FSX Lake Renegade

PreviewLake Renegade with updated dynamics. This is the complete aircraft. Original model by John Woodward. Update by Charles Backus.

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Lake Renegade with updated dynamics. This is the complete aircraft. Original model by John Woodward. Update by Charles Backus.

Lake Renegade in flight.

Lake Renegade in flight.

This Lake Renegade 250 is based on my previous version for FS2002. Since that one was uploaded, I continuously made revisions and tweaked the performance. Once FS2004 came out, I decided to take my latest version, fix it up to work in FS2004, and release it again. I now consider all earlier versions obsolete.


Just move the entire Lake Renegade folder into the Aircraft folder of FS9. Then go fly. But PLEASE pull up the kneeboard and look through the reference page. This will tell you the right way to fly the plane and covers all the things like how to make the pilot show and how to open the doors.


The biggest improvement is in the VC. Gauges are now selectable. You can tune the radios and set vor courses right from the VC. I added all of the electrical switches from the 182 and these are now functional. You do not need to switch to the 2D panel of pull up any other panels. The FS2004 gps is available now. The panel is also lit up at night, although it is not a realistic lighting effect. At least you can see the panel in the dark.

The 2D panel has not been touched and I no longer support it (I guess I never did). If you want a good 2D panel, search through Avsim. Or go ahead and modify it any way you want.

Several adjustments were made in the cfg file, based on perceived differences in FS2004 and also my experience with the plane. FS2004 is very demanding of computer resources, and my machine is really not up to it, so I don't know if the plane will perform differently for your hardware setup. Feel free to experiment with it.

The chrome parts showed up ok as long as aircraft reflections is checked. The landing light works but it does not light up the runway. It also does not show up in the VC. Maybe someday I will fix that.


Default effects are used for now. Special wake effects, splash sounds, and ground roll sounds were available for FS2002, and I see no reason why they should not work now. If you have them, back up your originals and then copy them over.


After release of my FS2002 version, several people expressed an interest in repaints and different panels. I was unable to help out at the time, so I turned the original model over to the RSDG group. These talented guys did a commendable job of making several repaints and panels, including turbo and Seawolf versions of the plane. An FS2004 update will likely be out soon. If you want 2D panels or want to do repaints, this is the plane to get.


The sound file is the same one by Aaron Swindle. I modified the sound levels of a couple of the files just to suit my own tastes.


Mostly none so long as it remains freeware. I don't care how many sites it gets uploaded to. Make all the repaints you want. You don't have to ask. Just mention me in the credits. My reward is seeing people enjoy this plane.

John L. Woodward

Lake Renegade landing on water.

Lake Renegade landing on water.

