Avro Anson C12 Civil

PreviewA stand-alone civilian Avro Anson C12 alternative pack for use with the payware FSAddon Avro Anson base package. Includes four additional liveries (two real and two fictional), some 2D auxiliary panels with radio, navigation and flight control gauges and alternative aircraft.cfg and .air files. B...

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A stand-alone civilian Avro Anson C12 alternative pack for use with the payware FSAddon Avro Anson base package. Includes four additional liveries (two real and two fictional), some 2D auxiliary panels with radio, navigation and flight control gauges and alternative aircraft.cfg and .air files. By Vladimir Gonchar.

Screenshot of Avro Anson C12 Civil in flight.

Screenshot of Avro Anson C12 Civil in flight.


  • ZK-AXY: Ex-RAF Anson C12 PH599.Entered RAF service in February 1945. Arrived to Australia in August 1945. Ferried to New Zealand from Australia 21 May 1948. Operated by RNZAF for British High Commissioner. Struck-off RNZAF charge and offered for disposal in June 1950. Registered to F. Butler Ltd, Hamilton as ZK-AXY on 01 February 1951. With same registration to Adastra Aviation on 11 May 1953, to Southern Scenic Air Services on 20 July 1953. Used on Queenstown-Taieri service from December 1953. Stored in hangar at Queenstown after withdrawal from service. Registration canceled 21 September 1961. Sold for parts in December 1962. To be frank I did not find images with the exact plane in the Southern Scenic Air Services corporate livery, so actually this is a "how it could be" version with livery details taken from other real planes operated by the company (3rdlevelnz.blogspot.ru/2010/08/southern-scenic-and-nac-vying-for.html).
  • VH-GVB: Taken on RAF charge in 1944 as Anson C.XII NL153.Received by RAAF in 1945. Got civil registration as Anson 12 VH-PDC in August 1954. Was operated by Petroleum Drilling Corporation Ltd before changed to Goulburn Valley Air Services, Melbourne Vic in November 1954. Changed registration to VH-GVB (with changing of operating name to Southern Airlines Ltd, Melbourne). Crashed on landing and struck-off Register in March 1955.
  • ZH-AXA and ZH-AXX - liveries of a fictional air service providing entertainment flight services.

