heat - OFF
Master switch - ON
Fuel boost pump* - ON (to raise fuel pressure - at least 3 psi; you can do it with manual pump as well)
Primer - AS REQUIRED (if CHT is lower than 50 degrees C, when 50 or above no prime necessary)
Ignition switch - ON BOTH
Starter - PRESS
Fuel boost pump* - OFF (when engine starts)
Oil pressure - CHECK

* The real standard plane has a manual pump only for this purpose, so I added the electrical one to make the start-up procedure more easy.

Attention! The engine WILL NOT start-up, if you do not raise fuel pressure up to the mentioned above level, and if you do not use the primer when the cylinder temperature is lower then 50 degrees C.


Due to the original design limitations the VC has only few clickable areas (see enclosed VC and pop-up panels.bmp), so I made additional pop-up panels for full control. Precisely, the ECU in the original VC has throttle and mixture levers only, so as a standard model is equipped with a constant speed propeller I added 2D EDU with a prop lever. The default load configuration - a pilot (rear seat) and 80 gal of fuel. But it is capable to carry two passengers at front seats.

Flying Tips:

  • Rotate at 60 mph
  • Best climb - 100 mph (full throttle)
  • Cruise - 120 mph (30 in. Hg MP/2000 RPM)
  • Best approach at 70-75 mph, touch down at 60 mph
  • Best speed to start vertical maneuver - at least 130 mph. When doing hammer, start vertical turn with speed not lower than 100 mph.
  • To simulate spin decrease your speed to 55 mph staying in horizontal position, then pitch down nose a little, pull joystick and give the proper leg, wait until rotation begins; when it becomes stable, release joystick and rudder pedals to neutral position.


  • Unpack the package and put the staff to the main FSX directory.


To Bill Holker for the wonderful original model.


To my wife Anna with all my gratitude and respect for her patience.


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File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
images04.26.130 B
flight_01.bmp04.22.131.71 MB
flight_02.bmp04.22.132.42 MB
flight_03.bmp04.22.131.90 MB
pilotage_01.bmp04.22.131.84 MB
pilotage_02.bmp04.22.131.58 MB
ready for take-off.bmp04.22.131.74 MB
readme.txt04.26.133.81 kB
to FSX main directory04.26.130 B
SimObjects04.26.130 B
Airplanes04.26.130 B
Grumman G-164B_Skydancer04.26.130 B
AgCat_R-985.air04.25.137.78 kB
Aircraft.cfg04.26.1310.13 kB
Docs04.26.130 B
AgCat.doc03.19.1329.00 kB
Type Certificate Data Sheet No. 1A16.pdf04.15.13141.01 kB
VC and pop-up panels.bmp04.23.137.20 MB
model04.26.130 B
FSDS 3 AgCat wheel.mdl11.27.075.02 MB
Model.cfg10.21.0737 B
panel04.26.130 B
AgCat_450.cab04.26.13383.98 kB
AgCat_switches.cab04.26.131.84 MB
gauge_back.bmp03.22.13768.05 kB
gauge_back_ASI_alt.bmp04.06.13768.05 kB
gauge_back_CHT.bmp04.06.13768.05 kB
gauge_back_engine3w.bmp04.06.13768.05 kB
gauge_back_G-meter.bmp04.21.13768.05 kB
gauge_back_MP.bmp04.21.13768.05 kB
gauge_back_RPM_turn.bmp04.06.13768.05 kB
gauge_back_VC04.bmp04.09.13768.05 kB
gauge_back_VC09.bmp04.21.131.13 MB
gauge_back_vc10.bmp04.20.131.13 MB
gauge_back_volt.bmp04.06.13768.05 kB
gauge_back2.bmp03.31.13768.05 kB
left_panel.bmp03.31.13203.89 kB
left_panel_new.bmp04.25.13203.89 kB
mini-panel.bmp04.22.132.47 MB
panel.cfg04.25.136.11 kB
radio_electrical_panel.bmp04.22.131.26 MB
spitfire_mki.gau03.12.13862.00 kB
Thumbs.db10.20.0771.50 kB
WACO_switches.cab11.07.12587.46 kB
sound04.26.130 B
door_small_close.wav05.12.0655.99 kB
door_small_open.wav05.12.0659.98 kB
fuel_pump.wav05.12.0640.34 kB
GGoos_apdisconnect.wav08.04.06176.62 kB
GGoos_flaps.wav08.04.06175.61 kB
GGoos_geardn.wav08.04.06288.12 kB
GGoos_gearup.wav08.04.06312.37 kB
GGoos_gyro.wav08.04.061.88 MB
GGoos_noncombustion_left01.wav08.04.0663.30 kB
GGoos_noncombustion_left02.wav08.04.0646.80 kB
GGoos_Shutdown_Left.wav08.04.06385.04 kB
GGoos_stallhorn.wav08.04.0686.69 kB
R985_1.wav12.28.09633.79 kB
R985_2.wav03.02.09424.46 kB
R985_3.wav12.29.09694.44 kB
R985_4.wav03.02.09322.89 kB
Shutdown.wav07.12.0583.13 kB
SOUND.CFG04.16.1311.40 kB
start.wav11.11.1070.13 kB
start0.wav12.19.0170.09 kB
startup.wav01.24.06362.19 kB
startup1.wav11.11.101.66 MB
touch_L.WAV07.31.0524.12 kB
touch_R.WAV07.31.0524.12 kB
touch_T.WAV07.31.0518.33 kB
xGGoos_NonCombust1_Left.wav08.04.0630.37 kB
xGGoos_NonCombust2_Left.wav08.04.0615.60 kB
xGGoos_NonCombust2_Right.wav08.04.0614.46 kB
xGGoos_Prop_Left.wav05.12.06133.06 kB
xGGoos_PropFeath_Left.wav05.12.0670.66 kB
texture04.26.130 B
_FSR.bmp04.16.131.33 MB
_FSR_t.bmp04.18.131.33 MB
Bottom Wing top_t.bmp04.22.131.33 MB
Cockpit colour_t.bmp10.19.071.33 MB
Fuselage Black_t.bmp10.05.071.33 MB
Fuselage Bulkhead_t.bmp10.17.071.33 MB
Fuselage Red_t.bmp04.16.131.33 MB
Fuselage_t.bmp04.20.131.33 MB
Glass Texture.bmp12.25.10256.07 kB
Pontoon_t.bmp04.18.131.33 MB
Prop_STOL.bmp04.05.1385.43 kB
STOL pilot_t.bmp06.06.071.00 MB
Tailplane_t.bmp04.18.131.33 MB
thumbnail.jpg04.23.1334.32 kB
Thumbs.db11.28.0742.00 kB
Virtual Cockpit_t.bmp04.06.131.33 MB
Wings_t.bmp04.22.131.33 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


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EdmeisterMon, 16 Oct 2017 07:44:06 GMT

Cool plane! Great for aerobatics! Easy install. Thanks guys!

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