FSX/P3D Boeing 787 Dreamliner Mega Pack

PreviewA fully-featured Boeing 787 freeware package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D including 3 different models and 56 repaints/liveries of real-world airlines. Fully compatible with the latest FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D v4.5+ (and backward compatible too).

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D) including P3Dv4 & P3Dv5
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A fully-featured Boeing 787 freeware package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D including 3 different models and 56 repaints/liveries of real-world airlines. Fully compatible with the latest FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D v4.5+ (and backward compatible too).

Affectionately named the "Dreamliner", the Boeing 787 (originally the 7E7) is a mid-size, long-range aircraft manufactured by Boeing has been adopted by many real-world airlines and flight sim users alike.

Aeroflot Boeing 787 on ground in P3Dv4.The 787 flight sim model was originally developed by TDS and a complete Virtual Cockpit (VC) by Alejandro Rojas Lucena/FSND (with modifications using Ken Wiggington's 737 VC tweaks) has been included. The compilation of all of the features, repaints, and compatibility (especially in P3Dv4) was completed by Chris Evans.

People have, over the years, shifted over from using 2D panels and the most requested feature now for freeware aircraft is a working 3D VC. The VC included in this package is based on a 737-800 VC with some changes to make it look more like the 787's cockpit.


  • 56 Liveries/repaints included.
  • Three different variants - 787-8, 787-9, 787-10.
  • Custom sound packs.
  • Fully functional VC (Virtual Cockpit)
  • Advanced animations including opening the pilot's window, working wipers, and rain effects.
  • HUD (Head-up display) on some aircraft.
  • FMC, G1000 MFD on some models.
  • GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System).
  • Checklists, FMC documentation, and user manuals included.

The package has been created in a certain way for ease of use. There is no need to edit .cfg files, manual add repaint configuration, panel settings or anything like that - simply drag the relevant folders into your copy of FSX or P3D and load the aircraft up in your simulator.

Each aircraft/folder is complete and separate making it easier to use. While doing it this way makes it easier, it does mean the initial download is larger. However, we find users prefer larger downloads over manually editing configuration files and learning how to add repaints.

Models Included

Included are three models with various different liveries for each.

  • Boeing 787-8
  • Boeing 787-9
  • Boeing 787-10

Liveries/Repaints Included

56 liveries and 3 models are included in this package. All are listed below.

  • Boeing 787-8
    • Aeroflot
    • AeroMexico
    • Air Canada
    • Air Force One
    • Air Tanzania
    • All Nippon Airways (ANA)
    • Avianca
    • Azerbaijan Airlines
    • China Southern
    • El Al
    • Japan Airlines (JAL)
    • Kenya Airways
    • LOT
    • Royal Air Maroc (RAM)
    • Thai Airways
    • TUI Airways
    • United Airlines
    • Uzbekistan Airways
  • Boeing 787-9
    • Air Canada
    • Air China
    • Air Europa
    • Air France
    • Air New Zealand
    • Air Tahiti Nui
    • All Nippon Airlines (ANA)
    • American Airlines
    • Bamboo Airways
    • British Airways
    • China Southern
    • Egyptair
    • El Al
    • Emirates
    • Etihad
    • Gulf Air
    • Gulf Air 2019
    • Hainan Airlines
    • Hainan Airlines Red
    • Hawaiian Airlines
    • KLM
    • Korean Air
    • Latam Chile
    • LOT Polish Airlines
    • Lufthansa '2019 Livery'
    • Neos
    • Qantas
    • Qantas 'Yam Dreaming'
    • Royal Air Maroc
    • TUI Airways
    • Turkish Airlines
    • United Airlines
    • United Airlines 2019
    • WestJet
  • Boeing 787-10
    • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    • Saudia
    • Singapore Airlines
    • United 2019


  1. Unzip the entire archive to a temporary folder.

  2. In the root folder of the extracted archive, there are 5 folders. Copy the contents of the "Sound" folder into your main FSX or P3D Sound folder.

  3. Copy the contents of the "Effects" folder into your main FSX or P3D Effects folder.

  4. Inside the "Aircraft Packs" folder there are 56 different folders representing each different Boeing 787 mode/livery in the package.

    • Inside each of these folders are a selection of screenshots and the actual folder containing the aircraft model and paint which your simulator will use.

    • Copy this final folder (if confused this folder will contain the ".air" and "Aircraft.cfg" files) into the FSX or P3D "\SimObjects\Airplanes" directory.

    • You should do this for each variant you want to use.

  5. ?Once complete, you should now find the aircraft visible in your copy of FSX or P3D.

Developer: Compiled by Chris Evans with works from TDS (models), Alejandro Rojas Lucena/FSND (original VC), Ken Wiggington (VC modification), various repaint authors and repackaged by Fly Away Simulation.

Help the developers

This package has been compiled from the works of various freeware developers mentioned above.

Should you wish, and for those grateful for the fantastic work freeware developers bring to the flight sim community, you can donate to their projects using the links below.

