FSX Stobart Air Boeing 737-800

PreviewStobart Air Boeing 737-800, registration G-STOB. Textures only for the default B737-800. Repaint by Paul Davies.

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Stobart Air Boeing 737-800, registration G-STOB. Textures only for the default B737-800. Repaint by Paul Davies.

Stobart Air Boeing 737-800 with landing gear lowered.

Stobart Air Boeing 737-800 with landing gear lowered.

Hi,and thank's for downloading.

Eddie Stobart is the UK's largest road hauler with over 950 trucks.
They have now taken on a rail freight division and with the acquisition of
two regional airports they are heading into the skies.

As with all their trucks and trains the aircrafts are given girls names
(for which there is a 3 year waiting list should you wish to submit your suggestion)

"Pauline Helene" is a CARGO version repaint of the default FSX B737-800, it is TEXTURE ONLY.

Install Instructions.

Unzip (extract) the contents of the file and put them in a folder or location of your choice.

Now you need to :

1.click START (on your PC)
3.click C-DRIVE
9.click B737_800

At this point you may want to back-up the B737_800 folder for safety, if you do, simply
right click on B737-800 folder and COPY (NOT CUT) it to somewhere safe.
Skip this if you've already got a back-up.

Go to the location you put the unzipped

............. "texture.stobart" folder.

At this point you may want to back up the

............. "texture.stobart" folder.

just in case anything goes wrong, saving you downloading it again.
If you do,simply right click
then COPY (NOT CUT) and paste it somewhere safe.

OK, with those safety issues out of the way you can now right click & COPY (NOT CUT) the

............ "texture.stobart" folder.

Go to the FSX B737-800 folder and open it.

Put the curser on any of the white bit, then right click & Paste the

......."texture.stobart" folder into it.

Now go to the aircraft CFG file icon which is among the folders, and click on it.

(If you have never opened it before when you click on it you will be asked which programme you would like
to use to open it. Choose NOTEPAD. Now all your other CFG file will open in NOTEPAD.
when clicked on.)

With that done you should now see A FEW variants of the following:


title=Boeing 737-800 stobart cargo//................
ui_variation="STOBART CARGO" //.........................
ui_typerole="Commercial Airliner"
ui_createdby="Microsoft Corporation"
description="One should hardly be surprised that the world's most prolific manufacturer of commercial aircraft is also the producer of the world's most popular jetliner. The 737 became the best-selling commercial jetliner worldwide when orders for it hit 1,831 in June 1987 (surpassing Boeing's own 727 as the previous champ). However, it wasn't always that way\s in the first few years of production, there were so few orders that Boeing considered canceling the program. They didn't, and the airplane has more than proven itself in over three decades of service."

They will be all numbered sequentially eg [fltsim.4] [fltsim 5] [fltsim 6] etc....

Scroll down to the bottom of the last one
because this is where you are going to add the one I have prepared above for you.

Highlight the one above then right click & COPY (NOT CUT).

In the CFG file put the curser under the..LAST.. [flightsim.] (As if you were going to start typing a new line.)

Right click and PASTE.

Now, see what the number is of the last [flightsim.] that you've just pasted under...... eg [fltsim.4] [fltsim 5] [fltsim 6]etc...)

You now need to delete the "XX" in the one you've just pasted and type in the next number in the sequence.
Note you must remove the "XX" otherwise there will be problems!!!!

When you have done that close the page and you will be asked if you want to save the changes..click YES.

And that's it. But! please make sure you only put the


into the FSX 737-800 texture folder and NOT the

......... "STOBART AIR" folder otherwise your aircraft will be grounded.

Paul Davies

Stobart Air Boeing 737-800 with landing gear lowered.

Stobart Air Boeing 737-800 with landing gear lowered.

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Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

The archive stobartair.zip has 33 files and directories contained within it.

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FILE_ID.DIZ05.23.11205 B
Readme.txt05.24.114.24 kB
Stobart 1.jpg05.23.11149.68 kB
Stobart 2.jpg05.23.11211.98 kB
texture.stobart05.23.110 B
737_Refection.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
B737_800_1_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
b737_800_1_LM.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
B737_800_1_night_C.dds12.21.101.33 MB
b737_800_1_T.dds05.23.114.00 MB
b737_800_1_T_Bump.dds09.04.061.00 MB
b737_800_1_T_Specular.dds09.04.061.33 MB
B737_800_2_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
B737_800_2_night_C.dds12.21.101.33 MB
b737_800_2_T.dds09.04.061.33 MB
b737_800_2_T_Bump.dds09.04.061.00 MB
b737_800_2_T_Specular.dds09.04.061.33 MB
B737_800_3_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
B737_800_3_night_C.dds12.21.101.33 MB
B737_800_4_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
B737_800_4_night_C.dds12.21.101.33 MB
B737_800_5_C.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
B737_800_5_night_C.dds12.21.10341.48 kB
B737_800_C.bmp05.12.06682.74 kB
B737_800_Interior.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
Pilots_737.dds09.04.0642.79 kB
texture.cfg08.14.06137 B
thumbnail.jpg05.23.118.75 kB
Thumbs.db05.23.115.00 kB
Thumbs.db05.23.1116.00 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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