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aircraft.cfg06.27.1013.93 kB
Docs & Pics06.27.100 B
cb.Readme.txt06.27.101.45 kB
Lake Renegade Water1.jpg06.26.1018.79 kB
Readme.txt08.16.032.93 kB
Lake Renegade.cb.air06.25.108.99 kB
Lake Renegade_ref.txt08.13.03643 B
model06.27.100 B
lake renegade.m0003.08.03698.22 kB
Lake Renegade.mdl03.13.03698.38 kB
Model.cfg01.03.0332 B
panel.MBR06.27.100 B
compass.bmp05.12.0696.42 kB
mooney_background.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
mooney_background_night.bmp05.12.06769.04 kB
Mooney_Panel_Decals.bmp05.12.06257.05 kB
PANEL.CFG06.27.1010.97 kB
upper_1024.bmp05.12.0622.77 kB
upper_1024_night.bmp05.12.0623.24 kB
upper_640.bmp05.12.069.30 kB
upper_640_night.bmp07.22.069.28 kB
sound06.27.100 B
Gyro.wav09.18.024.48 MB
lr1.wav01.10.0391.68 kB
lr2.wav01.10.0391.41 kB
lr3.wav01.10.0397.15 kB
lr4.wav01.10.03101.92 kB
lrapdis.wav01.10.0310.87 kB
lrflaps.wav01.07.03134.98 kB
lrgear.wav01.10.03108.09 kB
lrstall.wav01.10.0339.45 kB
shutdown.wav01.05.02163.90 kB
Sound.cfg01.16.037.35 kB
starter.wav08.13.0371.31 kB
startup.wav01.05.02138.86 kB
xlr1.wav01.10.0391.69 kB
xlr2.wav01.10.0391.42 kB
xlr3.wav01.10.0397.17 kB
xlr4.wav01.10.03101.92 kB
xshutdown.wav01.05.02173.86 kB
xstartup.wav01.03.02160.17 kB
texture06.27.100 B
$Compass_Panel11.17.02257.05 kB
$Gauge_Panel_111.17.02257.05 kB
$Gauge_Panel_211.17.02257.05 kB
$Gauge_Panel_311.17.02257.05 kB
$Trim_Panel11.17.02257.05 kB
Aluminum.bmp01.06.0365.05 kB
BulkheadRear.bmp03.14.03257.05 kB
Carpet.bmp01.12.0365.05 kB
ControlBox.bmp02.13.0365.05 kB
Cowl.bmp01.19.03257.05 kB
Doors.bmp03.07.03257.05 kB
DoorsOut.bmp03.08.03257.05 kB
Duct.bmp01.15.0365.05 kB
Elevator.bmp01.21.0365.05 kB
face256.bmp09.17.0265.05 kB
Filter.bmp02.20.0365.05 kB
FlatBlack.bmp11.12.0265.05 kB
Floor.bmp03.13.03257.05 kB
Fuselage.bmp02.15.031.00 MB
GearDoor.bmp01.21.0365.05 kB
Hull.bmp02.20.03257.05 kB
Inside.bmp03.09.03257.05 kB
Interior.bmp01.12.0365.05 kB
Male_Shirt.bmp09.17.0265.05 kB
Paddle.bmp02.22.03129.05 kB
Panel.bmp05.23.0265.05 kB
PanelExt.bmp01.23.03257.05 kB
PanelVC.bmp08.13.03257.05 kB
Pedals.bmp01.14.03257.05 kB
Pontoon.bmp01.20.031.00 MB
Prop.bmp02.09.0365.05 kB
PropBlurred.bmp11.13.0265.05 kB
Pylon.bmp01.19.03257.05 kB
Rudder.bmp01.23.03257.05 kB
Seats.bmp06.09.02257.05 kB
Switches.bmp01.23.03257.05 kB
Tail.bmp01.23.031.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg06.26.104.90 kB
Wheel.bmp01.22.03257.05 kB
WheelBlurred.bmp01.22.03257.05 kB
White.bmp01.14.0365.05 kB
Wing.bmp01.23.031.00 MB
Yoke.bmp02.08.03257.05 kB
Lake Renegade X06.27.100 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Fred Thu, 08 Apr 2021 21:37:59 GMT

Loved the Buccaneer, spent hundreds of hours in on back in the '70s. Any chance of porting the Lake over to FS2020?

Graeme SimpsonTue, 03 Oct 2017 11:25:28 GMT

I would love someone to do a remake of this aircraft .....or maybe a Lake Buccaneer ????

Great fun Aeorplanes in real life !!!

regards Graeme

BeardSpriteThu, 13 Jul 2017 22:52:19 GMT

Nice little plane - having fun flying it through some choppy weather from Juneau down to Ketchikan in FSX:Steam Edition (including the update file, also available on this site).

Has two slight (very slight) issues - when looking down in the cockpit there is a gap in the textures that shows a view through the underside of the plane, and in external views the prop cuts a perfect circle of clear sky through any clouds/fog. Could be I've messed up the install - I'm new to FSX, of maybe a Steam Edition compatibility issue - either way, not show stoppers, I'd still rate 4/5 stars :D

ryapadSun, 01 May 2016 17:39:58 GMT

does not work on fsx. it can climb at about 80 degrees at 140 mph.

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