  • FSND

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13Screenshot 14Screenshot 15Screenshot 16Screenshot 17Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21Screenshot 22Screenshot 23Screenshot 24Screenshot 25Screenshot 26Screenshot 27Screenshot 28Screenshot 29Screenshot 30Screenshot 31Screenshot 32Screenshot 33Screenshot 34

The archive fsx-p3dv4-787-pack.zip has 286774 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft Packs01.20.200 B
787-10 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines01.20.200 B
Boeing 787-10 KLM01.19.200 B
Boeing 787-10 GE.air03.02.158.24 kB
aircraft.cfg10.25.1915.78 kB
model01.19.200 B
B737_800_interior.mdl02.12.121.97 MB
TDSX780GENX.mdl07.24.143.49 MB
model.cfg05.08.1662 B
panel01.19.200 B
737-800_panel_background.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
737-800_panel_background_night.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
737_Panel_Decals_2.bmp05.12.06257.05 kB
737_compass.BMP05.12.0695.51 kB
B737NG.cab05.04.074.27 MB
B737_80001.19.200 B
B737_800.CAB02.12.122.81 MB
AutomaticAvionics.xml02.12.12287 B
JF757_AUDIBLE_WARNINGS.xml10.21.115.45 kB
TFR_RDR_On_Off.xml06.17.09740 B
adf_vor_backup.xml01.01.008.42 kB
adf_vor_backup_background.bmp01.01.0011.71 kB
adf_vor_backup_background_night.bmp01.01.0011.71 kB
adf_vor_backup_compass_card.bmp01.01.006.47 kB
adf_vor_backup_compass_card_night.bmp01.01.006.47 kB
adf_vor_backup_fixed_arrows.bmp01.01.006.62 kB
adf_vor_backup_fixed_arrows_night.bmp01.01.006.62 kB
adf_vor_backup_flag_hdg.bmp01.01.00890 B
adf_vor_backup_flag_hdg_night.bmp01.01.00858 B
adf_vor_backup_flag_needle_1.bmp01.01.00818 B
adf_vor_backup_flag_needle_1_night.bmp01.01.00790 B
adf_vor_backup_flag_needle_2.bmp01.01.00766 B
adf_vor_backup_flag_needle_2_night.bmp01.01.00750 B
adf_vor_backup_knob_needle_1.bmp01.01.001.56 kB
adf_vor_backup_knob_needle_1_night.bmp01.01.001.56 kB
adf_vor_backup_knob_needle_2.bmp01.01.001.56 kB
adf_vor_backup_knob_needle_2_night.bmp01.01.001.56 kB
adf_vor_backup_needle_1.bmp01.01.001.17 kB
adf_vor_backup_needle_1_night.bmp01.01.001.13 kB
adf_vor_backup_needle_2.bmp01.01.001.45 kB
adf_vor_backup_needle_2_night.bmp01.01.001.37 kB
alti_and_asi_backup.xml01.01.0017.24 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_altitude_needle.bmp12.31.99502 B
alti_and_asi_backup_altitude_needle_night.bmp12.31.99498 B
alti_and_asi_backup_altitude_number_strip_1.bmp12.31.991.74 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_altitude_number_strip_1_night.bmp12.31.991.74 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_altitude_number_strip_2.bmp12.31.991.74 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_altitude_number_strip_2_night.bmp12.31.991.74 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_altitude_number_strip_mask.bmp12.31.99238 B
alti_and_asi_backup_altitude_number_strip_mask_night.bmp12.31.99242 B
alti_and_asi_backup_asi_strip.bmp12.31.996.86 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_asi_strip_mask.bmp12.31.99842 B
alti_and_asi_backup_asi_strip_mask_night.bmp12.31.99846 B
alti_and_asi_backup_asi_strip_night.bmp12.31.996.86 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_background.bmp06.06.1911.51 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_background_night.bmp12.31.9911.51 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_baro_knob.bmp12.31.991.03 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_baro_knob_night.bmp12.31.99822 B
alti_and_asi_backup_in_hg_number_strip_1.bmp12.31.991.09 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_in_hg_number_strip_1_night.bmp12.31.991.04 kB
alti_and_asi_backup_in_hg_number_strip_mask.bmp12.31.99174 B
alti_and_asi_backup_in_hg_number_strip_mask_night.bmp12.31.99178 B
alti_and_asi_backup_millibar_number_strip_ mask.bmp12.31.99174 B
alti_and_asi_backup_millibar_number_strip_ mask_night.bmp12.31.99178 B
annunciator_anti_skid_inop.xml01.01.00808 B
annunciator_anti_skid_inop_off.bmp05.20.123.01 kB
annunciator_anti_skid_inop_off_night.bmp05.20.123.01 kB
annunciator_anti_skid_inop_on.bmp12.31.991.72 kB
annunciator_auto_brake_disarm.xml01.01.00820 B
annunciator_auto_brake_disarm_off.bmp12.31.992.31 kB
annunciator_auto_brake_disarm_off_night.bmp12.31.992.31 kB
annunciator_auto_brake_disarm_on.bmp12.31.992.01 kB
annunciator_below_glideslope.xml01.01.00947 B
annunciator_below_glideslope_off.bmp12.31.992.42 kB
annunciator_below_glideslope_off_night.bmp12.31.992.42 kB
annunciator_below_glideslope_on.bmp12.31.992.28 kB
annunciator_le_flaps.xml01.01.001.10 kB
annunciator_le_flaps_background.bmp12.31.993.78 kB
annunciator_le_flaps_background_night.bmp12.31.993.78 kB
annunciator_le_flaps_ext_on.bmp12.31.992.47 kB
annunciator_le_flaps_transit_on.bmp12.31.992.47 kB
annunciator_panel_1.xml01.01.003.31 kB
annunciator_panel_1_background.bmp12.31.996.21 kB
annunciator_panel_1_background_night.bmp12.31.996.21 kB
annunciator_panel_1_elec_on.bmp12.31.99982 B
annunciator_panel_1_fire_warn_on.bmp12.31.992.14 kB
annunciator_panel_1_fuel_on.bmp12.31.991002 B
annunciator_panel_1_mast_caution_on.bmp12.31.992.14 kB
annunciator_panel_1_overheat_on.bmp12.31.991.45 kB
annunciator_panel_background.bmp12.31.995.76 kB
annunciator_panel_background_night.bmp12.31.995.76 kB
annunciator_panel_gear.xml01.01.003.25 kB
annunciator_panel_gear_left_gear_green_on.bmp12.31.991.26 kB
annunciator_panel_gear_left_gear_red_on.bmp12.31.991.22 kB
annunciator_panel_gear_nose_gear_green_on.bmp12.31.991.33 kB
annunciator_panel_gear_nose_gear_red_on.bmp12.31.991.31 kB
annunciator_panel_gear_right_gear_green_on.bmp12.31.991.37 kB
annunciator_panel_gear_right_gear_red_on.bmp12.31.991.35 kB
