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FSX Volar Airlines Airbus A321-211

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Volar Airlines is the name used by the airline based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain LTE International Airways between 2002 and 2005 to be renamed again LTE. Project Airbus, saved in DTX5 format with 32 bits for height resolution, 2D/VC, based on the default A321 panel. Addons, Garrett Smith's FMC (requires FMC-1.ZIP), V-speeds (Jelair), ground handling (pushback) and altitude callouts. Ready to fly. By Juan Villamor.

Screenshot of Volar Airlines Airbus A321-211 on runway.

Screenshot of Volar Airlines Airbus A321-211 on runway.

Volar Airlines is the name used by the airline based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain LTE International Airways between 2002 and 2005 to be renamed again LTE.

On May 24, 2001 Airline LTU sold to a group of Spanish and Italian businessmen, including Volare Group. As a result LTE was renamed Volar Airlines.

The truth that the history of the Spanish airline is not less than surprised. Among the 90's and early 2000 have been many and all ended just as bad, many repaints that I put here are all Spanish and as you will see on occasion enrollments are repeated between them, since, when a falling another took care of aircraft and the management, and so we were repainted EC-ISI tuition has gone through Volar Airlines, LTE International Airways, Air Asturias and who knows where else.


  • Extract the file to a temporal folder.
  • Move SimObjects folder to Aircraft folder, most common (c:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\).
  • Move Gauges and Sound folders with all its contents in the main folder of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, i.e. ( C:\ Microsoft Games \ Microsoft Flight Simulator X ). if the file exists, overwrite accepts.

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The archive has 117 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
CALLOUT_102.16.150 B
A_CALLOUT.xml05.02.101.99 kB
CALLOUT_SOUND.dll04.15.1195.68 kB
dsd_xml_sound3.gau08.17.1176.00 kB
JELAIR02.16.150 B
250x25_Vspeed_Background - copia.bmp08.19.1118.41 kB
250x25_Vspeed_Background.bmp01.26.1518.41 kB
JEL-Vspeed.xml08.17.114.28 kB
Sound.ini08.17.11519 B
sound3.dll06.10.11111.68 kB
Vspeed_80knots.wav08.17.1118.47 kB
Vspeed_check.wav08.17.1112.42 kB
Vspeed_V1.wav08.17.1113.13 kB
Vspeed_V2.wav08.17.1113.11 kB
Vspeed_Vr.wav08.17.1112.29 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5.CAB10.20.0626.63 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5_Sound.dll10.19.0696.80 kB
A321-211_EC-IXY.jpg02.08.15148.35 kB
volar2.jpg02.17.1520.80 kB
Airplanes02.16.150 B
PAirbus_A321-21102.17.150 B
AirbusA321_check.htm09.06.0656.35 kB
AirbusA321_ref.htm09.11.069.22 kB
aircraft.cfg02.17.1514.57 kB
model02.16.150 B
A321_200_CFM_WV.mdl02.03.111.91 MB
Airbus_A321_interior.mdl11.19.071.06 MB
model.cfg02.08.1563 B
pa321-cfm56.air06.13.078.80 kB
panel02.17.150 B
Airbus_A321.cab04.16.102.71 MB
airbus_a321_panel_background.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
airbus_a321_panel_background_night.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
panel.cfg02.17.156.70 kB
readme_fsx.txt04.13.112.45 kB
sound02.16.150 B
sound.cfg12.20.1033 B
texture.volar02.17.150 B
A321_1_t.bmp02.16.154.00 MB
A321_2_t.bmp02.16.154.00 MB
A321_fuse_1_l.bmp03.26.114.00 MB
A321_fuse_1_t.bmp02.16.154.00 MB
A321_fuse_2_l.bmp03.26.114.00 MB
A321_fuse_2_t.bmp02.08.154.00 MB
A321_fuse_3_l.bmp02.16.154.00 MB
A321_fuse_3_t.bmp02.16.154.00 MB
A321_fuse_4_l.bmp04.15.112.00 MB
A321_fuse_4_t.bmp02.16.152.00 MB
A321_misc_1.bmp02.08.151.00 MB
A321_misc_2.bmp02.08.154.00 MB
A321_wing_1_t.bmp02.16.154.00 MB
A321_wing_2_t.bmp02.16.154.00 MB
Airbus_A321_1_C.dds03.03.134.00 MB
Airbus_A321_1_night_C.dds04.05.134.00 MB
Airbus_A321_2_C.dds03.10.134.00 MB
Airbus_A321_2_night_C.dds04.05.134.00 MB
Airbus_A321_3_C.dds04.04.134.00 MB
Airbus_A321_3_night_C.dds04.05.134.00 MB
Airbus_A321_4_C.dds04.03.134.00 MB
Airbus_A321_4_night_C.dds04.05.134.00 MB
Airbus_Pilots.dds09.04.0642.79 kB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
texture.cfg08.14.06137 B
thumbnail.jpg02.16.1516.25 kB
texture02.16.150 B
A321_1_l.bmp06.29.101.07 kB
A321_2_l.bmp06.29.101.07 kB
A321_misc_2.bmp04.13.114.00 MB
A321_wing_1_l.bmp06.29.101.07 kB
A321_wing_2_l.bmp06.29.101.07 kB
thumbnail.jpg04.13.113.96 kB
CALLOUT_102.16.150 B
CA_1000FT.wav05.01.10260.11 kB
CA_100FT.wav05.01.10248.77 kB
CA_10FT.wav05.01.10168.19 kB
CA_200FT.wav05.02.10229.35 kB
CA_20FT.wav05.01.10208.20 kB
CA_2500FT.wav05.01.10367.55 kB
CA_300FT.wav05.01.10197.98 kB
CA_30FT.wav05.01.10202.50 kB
CA_400FT.wav04.26.10383.23 kB
CA_40FT.wav05.01.10202.94 kB
CA_500FT.wav05.01.10249.21 kB
CA_50FT.wav05.01.10213.96 kB
ding.wav09.06.0278.96 kB
Fuel_low.WAV05.12.0621.67 kB
Sound.ini05.01.10817 B
version.txt06.03.1271 B
GroundhandlingAA02.16.150 B
GH01_Conversation1.wav10.26.03188.92 kB
GH02_Conversation2.wav10.30.0376.44 kB
GH03_Conversation3.wav11.04.0355.39 kB
GH04_Conversation4A.wav10.14.06114.56 kB
GH05_Conversation5.wav10.30.03134.51 kB
GH06_SoftClick.wav03.07.05551 B
GH07_Error.wav10.26.038.75 kB
GH08_PushbackRoll.wav05.11.0544.58 kB
GH09_Conversation4B.wav10.14.0667.76 kB
GH10_Attention.wav10.14.0621.57 kB
GH11_Brakes.wav11.06.0329.74 kB
Sound.ini10.15.06925 B
JELAIR-sounds02.16.150 B
JELAIRsounds.cfg08.17.11517 B
Vspeed_80knots.wav08.17.1118.47 kB
Vspeed_check.wav08.17.1112.42 kB
Vspeed_V1.wav08.17.1113.13 kB
Vspeed_V2.wav08.17.1113.11 kB
Vspeed_Vr.wav08.17.1112.29 kB
Credits_Callout_version.txt06.03.1271 B
Credits_FMC1_Readme.txt02.24.091.52 kB
Credits_JELinfo.txt08.27.116.51 kB
Credits_README Groundhandling5_01.txt10.22.0620.75 kB
Credits_VC_upgrade_Readme.txt04.13.135.09 kB
installation_credits.txt02.17.151.58 kB
readme.txt02.17.152.63 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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