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The archive fsx_fsaddon_avro_anson_c12_civil.zip has 306 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Docs03.03.150 B
01_GPS and mini-panel.jpg03.02.15222.13 kB
02_Radio_nav_AP_limitations.jpg03.02.15302.27 kB
03_Navigation and AP panel details.jpg02.28.15281.21 kB
04_Boost_gauge.jpg03.02.1555.82 kB
05_Fuel_pressure.jpg03.02.1540.00 kB
06_Installation instruction.jpg03.03.15211.70 kB
readme.txt03.03.154.33 kB
GFA Avro Anson_C12_civil03.02.150 B
Aircraft.cfg03.02.1523.21 kB
Anson_C12.air02.08.157.92 kB
panel02.25.150 B
AL.30_autopilot02.25.150 B
Alt_hold_switch.xml02.23.151018 B
Alt_hold_switch_back.bmp02.01.1549.27 kB
Alt_hold_switch_off.bmp02.16.1431.45 kB
Alt_hold_switch_on.bmp02.16.1431.45 kB
AP_master_switch.xml02.22.157.00 kB
AP_master_switch_back.bmp02.22.15307.55 kB
AP_master_switch_off.bmp02.23.15307.55 kB
AP_master_switch_on.bmp02.22.15307.55 kB
L2C_control_unit_back.bmp02.25.151.94 MB
L2C_turn_knob.bmp02.22.15144.88 kB
L2C_turn_pitch_controller.xml02.23.159.87 kB
pitch_knob_1.bmp01.28.1530.57 kB
pitch_knob_2.bmp01.28.1530.57 kB
pitch_knob_3.bmp01.28.1530.57 kB
pitch_knob_4.bmp01.28.1530.57 kB
AP panel.bmp02.25.15459.23 kB
AP_trim02.25.150 B
rpm2d_needle.bmp02.25.159.02 kB
trim2d.xml02.25.15707 B
trim2d_background.bmp02.25.15190.55 kB
Aux_panel03.01.150 B
100NEEDLE.bmp03.15.054.96 kB
10KNEEDLE.bmp03.15.052.01 kB
1KNEEDLE.bmp03.15.053.74 kB
airspeed.bmp07.03.09121.38 kB
airspeed.xml03.15.051.12 kB
airspeed_needle.bmp03.15.053.18 kB
ALT_STATIC.bmp03.15.05192.05 kB
altimeter.xml11.10.044.09 kB
altimeterbaro.bmp03.15.0520.35 kB
altimetermask.bmp03.15.052.18 kB
APN-1_back.bmp02.22.15594.20 kB
Boost_1.xml02.25.15772 B
Boost_2.xml02.25.15772 B
Boost_Background.bmp02.25.15101.05 kB
Boost_Needle.bmp03.09.061.80 kB
comp.bmp03.16.0599.16 kB
comp_highlight.bmp03.16.0588.08 kB
comp_shadow.bmp03.16.0588.08 kB
comp_STATIC.bmp03.16.0588.06 kB
compass.xml03.16.051.09 kB
compMASK.bmp03.16.0512.33 kB
DME_1.xml02.24.152.24 kB
DME_Bg.bmp04.12.1153.55 kB
DME_Number_mask.bmp09.30.034.80 kB
DME_Numbers_primary.bmp08.18.0311.17 kB
DME_off_flag.bmp04.02.042.61 kB
KnobD.bmp02.22.15140.56 kB
KnobN.bmp02.22.15140.56 kB
MAP.xml09.23.102.04 kB
Map_Back.bmp09.24.10264.60 kB
PTT 1.bmp01.21.0675.05 kB
PTT 2.bmp01.12.0626.05 kB
RadAlt range1.bmp10.07.06199.69 kB
RadAlt range2.bmp10.07.06199.69 kB
RadAlt.xml12.28.052.18 kB
RadAlt_lamp.xml01.17.061.36 kB
RadAlt_Switch.xml02.21.152.25 kB
RadAltHiLt.bmp12.21.05199.71 kB
RadAltHiLt1.bmp12.05.05199.71 kB
RadAltMask.bmp08.03.06199.69 kB
RadAltRange4.bmp12.15.057.70 kB
RADIO_WINDOW.bmp11.25.0414.27 kB
RadioAltRange3.bmp12.15.057.70 kB
RALT ndl.bmp12.16.055.35 kB
RPM.xml09.23.102.09 kB
RPM_Back.bmp09.24.10263.72 kB
RPM_Needle1.bmp09.23.1017.04 kB
RPM_Needle2.bmp09.23.1017.04 kB
TRANS_OFF.bmp02.17.1414.40 kB
TRANS_ON.bmp02.17.1414.40 kB
TRANS_SEN.bmp02.17.1414.40 kB
TRANS_STBY.bmp02.17.1414.40 kB
turn_and_bank.xml05.15.061.97 kB
turn_and_bank_background.bmp07.03.0940.27 kB
turn_and_bank_ball.bmp05.15.061.33 kB
turn_and_bank_highlight.bmp06.12.0314.78 kB
turn_and_bank_needle.bmp06.12.031.95 kB
turn_and_bank_tube_lines.bmp06.12.032.07 kB
VSI.bmp07.03.09121.38 kB
vsi.xml02.17.051.19 kB
vsi_needle.bmp03.15.053.02 kB
XPND_back.bmp02.17.14108.83 kB