annunciator_speed_brake_armed.xml01.01.00964 B
annunciator_speed_brake_armed_off.bmp01.01.002.47 kB
annunciator_speed_brake_armed_off_night.bmp01.01.002.47 kB
annunciator_speed_brake_armed_on.bmp01.01.002.47 kB
attitude_backup.xml01.01.0013.64 kB
attitude_backup_airplane_symbol.bmp12.31.99918 B
attitude_backup_airplane_symbol_night.bmp12.31.99874 B
attitude_backup_background.bmp06.06.1911.72 kB
attitude_backup_background_night.bmp12.31.9911.71 kB
attitude_backup_course_needle.bmp12.31.991.53 kB
attitude_backup_course_needle_night.bmp12.31.991.51 kB
attitude_backup_glideslope_needle.bmp12.31.991.40 kB
attitude_backup_glideslope_needle_night.bmp12.31.991.39 kB
attitude_backup_glideslops_fail_flag.bmp12.31.99754 B
attitude_backup_glideslops_fail_flag_night.bmp12.31.99750 B
attitude_backup_gyro_fail_flag.bmp12.31.99818 B
attitude_backup_gyro_fail_flag_night.bmp12.31.99802 B
attitude_backup_knob_calibration.bmp12.31.991.73 kB
attitude_backup_knob_calibration_night.bmp12.31.991.73 kB
attitude_backup_knob_ils.bmp12.31.99902 B
attitude_backup_knob_ils_night.bmp12.31.99858 B
attitude_backup_loc_fail_flag.bmp12.31.99890 B
attitude_backup_loc_fail_flag_night.bmp12.31.99882 B
attitude_backup_mask.bmp12.31.996.31 kB
attitude_backup_mask_night.bmp12.31.996.31 kB
attitude_backup_roll_indicator.bmp12.31.99634 B
attitude_backup_roll_indicator_night.bmp12.31.99630 B
attitude_backup_shadow.bmp12.31.9911.74 kB
attitude_backup_strip.bmp12.31.9916.93 kB
attitude_backup_strip_mask.bmp12.31.994.45 kB
attitude_backup_strip_mask_night.bmp12.31.994.45 kB
attitude_backup_strip_night.bmp12.31.9916.93 kB
autopilot.xml01.01.0033.62 kB
autopilot_annunciator_ap_at_on.bmp01.01.00750 B
autopilot_background.bmp01.01.0041.83 kB
autopilot_background_night.bmp01.01.0041.83 kB
autopilot_button_ap_alt_hld_off.bmp01.01.001.80 kB
autopilot_button_ap_alt_hld_off_night.bmp01.01.001.80 kB
autopilot_button_ap_alt_hld_on.bmp01.01.001.08 kB
autopilot_button_ap_app_off.bmp01.01.001.83 kB
autopilot_button_ap_app_off_night.bmp01.01.001.83 kB
autopilot_button_ap_app_on.bmp01.01.001.12 kB
autopilot_button_ap_cmd_a_off.bmp01.01.001.08 kB
autopilot_button_ap_cmd_a_off_night.bmp01.01.001.32 kB
autopilot_button_ap_cmd_a_on.bmp01.01.00830 B
autopilot_button_ap_hdg_sel_off.bmp01.01.001.80 kB
autopilot_button_ap_hdg_sel_off_night.bmp01.01.001.80 kB
autopilot_button_ap_hdg_sel_on.bmp01.01.001.07 kB
autopilot_button_ap_n1_off.bmp01.01.001.67 kB
autopilot_button_ap_n1_off_night.bmp01.01.001.80 kB
autopilot_button_ap_n1_on.bmp01.01.001.12 kB
autopilot_button_ap_speed_off.bmp01.01.001.80 kB
autopilot_button_ap_speed_off_night.bmp01.01.001.80 kB
autopilot_button_ap_speed_on.bmp01.01.001.11 kB
autopilot_button_ap_vor_loc_off.bmp01.01.001.83 kB
autopilot_button_ap_vor_loc_off_night.bmp01.01.001.83 kB
autopilot_button_ap_vor_loc_on.bmp01.01.001.18 kB
autopilot_button_ias_mach_in.bmp01.01.001.42 kB
autopilot_button_ias_mach_in_night.bmp01.01.001.42 kB
autopilot_button_ias_mach_out.bmp01.01.001.42 kB
autopilot_button_ias_mach_out_night.bmp01.01.001.42 kB
autopilot_knob_ap_XXXX.bmp01.01.001.59 kB
autopilot_knob_ap_XXXX_night.bmp01.01.001.59 kB
autopilot_knob_ap_bank_angle.bmp01.01.001.65 kB
autopilot_knob_ap_bank_angle_night.bmp01.01.001.50 kB
autopilot_knob_ap_course.bmp01.01.001.73 kB
autopilot_knob_ap_course_night.bmp01.01.001.73 kB
autopilot_knob_ap_heading.bmp01.01.001.33 kB
autopilot_knob_ap_heading_night.bmp01.01.001.13 kB
autopilot_knob_ap_sel.bmp01.01.001.73 kB
autopilot_knob_ap_sel_night.bmp01.01.001.73 kB
autopilot_switch_ap_at_off.bmp01.01.001.98 kB
autopilot_switch_ap_at_off_night.bmp01.01.001.98 kB
autopilot_switch_ap_at_on.bmp01.01.001.98 kB
autopilot_switch_ap_at_on_night.bmp01.01.001.98 kB
autopilot_switch_ap_fd_off.bmp01.01.001.89 kB
autopilot_switch_ap_fd_off_night.bmp01.01.001.89 kB
autopilot_switch_ap_fd_on.bmp01.01.001.89 kB
autopilot_switch_ap_fd_on_night.bmp01.01.001.89 kB
autopilot_switch_gps.bmp01.01.002.20 kB
autopilot_switch_gps_night.bmp01.01.002.20 kB
autopilot_switch_nav.bmp01.01.002.20 kB
autopilot_switch_nav_night.bmp01.01.002.20 kB
autopilot_wheel_ap_vert_speed_mask.bmp01.01.00702 B
autopilot_wheel_ap_vert_speed_mask_night.bmp01.01.00718 B
autopilot_wheel_ap_vert_speed_strip.bmp01.01.003.56 kB
autopilot_wheel_ap_vert_speed_strip_night.bmp01.01.003.56 kB
autopilot_wheel_ap_vert_speed_strip_shadow.bmp01.01.001.70 kB
clock.xml01.01.0012.48 kB
clock_background.bmp06.06.1912.13 kB
clock_background_night.bmp12.31.9912.12 kB
clock_button_bottom_left.bmp12.31.99646 B
clock_button_bottom_left_night.bmp12.31.99594 B
clock_button_top_left.bmp12.31.99638 B
clock_button_top_left_night.bmp12.31.99554 B
clock_button_top_right.bmp12.31.99666 B
clock_button_top_right_night.bmp12.31.99618 B
clock_needle.bmp12.31.99686 B
clock_needle_night.bmp12.31.99686 B
compass.xml01.01.002.44 kB
compass_background.bmp06.06.196.62 kB
compass_background_night.bmp12.31.996.62 kB
compass_highlight.bmp12.31.996.64 kB
compass_lubber_line.bmp12.31.99382 B
compass_lubber_line_night.bmp12.31.99382 B
compass_shadow.bmp12.31.996.64 kB
compass_strip.bmp12.31.9910.90 kB
compass_strip_mask.bmp12.31.991.59 kB
compass_strip_mask_night.bmp12.31.991.60 kB
compass_strip_night.bmp12.31.9910.80 kB
ecu.xml01.01.0031.82 kB
ecu_background.bmp12.31.9996.84 kB
ecu_background_night.bmp12.31.9996.84 kB
ecu_fire_ext_apu_off.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_apu_off_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_apu_off_night.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_apu_right.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_apu_right_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_apu_right_night.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_1_off.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_1_off_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_1_off_night.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_1_right.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_1_right_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_1_right_night.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_2_off.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_2_off_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_2_off_night.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_2_right.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_2_right_annunciator_on.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_fire_ext_eng_2_right_night.bmp12.31.994.63 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_0.bmp12.31.9922.61 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_0_night.bmp12.31.9922.61 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_1.bmp12.31.9920.74 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_10.bmp12.31.9920.33 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_10_night.bmp12.31.9920.33 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_15.bmp12.31.9920.33 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_15_night.bmp12.31.9920.33 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_1_night.bmp12.31.9920.74 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_2.bmp12.31.9919.41 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_25.bmp12.31.9920.33 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_25_night.bmp12.31.9920.33 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_2_night.bmp12.31.9919.41 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_30.bmp12.31.9920.50 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_30_night.bmp12.31.9920.50 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_40.bmp12.31.9922.85 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_40_night.bmp12.31.9922.85 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_5.bmp12.31.9920.33 kB
ecu_lever_flaps_5_night.bmp12.31.9920.33 kB
ecu_lever_parking_brake_off.bmp12.31.994.35 kB
ecu_lever_parking_brake_off_night.bmp12.31.994.35 kB
ecu_lever_parking_brake_on.bmp12.31.994.35 kB
ecu_lever_parking_brake_on_night.bmp12.31.994.35 kB
ecu_lever_speed_brake_arm.bmp12.31.996.32 kB
ecu_lever_speed_brake_arm_night.bmp12.31.996.32 kB
ecu_lever_speed_brake_down.bmp12.31.996.63 kB
ecu_lever_speed_brake_down_night.bmp12.31.996.63 kB
ecu_lever_speed_brake_up.bmp12.31.993.10 kB
ecu_lever_speed_brake_up_night.bmp12.31.993.10 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_0.bmp12.31.993.06 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_0_night.bmp12.31.993.06 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_1.bmp12.31.993.25 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_1_night.bmp12.31.993.25 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_2.bmp12.31.993.21 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_2_night.bmp12.31.993.21 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_3.bmp12.31.992.92 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_3_night.bmp12.31.992.92 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_4.bmp12.31.992.46 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_4_night.bmp12.31.992.46 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_5.bmp12.31.991.82 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_left_5_night.bmp12.31.991.82 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_0.bmp12.31.993.09 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_0_night.bmp12.31.993.09 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_1.bmp12.31.993.25 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_1_night.bmp12.31.993.25 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_2.bmp12.31.993.21 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_2_night.bmp12.31.993.21 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_3.bmp12.31.992.92 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_3_night.bmp12.31.992.92 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_4.bmp12.31.992.46 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_4_night.bmp12.31.992.46 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_5.bmp12.31.991.82 kB
ecu_lever_thrust_reverse_right_5_night.bmp12.31.991.82 kB
ecu_pitch_trim_indicators.bmp12.31.991.99 kB
ecu_pitch_trim_indicators_night.bmp12.31.991.96 kB
ecu_starter_lever_1_cutoff.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
ecu_starter_lever_1_cutoff_night.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
ecu_starter_lever_1_idle.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
ecu_starter_lever_1_idle_night.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
ecu_starter_lever_2_cutoff.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
ecu_starter_lever_2_cutoff_night.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
ecu_starter_lever_2_idle.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
ecu_starter_lever_2_idle_night.bmp12.31.993.35 kB
ecu_switch_stab_trim_left_dn.bmp12.31.991.46 kB
ecu_switch_stab_trim_left_dn_night.bmp12.31.991.22 kB
ecu_switch_stab_trim_left_up.bmp12.31.991.46 kB
ecu_switch_stab_trim_left_up_night.bmp12.31.991.21 kB
ecu_switch_stab_trim_right_dn.bmp12.31.991.46 kB
ecu_switch_stab_trim_right_dn_night.bmp12.31.991.23 kB
ecu_switch_stab_trim_right_up.bmp12.31.991.46 kB
ecu_switch_stab_trim_right_up_night.bmp12.31.991.18 kB
ecu_throttle_lever_left.bmp12.31.996.76 kB
ecu_throttle_lever_left_night.bmp12.31.996.76 kB