Xponder.XML02.17.142.98 kB
Beech_18_nav_old02.25.150 B
adi knob.bmp06.12.031.59 kB
adi_background.bmp06.12.0321.72 kB
adi_fixed_indicator.bmp06.12.032.78 kB
adi_fixed_indicator_window.bmp06.12.031.85 kB
adi_horizon.bmp06.12.031002 B
adi_horizon_window.bmp06.12.038.46 kB
adi_roll_indicator.bmp06.12.03290 B
ahi.xml01.20.143.06 kB
backup02.25.150 B
VOR_Course_bug.bmp02.01.14263.73 kB
CDISelector.xml01.29.141.52 kB
course_cdi_off.bmp01.18.143.24 kB
course_gs_off.bmp01.18.143.25 kB
course_indicator.xml01.19.142.93 kB
Course_indicator_back.bmp01.19.14473.49 kB
Course_indicator_mask.bmp01.19.14473.49 kB
course_indicator2.xml01.26.153.04 kB
course_marker_on.bmp01.18.1412.50 kB
course_needle_cdi.bmp01.18.144.37 kB
course_needle_gs.bmp01.18.143.95 kB
GM__Hdg_Knob.bmp01.20.1413.14 kB
GM_Card.bmp01.21.14468.80 kB
GM_HDG_Needle.bmp01.21.1456.78 kB
GM_Slaved_Needle.bmp01.21.1434.30 kB
Invertor_switch.xml01.27.15810 B
radio_compass.xml11.06.12546 B
radio_compass_alpha.bmp02.16.0740.13 kB
radio_compass_bg.bmp11.07.1240.11 kB
radio_compass_needle.bmp11.07.122.05 kB
RMI.xml03.23.141.89 kB
RMI_Card.bmp05.05.0665.05 kB
RMI_CardMask.bmp03.26.0465.05 kB
RMI_Needle1.bmp08.31.037.51 kB
RMI_Needle2.bmp08.31.037.51 kB
Slaved_Gyro_Mag_Compass.xml03.05.141.85 kB
switch_off.bmp03.20.106.64 kB
switch_on.bmp03.20.106.60 kB
VOR_Back.bmp02.26.14263.73 kB
vor_background.bmp04.10.11189.67 kB
vor_bug2.bmp12.24.072.79 kB
vor_compass_ring.bmp05.17.11562.46 kB
VOR_Course_bug.bmp03.01.15263.73 kB
VOR_Course_Knob.bmp01.29.147.48 kB
VOR_From.bmp01.29.14263.73 kB
vor_from_arrow.bmp12.24.072.50 kB
vor_gs.bmp04.10.115.47 kB
vor_gs_off.bmp04.10.111.93 kB
vor_mask.bmp04.17.11562.46 kB
vor_nav_off.bmp04.10.112.23 kB
vor_needle_cdi.bmp04.18.112.78 kB
vor_needle_gs.bmp04.18.113.95 kB
VOR_To.bmp01.29.14263.73 kB
vor_to_arrow.bmp12.24.072.42 kB
vor1.xml03.24.142.74 kB
VOR-ILS switch.xml01.27.15811 B
mini-panel.bmp04.06.142.47 MB
nav-panel.bmp01.27.15425.54 kB
Panel.cfg03.02.155.29 kB
Radio_controls_overhead03.01.150 B
ADF_on.bmp03.03.1417.86 kB
annunciator_on.bmp06.12.031.56 kB
audio_background.bmp03.03.14463.24 kB
audio_knob.bmp02.28.146.34 kB
audio_selector.xml03.04.142.80 kB
audio_switch_down.bmp03.04.1422.32 kB
audio_switch_up.bmp03.04.1422.32 kB
band_selector_knob.bmp06.12.034.04 kB
fine_tune_knob.bmp03.03.148.75 kB
mode_selector_knob.bmp02.28.142.54 kB
radio_adf_1_window.bmp06.12.036.05 kB
radio_adf_2_annunciator_off.bmp06.12.031.56 kB
radio_adf_2_annunciator_on.bmp06.12.031.56 kB
radio_adf_back.bmp03.08.14225.64 kB
radio_adf_dial.bmp06.12.0326.07 kB
radio_adf_dial_line.bmp06.12.031.28 kB
radio_adf_frequency_card.bmp06.12.0326.07 kB
radio_adf_Mk.3.xml03.03.1414.78 kB
radio_amber_lamp_on.bmp03.03.144.62 kB
radio_annunciator_off.bmp03.04.147.14 kB
radio_annunciator_on.bmp03.04.147.14 kB
radio_com1_Mk.3a.xml03.03.143.63 kB
radio_com1_units.bmp03.03.14117.24 kB
radio_com2_Mk.3a.xml03.03.143.63 kB
radio_nav_Mk.3a.xml03.03.143.63 kB
radio_nav1_alpha.bmp11.28.044.87 kB
radio_nav1_bg.bmp03.04.14228.57 kB
radio_nav1_decimals.bmp11.28.04117.24 kB
radio_nav1_decimals_mask.bmp11.28.04117.24 kB
radio_nav1_switch_on.bmp10.06.074.01 kB
radio_nav1_units.bmp11.28.04117.24 kB
radio_nav1_units_mask.bmp11.28.04117.24 kB
radio_nav2_Mk.3.xml03.17.143.63 kB
radio_tuning_gauge_needle.bmp06.12.031.49 kB