ecu_throttle_lever_right.bmp12.31.996.76 kB
ecu_throttle_lever_right_night.bmp12.31.996.76 kB
ecu_trim_wheel_mask_left.bmp12.31.997.90 kB
ecu_trim_wheel_mask_left_night.bmp12.31.997.90 kB
ecu_trim_wheel_mask_right.bmp12.31.997.90 kB
ecu_trim_wheel_mask_right_night.bmp12.31.997.91 kB
ecu_trim_wheel_shadow.bmp12.31.99123.29 kB
ecu_trim_wheel_strip.bmp12.31.99101.95 kB
ecu_trim_wheel_strip_night.bmp12.31.99101.79 kB
efis_control_panel.xml01.01.0015.91 kB
efis_control_panel_background.bmp06.06.1911.74 kB
efis_control_panel_background_night.bmp12.31.9911.74 kB
efis_control_panel_knob_baro.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
efis_control_panel_knob_baro_night.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
efis_control_panel_knob_mins.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
efis_control_panel_knob_mins_night.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
efis_control_panel_knob_mode.bmp12.31.991.42 kB
efis_control_panel_knob_mode_night.bmp12.31.991.35 kB
efis_control_panel_knob_range.bmp12.31.991.42 kB
efis_control_panel_knob_range_night.bmp12.31.991.32 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_1_adf.bmp12.31.991.39 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_1_adf_night.bmp12.31.991.30 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_1_off.bmp12.31.991.39 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_1_off_night.bmp12.31.991.35 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_1_vor.bmp12.31.991.39 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_1_vor_night.bmp12.31.991.27 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_2_adf.bmp12.31.991.39 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_2_adf_night.bmp12.31.991.39 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_2_off.bmp12.31.991.39 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_2_off_night.bmp12.31.991.39 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_2_vor.bmp12.31.991.39 kB
efis_control_panel_switch_vor_adf_2_vor_night.bmp12.31.991.39 kB
eicas.xml05.12.1241.54 kB
eicas_annunciator_low_oil_press_eng_1.bmp12.31.991.12 kB
eicas_annunciator_low_oil_press_eng_2.bmp12.31.991.12 kB
eicas_annunciator_start_valve_open_eng_1.bmp12.31.991.12 kB
eicas_annunciator_start_valve_open_eng_2.bmp12.31.991.12 kB
eicas_background.bmp05.27.12198.10 kB
eicas_gauge_egt_eng_1.bmp12.31.993.83 kB
eicas_gauge_egt_eng_1_needle.bmp12.31.99178 B
eicas_gauge_egt_eng_2.bmp12.31.993.84 kB
eicas_gauge_egt_eng_2_needle.bmp12.31.99182 B
eicas_gauge_fuel_quantity_center.bmp12.31.992.69 kB
eicas_gauge_fuel_quantity_left.bmp12.31.992.74 kB
eicas_gauge_fuel_quantity_right.bmp12.31.992.69 kB
eicas_gauge_n1_eng_1.bmp12.31.994.03 kB
eicas_gauge_n1_eng_1_bug.bmp12.31.99266 B
eicas_gauge_n1_eng_1_needle.bmp12.31.99182 B
eicas_gauge_n1_eng_2.bmp12.31.994.24 kB
eicas_gauge_n1_eng_2_bug.bmp12.31.99266 B
eicas_gauge_n1_eng_2_needle.bmp12.31.99182 B
eicas_indicator_box_egt_eng_1.bmp05.03.121.21 kB
eicas_indicator_box_egt_eng_2.bmp05.03.121.21 kB
eicas_indicator_box_n1_eng_1.bmp05.03.121.21 kB
eicas_indicator_box_n1_eng_2.bmp05.03.121.21 kB
eicas_screen.bmp06.06.1948.10 kB
eicas_screen.xml01.01.00484 B
eicas_screen_night.bmp12.31.9948.10 kB
flap_indicator.xml01.01.003.96 kB
flap_indicator_background.bmp12.31.994.51 kB
flap_indicator_background_night.bmp12.31.994.51 kB
flap_indicator_needle.bmp12.31.99314 B
flap_indicator_needle_cover.bmp12.31.99686 B
flap_indicator_needle_cover_night.bmp12.31.99502 B
flap_indicator_needle_night.bmp12.31.99238 B
fmc.xml01.17.12357.67 kB
fmc_background.bmp06.06.19488.05 kB
fmc_background_night.bmp01.17.12488.05 kB
fmc_bootup.bmp02.24.09650.05 kB
fmc_border.bmp05.03.1211.14 kB
fmc_buttons.bmp01.17.12488.05 kB
fmc_buttons_night.bmp01.17.12488.05 kB
fmc_exec_off.bmp08.21.08784 B
fmc_exec_on.bmp08.21.08784 B
fmc_mask.bmp06.06.19488.05 kB
fmc_mask_night.bmp01.17.12488.05 kB
fmc_poweroff.bmp08.21.085.25 kB
fmc_poweron.bmp08.21.084.02 kB
fmc_wind_direction.bmp08.24.08888 B
gear_lever.xml01.01.002.37 kB
gear_lever_down.bmp12.31.9917.05 kB
gear_lever_down_night.bmp12.31.9917.05 kB
gear_lever_off.bmp12.31.9917.05 kB
gear_lever_off_night.bmp12.31.9917.05 kB
gear_lever_up.bmp12.31.9917.65 kB
gear_lever_up_night.bmp12.31.9917.65 kB
knob_1.bmp12.31.992.14 kB
knob_1.xml01.01.00676 B
knob_1_night.bmp12.31.992.14 kB
knob_2.bmp12.31.992.14 kB
knob_2.xml01.01.00676 B
knob_2_night.bmp12.31.992.14 kB
knob_3.bmp12.31.992.14 kB
knob_3.xml01.01.003.60 kB
knob_3_night.bmp12.31.992.14 kB
knob_n1_set.bmp12.31.993.03 kB
knob_n1_set.xml01.01.001.70 kB
knob_n1_set_night.bmp12.31.993.03 kB
mfd.xml05.12.1260.48 kB
mfd_centered_background.bmp05.03.1266.09 kB
mfd_centered_background_on.bmp05.03.1266.09 kB
mfd_centered_compass_ring.bmp12.31.9933.00 kB
mfd_centered_course_deviation_bar.bmp05.03.12596 B
mfd_centered_course_deviation_bar_fill.bmp05.26.121.27 kB
mfd_centered_course_deviation_scale.bmp12.31.99726 B
mfd_centered_fixed_parts.bmp05.27.08132.04 kB
mfd_centered_glideslope_deviation_scale.bmp12.31.991.46 kB
mfd_centered_glideslope_pointer.bmp12.31.99250 B
mfd_centered_glideslope_pointer_fill.bmp12.31.99250 B
mfd_centered_heading_bug.bmp12.31.99206 B
mfd_centered_map_mask.bmp12.31.9932.95 kB
mfd_centered_number_1_vor_adf_pointer.bmp12.31.993.20 kB
mfd_centered_number_2_vor_adf_pointer.bmp12.31.993.90 kB
mfd_centered_selected_course_pointer.bmp12.31.992.73 kB
mfd_centered_to from_arrow_from.bmp12.31.99482 B
mfd_centered_to from_arrow_to.bmp12.31.99482 B
mfd_centered_track_line.bmp12.31.991.53 kB
mfd_centered_wind_vector_arrow.bmp12.31.99278 B
mfd_expanded_airplane_symbol.bmp12.31.99442 B
mfd_expanded_arc.bmp05.26.12387.16 kB
mfd_expanded_background_on.bmp05.03.1266.09 kB
mfd_expanded_course_deviation_scale_and_pointer.bmp05.17.0818.02 kB
mfd_expanded_course_deviation_scale_and_pointer_extension.bmp05.17.081.87 kB
mfd_expanded_fixed_parts.bmp05.27.121.55 kB
mfd_expanded_glideslope_deviation_scale.bmp12.31.991.46 kB
mfd_expanded_glideslope_pointer.bmp05.03.12248 B
mfd_expanded_glideslope_pointer_fill.bmp12.31.99250 B
mfd_expanded_heading_bug.bmp05.03.12244 B
mfd_expanded_heading_bug_mask.bmp12.31.9947.79 kB
mfd_expanded_heading_line.bmp05.26.121.47 kB
mfd_expanded_map_mask.bmp12.31.9945.76 kB
mfd_expanded_number_1_vor_adf_pointer.bmp12.31.99226 B
mfd_expanded_number_2_vor_adf_pointer.bmp12.31.99406 B
mfd_expanded_selected_course_pointer.bmp05.03.12512 B
mfd_expanded_selected_course_pointer_fill.bmp05.26.121.07 kB
mfd_expanded_track_line.bmp12.31.99786 B
mfd_screen.bmp05.03.1248.11 kB
mfd_screen.xml01.01.00417 B
mfd_screen_night.bmp12.31.9948.10 kB
needle_cabin_altitude_feet.bmp12.31.99478 B
needle_cabin_altitude_feet_night.bmp12.31.99442 B
needle_cabin_altitude_rate.bmp12.31.99274 B
needle_cabin_altitude_rate_night.bmp12.31.99266 B
needle_cabin_differential_pressure.bmp12.31.99666 B
needle_cabin_differential_pressure_night.bmp12.31.99630 B
overhead_popup.xml01.01.00112.80 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aft_cargo_off.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aft_cargo_off_night.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aft_cargo_on.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aft_entry_off.bmp12.31.991.58 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aft_entry_off_night.bmp12.31.991.58 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aft_entry_on.bmp12.31.991.58 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aft_service_off.bmp12.31.991.52 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aft_service_off_night.bmp12.31.991.52 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aft_service_on.bmp12.31.991.52 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_apu_gen_l_valve_open_off.bmp12.31.991.52 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_apu_gen_l_valve_open_off_night.bmp12.31.991.52 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_apu_gen_l_valve_open_on.bmp12.31.991.52 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aux_pitot_off.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aux_pitot_off_night.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_aux_pitot_on.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_capt_pitot_off.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_capt_pitot_off_night.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_capt_pitot_on.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_anti_ice_1_off.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_anti_ice_1_off_night.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_anti_ice_1_on.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_anti_ice_2_off.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_anti_ice_2_off_night.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_anti_ice_2_on.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_valve_open_1_off.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_valve_open_1_off_night.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_valve_open_1_on.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_valve_open_2_off.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_valve_open_2_off_night.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_cowl_valve_open_2_on.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_elec_1_overheat_off.bmp12.31.991.52 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_elec_1_overheat_off_night.bmp12.31.991.52 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_elec_1_overheat_on.bmp12.31.991.52 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_elec_2_overheat_off.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_elec_2_overheat_off_night.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_elec_2_overheat_on.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_electrical_bat_discharge_off.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_electrical_bat_discharge_off_night.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_electrical_bat_discharge_on.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_electrical_elec_off.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_electrical_elec_off_night.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_electrical_elec_on.bmp12.31.991.61 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_electrical_tr_unit_off.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_electrical_tr_unit_off_night.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_electrical_tr_unit_on.bmp12.31.991.55 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_eng_1_low_pressure_off.bmp12.31.991.58 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_eng_1_low_pressure_off_night.bmp12.31.991.58 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_eng_1_low_pressure_on.bmp12.31.991.58 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_eng_2_low_pressure_off.bmp12.31.991.58 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_eng_2_low_pressure_off_night.bmp12.31.991.58 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_eng_2_low_pressure_on.bmp12.31.991.58 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_engine_1_eec_off.bmp12.31.991.89 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_engine_1_eec_off_night.bmp12.31.991.89 kB
overhead_popup_annunciator_engine_1_eec_on.bmp12.31.991.89 kB