radio_tuning_gauge_window.bmp06.12.032.06 kB
tune_knob.bmp02.27.1414.16 kB
tuning_knob.bmp06.12.032.85 kB
Radio_overhead.bmp03.01.15728.49 kB
RE_Anson C1902.25.150 B
dsd_xml_sound3.gau10.28.0692.80 kB
dsd_xml_sound3_RealEngine_v10.ini06.03.10482 B
Install for DC3.txt12.01.116.26 kB
RE1_CHTLimitations_EngineFailure_v10.xml01.11.152.54 kB
RE1_Effect_AsymmetricFlapsFailure_v10.xml06.13.103.35 kB
RE1_Effect_EngineMaxPowerLoss_v10.xml06.13.101.28 kB
RE1_Effect_EngineRoughness_v10.xml06.13.102.28 kB
RE1_Effect_HydraulicElectricalFailure_v10.xml06.13.101.82 kB
RE1_Effect_MixtureState_v10.xml06.13.103.67 kB
RE1_Effect_RandomNumber_v10.xml06.13.10958 B
RE1_EngineMPRPMLimitations_EngineRoughnessFailure_v10.xml03.03.1510.04 kB
RE1_EnginePowerLimitations_EngineRoughnessFailure_v10.xml01.14.159.14 kB
RE1_FlapsOverspeed_Failure_v10.xml01.21.156.23 kB
RE1_GearOverspeed_Failure_v10.xml01.12.154.91 kB
RE1_MixtureLeanLimit_EngineRoughness_v10.xml06.13.102.57 kB
RE1_MixtureRichLimit_EngineRoughness_v10.xml11.28.112.44 kB
RE1_OilTemperatureLimitations_EngineFailure_v10.xml01.11.152.73 kB
RE1_SparkPlugFouling_PowerLoss_v10.xml06.13.104.07 kB
RE1_StatusPanel_v10.xml11.30.1171.17 kB
RE2_4_EngineTTFModifier_v10.xml06.13.101.39 kB
RE2_CHTLimitations_EngineFailure_v10.xml06.13.102.56 kB
RE2_Effect_EngineMaxPowerLoss_v10.xml06.13.101.28 kB
RE2_Effect_EngineRoughness_v10.xml06.13.102.28 kB
RE2_Effect_MixtureState_v10.xml06.13.103.79 kB
RE2_Effect_RandomNumber_v10.xml06.13.10958 B
RE2_EngineMPRPMLimitations_EngineRoughnessFailure_v10.xml06.13.1010.23 kB
RE2_EnginePowerLimitations_EngineRoughnessFailure_v10.xml06.13.109.32 kB
RE2_MixtureLeanLimit_EngineRoughness_v10.xml06.13.102.69 kB
RE2_MixtureRichLimit_EngineRoughness_v10.xml06.13.102.52 kB
RE2_OilTemperatureLimitations_EngineFailure_v10.xml06.13.102.76 kB
RE2_SparkPlugFouling_PowerLoss_v10.xml06.13.104.29 kB
RealEngine - Readme v11.txt06.14.1012.91 kB
RealEngine bkg.bmp11.29.11389.49 kB
texture.VH-GVB02.21.150 B
anson cabin.dds06.28.141.00 MB
anson cabin_bump.dds06.28.141.00 MB
anson interior parts.dds02.09.155.33 MB
anson nacelle left.dds02.10.155.33 MB
anson nacelle right.dds02.10.155.33 MB
anson wing left.dds02.19.155.33 MB
anson wing right.dds02.19.155.33 MB
anson_c19_engine.dds01.15.15256.12 kB
avroanson_fuselage front.dds02.20.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage front_spec.dds02.20.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage read_spec.dds02.17.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage rear.dds02.20.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage rear_spec.dds02.20.155.33 MB
texture.cfg03.02.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg02.19.1542.30 kB
texture.ZK-AXA02.21.150 B
anson cabin.dds06.28.141.00 MB
anson cabin_bump.dds06.28.141.00 MB
anson interior parts.dds02.09.155.33 MB
anson nacelle left.dds07.04.144.00 MB
anson nacelle left_spec.dds02.17.155.33 MB
anson nacelle right.dds07.04.144.00 MB
anson nacelle right_spec.dds02.17.155.33 MB
anson wing left.dds02.17.155.33 MB
anson wing left_bump.dds10.24.134.00 MB
anson wing left_spec.dds02.09.155.33 MB
anson wing right.dds02.17.155.33 MB
anson wing right_bump.dds10.24.134.00 MB
anson wing right_spec.dds02.09.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage front.dds02.17.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage front_bump.dds07.04.144.00 MB
avroanson_fuselage front_spec.dds02.17.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage rear.dds02.17.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage rear_bump.dds07.04.144.00 MB
avroanson_fuselage rear_spec.dds02.17.155.33 MB
texture.cfg03.02.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg02.17.1541.74 kB
texture.ZK-AXX02.21.150 B
anson cabin.dds06.28.141.00 MB
anson cabin_bump.dds06.28.141.00 MB
anson interior parts.dds02.09.155.33 MB
anson nacelle left.dds02.10.155.33 MB
anson nacelle right.dds02.10.155.33 MB
anson wing left.dds02.16.155.33 MB
anson wing right.dds02.12.155.33 MB
anson_c19_engine.dds01.15.15256.12 kB
avroanson_fuselage front.dds02.14.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage front_spec.dds02.14.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage rear.dds02.14.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage rear_spec.dds02.14.155.33 MB
texture.cfg03.02.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg02.17.1538.38 kB
texture.ZK-AXY02.21.150 B
anson cabin.dds06.28.141.00 MB
anson cabin_bump.dds06.28.141.00 MB
anson interior parts.dds02.09.155.33 MB
anson nacelle left.dds02.10.155.33 MB
anson nacelle right.dds02.10.155.33 MB
anson wing left.dds02.17.155.33 MB
anson wing right.dds02.17.155.33 MB
anson_c19_engine.dds01.15.15256.12 kB
avroanson_fuselage front.dds02.17.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage front_spec.dds02.17.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage read_spec.dds02.17.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage rear.dds02.17.155.33 MB
avroanson_fuselage rear_spec.dds02.17.155.33 MB
texture.cfg03.02.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg02.17.1536.38 kB
steerable tail-wheel03.03.150 B
Aircraft.cfg03.03.1523.21 kB
VH-GVB.jpg03.03.15192.29 kB
VH-GVB_thumb.jpg03.03.1557.94 kB
ZK-AXY.jpg03.03.15234.02 kB
ZK-AXY_thumb.jpg03.03.1569.98 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Jean LariveeWed, 02 Oct 2019 22:58:45 GMT

Hello. I downloaded in the computer the Civil Avro Anson version two times to make sure and the model file missing. Where we can find it? Thanks, Jean.

stephen hummerThu, 11 May 2017 15:44:36 GMT

Good morning, if that's the time of day, in merry old england. In regards, to FSX install, I have the great, misfortune of having to function, within Windows 10 operating system, great ! huh ? I'm uninstalling Win 10 and installing Win 8.1 Pro, that I've had, for a few weeks, so, hopefully, my Lenovo G50 laptop, should be in better shape, to use FSX and more compatible, with FlyAway Sim and add-ons. I would be interested, in your PayWare subscription, @ $5.00 USD per month, if my Win 8.1 Pro installs successfully, and FSX as well. If you would, spare a few moments, to help me, with FSX install difficulties, then I would entertain, using Fly Away Sim PayWare for about a year, provided, the conditions, I require, are available. I've tried using, the software apps, that are available, for download, to improve failure 1607 & 1628 errors, installing FSX. Would you have any recommendations, to an unsavy PC nerd, as I would be most greatful .

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