As someone who has spent a lot of time in real life and in simulation flying around in the Boeing 787, I was quite excited to hear that someone had gone to the task of making a unique version of it for use with FSX and P3D.

Preview screenshot

Naturally, I sped off to make the download and give you guys the lowdown on how it works, and I have to say that I was incredibly impressed it carries a whole range of features that are specific to the main thing, as well as ensuring that the attention to detail in the model was spot on.

The Aircraft Itself

The aircraft carried the Dreamliner colors, so if you are looking to fly a very specific – and popular – form of this aircraft, this is probably the place to get started. The attention to detail on the aircraft throughout is absolutely brilliant, ensuring that you can get the help that you need in making it work for you. Many mods can be a bit “too” confusing but this adds depth and detail without overwhelming anyone.

This will make it really easy for you to start controlling the aircraft and getting used to it, as it’s very easy to run and get around in. the actual aircraft itself is very detailed and very intricate, and I wanted to really test how close the simulation was to the real thing. I have to admit that I was very impressed with its closeness and the skill in detail that remains throughout.

This makes it very easy to control the aircraft and get used to its style and its nature, whilst also ensuring that you don’t get too lost within the cockpit – it’s fairly spacious and has a lot going on, but this is purely just because the developer managed to capture the aircraft and its characteristics more or less perfectly.

Flying the Dreamliner

As far as flying is concerned, this matches the real thing blow for blow. It’s easy to fly and it’s nimble, giving you plenty of control over the flight whereas some aircraft can perhaps feel a touch too rigid or not strong enough.

This will remove these problems form the equation, and gives a really balanced performance; something that I was not really expecting but instead was more hoping for. This overall shape, design, and style is just what is needed if you want to try out the 787 and see what you think yourself.

Again, I’ve spent a lot of time on these so I knew what I was looking for and what features I expected to be included, and missing. With the range of quality additions added in there such as Animated Ground Servicing, you’ll be enjoying a sleek and ambitious looking model that captures the real style of the aircraft in all of its glory.

For anyone who wants to try this out or has done in the past, this is a good place to get started; its realism is very impressive, providing an extremely high level of performance.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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jfmitchWed, 04 Oct 2023 02:22:14 GMT

If you are not aware all aircraft that are both FSX and P3D compatible work in P2DV6. What a joy!

EktorOrmaexteaVSun, 12 Feb 2023 21:32:40 GMT

the Boeing 787-10 has the services once parked, and I don't know how to disable it, it doesn't have the panel of the 787-8

it's annoying because when I'm taxing there's them being dragged, it's visually unpleasant

Peter BootesMon, 26 Sep 2022 13:22:47 GMT

Have fuel at 50%, clear skies, and flaps 5, but mine does not lift off until 270 kt ......?

DariotagliaSat, 02 Jul 2022 16:45:03 GMT

Nice job but some aircrafts shake when parked and also external lights not working.

DariotagliaSat, 25 Jun 2022 19:04:29 GMT

Aircraft accelerate automatically even with the autothrottle disabled.

Bradford FrottenFri, 14 Jan 2022 15:27:04 GMT

Looking good! Well trying to get some free aircraft, can't afford Payware at this time, but pretty soon I'll have a little more Moola to work with. The rest of you have fun out there!

Christopher MurphyMon, 03 Jan 2022 17:26:59 GMT

I think the 2D panel is easier than the 3D virtual cockpit when you want to click on things because, in the VC, the viewpoint moves, making things not impossible to click on, but hard, so when I want to click on something in the virtual cockpit and the camera moves, it pulls the button, knob, switches or lever, etc. away from the cursor. Now that I've explained the VC issue with clicking on things, you all know I don't appreciate aircraft with no 2D instrument panel.

bertFri, 24 Dec 2021 17:29:02 GMT

Why does it have 737 cockpit?

Geoff DaveySat, 30 Oct 2021 21:09:52 GMT

I cannot get the 787 packages to appear in the latest Steam edition. I downloaded it again with the same result. Very disappointing.

carlos dison dos santosSun, 26 Sep 2021 18:41:49 GMT

I congratulate the builders....but I regret that the aircraft didn't come with the 2D panel. After all, some FSX users do not intend to be commercial pilots, but to have fun. Whether they like it or not the simulator is a distraction for some and doesn't have to be totally professional. For that, there are Aviation Schools.

Microsoft itself with its FS2020 has already entered a pace of perfection wanting to get closer to reality, and it is already starting to complicate things. To win over fans, you guys should put an FMC user manual, which is complex for us old sims. So, as it is, it will take us a few hours just to prepare for a flight and it starts to get boring to use.

joe westThu, 02 Sep 2021 09:58:52 GMT

Nice plane but its center of gravity is at the front I don't know why. I think redownloading it will work. 9/10.

sq2020Wed, 17 Mar 2021 07:39:16 GMT

I think you can improve it by putting all liveries into one model (eg. all 787-9 liveries into one 787-9 base model) to minimize the trouble of having to put a lot of planes into the aircraft file and saves time.

Doug LinnMon, 01 Feb 2021 02:11:55 GMT

How do you get rid of the reflections and/or the rain so you can see out the windows?

Bluepenta 747Sat, 23 Jan 2021 09:33:43 GMT

Who can help with sounds?

PeterTue, 01 Dec 2020 02:14:09 GMT

I did as directed but no A/C in FSX.

emgarcia69Sun, 30 Aug 2020 00:52:59 GMT

I have been flying FSX for many years, plus I have a computer that can handle anything. However I believe this package is missing a good VC, it is missing many working knobs which I have in my 737-800 N1 knob does not work in VC, also a big problem with handling, when turning AP, the plane loses control from left to right and right to left also when disengaging AP at landing.

Needs to be fixed, also could not find FMC anywhere, it would not pup up. Lighting in the cockpit is better in my 737-800 which you can dim low and high.

AMDX1325Thu, 27 Aug 2020 19:15:13 GMT

The All Nippon 788 handles weird, gonna try the others and see if they handle properly...

Galm1Wed, 05 Aug 2020 07:35:25 GMT

Update: So my problem seems to be with the 787-9 united 2019. I just used a 787-8 and had no problem on Departure.

Galm1Wed, 05 Aug 2020 07:23:27 GMT

For some reason, I can't get this plane off the runway. There's no way the runway at SAN isn't long enough...

theflyingleedsfanTue, 28 Jul 2020 08:06:38 GMT

Been flying this in FSX for a little while now and I have to say, it's absolutely untouchable in terms of sheer detail and 'user-friendliness'. The sound on some goes through me a bit, but have never been on one in real life, I couldn't tell you if that's what it's supposed to sound like. Easily the best experience I've had with a plane on this game so far!

Kenny MonroeWed, 24 Jun 2020 10:06:59 GMT

The planes themselves are really nice, but I'm having an issue where the planes ascend and descend abnormally. When the nose is pointed straight forward, the planes will rapidly climb. Even when I push the nose down, like 20 degrees down, the planes continue to climb very quickly, so I can never get the planes to descend. Does anyone know how to fix this?

rick rovariWed, 17 Jun 2020 16:11:00 GMT

Hi everybody. I have a question. It's possible to use the flight plans from SIMBRIEF? HOW DO YOU FLY FOR EXAMPLE FROM ATHENS TO LISBON....?? THANKS, Rick.

Daveflyaway69Sat, 28 Mar 2020 04:01:28 GMT

I have been flying the 787 for several years which was downloaded using the Abacus disk. Recently I tried to fly the aircraft it would not respond after I generated a flight plan. I uninstalled the program and reloaded it. I was able to generate a flight plan however, I still had the same problem. at this time I received a "Creation failed - check if the sound file is available".

I next went to this site and downloaded the 787 programs and experience the same results "Creation failed - check if the sound file is available".

Can someone assist me or explain why I get this message. All other aircraft in FSX work as advertised.

AVI_MaBene167Thu, 19 Mar 2020 17:42:39 GMT

I downloaded it but when i open the folder it's empty.

Hendriks ThomasMon, 16 Mar 2020 13:39:02 GMT

This pack is really good but when I select the wing view there is no wing and I can just see the cockpit.

How should I do to see the wing?

Good evening.

Liam SchaeferMon, 02 Mar 2020 14:36:01 GMT

Hi, I downloaded this addon today, and I followed all of the instructions and the aircraft I want to use don't show up in FSX (Steam Edition). Can someone help me?

Indiana2020Mon, 24 Feb 2020 17:24:29 GMT

I just downloaded the latest 787 updates. I hope I can get this to install right lol. I do want to say though, the 787 is plain that brings a lot to the table, and I think you all have done a great job with it. Now to see if it will work. Good job to the ones who did this! Thumbs up!

Henry LewisTue, 21 Jan 2020 04:55:38 GMT

I just downloaded this yesterday when it was called TDS 787 9 KLM fixed, I followed the install directions but it didn't work so I came back to check what might be the issue. upon returning I see that the page looks different, did you change and update the content or what? I'm confused.

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