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PreviewThorp T-18. This is a rendition of the real Thorp T18 built by the author's father and currently flown today. It features a high definition VC, many custom animations, and a modeled landing light effect. By Robert Kerr.

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Thorp T-18. This is a rendition of the real Thorp T18 built by the author's father and currently flown today. It features a high definition VC, many custom animations, and a modeled landing light effect. By Robert Kerr.

Thorp T-18 in flight.

Thorp T-18 in flight.

Hello, and Thank You for downloading my virtual rendition of the Thorp T-18. The Thorp T-18 first appeared in 1963, and has been a very popular design among homebuilders ever since then. When I was a kid my Dad built one that was a big part of my life growing up. Over the years he has actually made three of them. This model is based on his last one, which we fly today. The included paint is the second paint scheme worn by the first Thorp Dad made. It has meaning to me as I did a lot of work on the real life repaint. I have worked on this project for several years, and was always disappointed at what I was able to achieve due to the limitations of the earlier versions of the sim. Finally with FSX I was able to realize a recreation that was good enough to release. I hope that it meets with your approval. While I am not a rated pilot I have a number of hours flying this plane with my Dad. I know how it behaves, and have come very close to the real thing.


After unzipping the file move the "Thorp T-18" folder into your \SimObjects\Airplanes folder.

Move the .FX files to the root Effects folder.

Move the .wav files into the root Sound folder.

Move the erricsonga628 file into the location your version of windows keeps it's fonts. For XP it goes into C:Windows\Fonts. This gives the proper font for the radio display.

When Flying...

From the external view the control sticks do not move.

The canopy reflections in the VC view are toggled on/off by clicking the tubing the compass hangs from.

Clicking the button on the pilot's control stick opens/closes the ATC window.

Clicking the map will bring up the map window.

Clicking the canopy latch opens & closes the canopy.

Clicking the "ICS" switch toggles the pilot's sunglasses. The switch is not animated.

Clicking the knob located on the left hand side of the canopy frame operates the vent panel at the rear of the canopy.

Clicking the igintion switch label will play a sound file "Clear the Prop!" In a real plane you shout that prior to starting the engine.

Clicking the fuel level gauge opens & closes the panel that accesses the fuel tank.

This plane has a very springy gear, and I have modeled it as such. It is VERY prone to bouncing on landing. Two notches of flap and around 70 mph works well. The plane does not slow down quickly with flaps up, you need to think ahead a bit when coming in to land.

Known Issues...

From the VC the lighting effects vanish once you are about 50 feet of the ground. It has to do with the short wingspan coupled with a limitation in the sim. It's not something I can fix.
The animations for the radio frequency knobs are sometimes wonky. When switching frequencies they will jump.

I have two custom sound effects in this plane. They use the lighting system. If you operate the lights from the keyboard you will trigger them when not wanted. The sound used for the switches sometimes has a delay to it. If you do not want these sounds go into the aircraft.cfg file and do the following...

Change this

//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit
light.0 = 2, -3.44, -11.20, .350, fx_navred_thorp
light.1 = 3, -3.54, 11.23, .345, fx_navgre_thorp
light.2 = 2, -3.54, -11.23, .345, fx_strobe
light.3 = 2, -3.65, 11.25, .345, fx_strobe
light.4 = 3, -3.82, -11.24, .340, fx_navwhi_thorp
light.5 = 3, -3.82, 11.24, .340, fx_navwhi_thorp
light.6 = 5, -2.19, -9.59, .21, fx_thorp_landing
light.7 = 9, 0, 0, 0, Click
light.8 = 7, 0, 0, 0, Clear

To this

//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit
light.0 = 2, -3.44, -11.20, .350, fx_navred_thorp
light.1 = 3, -3.54, 11.23, .345, fx_navgre_thorp
light.2 = 2, -3.54, -11.23, .345, fx_strobe
light.3 = 2, -3.65, 11.25, .345, fx_strobe
light.4 = 3, -3.82, -11.24, .340, fx_navwhi_thorp
light.5 = 3, -3.82, 11.24, .340, fx_navwhi_thorp
light.6 = 5, -2.19, -9.59, .21, fx_thorp_landing
//light.7 = 9, 0, 0, 0, Click
//light.8 = 7, 0, 0, 0, Clear

In Closing...

I hope that you have fun flying the Thorp.

Thanks to all of the folks in the developer forums that helped make this happen, and to those that have supported me all along over the years! You guys waited a long time. I hope the wait was worth it.

This project has been a labor of love, which I dedicate to the man that built the plane that started it all.

Thanks Dad!

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aircraft.cfg05.27.1114.30 kB
Clear.fx02.16.091.38 kB
clear_prop.wav02.16.09344.58 kB
Click.fx02.16.091.39 kB
ericssonga628.TTF04.28.0247.60 kB
fx_navgre_thorp.fx04.18.114.72 kB
fx_navred_thorp.fx04.18.113.56 kB
fx_navwhi_thorp.fx04.18.113.58 kB
fx_thorp_landing.fx04.18.113.58 kB
model05.27.110 B
model.cfg05.15.1158 B
thorp_exterior.MDL05.27.1113.54 MB
thorp_interior.MDL05.27.119.23 MB
panel05.22.110 B
Panel.cfg05.21.11802 B
Thorp_Gauges05.22.110 B
click.xml12.12.08305 B
Directional_Gyro.xml11.09.07640 B
gyro_mask.bmp11.09.07257.05 kB
N_Number.bmp01.10.0937.38 kB
navlites.xml02.15.09260 B
Pete_RPM.xml12.03.092.98 kB
pete_rpm_bkrd.bmp10.29.08768.05 kB
pete_rpm_bkrd_mask.bmp03.29.07768.05 kB
radio.xml07.25.101.01 kB
radio_switch_on.bmp01.12.085.43 kB
rpm.xml12.03.093.08 kB
rpm_hours.bmp03.30.0770.95 kB
rpm_mask.bmp12.07.05263.72 kB
rpm_tenths.bmp03.30.0770.95 kB
smkst.xml02.15.09281 B
thorp_directional_gyro_bkrd.bmp11.09.07768.05 kB
thorp_directional_gyro_card.bmp03.29.09768.05 kB
thorp_radio.bmp01.12.08732.47 kB
Thumbs.db05.09.11253.00 kB
ReadMe.txt05.27.115.54 kB
sound05.22.110 B
c172_apdisconnect.wav05.12.06169.80 kB
c172_falsestart.wav05.12.06241.62 kB
c172_flaps.wav05.12.06225.90 kB
c172_gyro.wav05.12.064.48 MB
c172_noncombustion1.wav05.12.06279.12 kB
c172_noncombustion2.wav05.12.06292.12 kB
c172_prop1a.wav05.12.0659.29 kB
c172_prop1b.wav05.12.0663.79 kB
c172_prop2a.wav05.12.0665.29 kB
c172_prop2b.wav05.12.0686.79 kB
c172_stallhorn.wav05.12.06237.68 kB
c172_startup.wav05.12.06381.53 kB
c172_switch1.wav05.12.066.42 kB
c172_switch2.wav05.12.062.71 kB
c172_switch3.wav05.12.062.89 kB
c4wind4.wav07.07.06274.56 kB
cagear.wav05.12.0631.23 kB
door_small_close.wav05.12.0655.99 kB
door_small_open.wav05.12.0659.98 kB
GA_wind.wav07.07.06123.24 kB
Mooney_rpm01.wav05.12.06354.31 kB
Mooney_rpm02.wav05.12.06617.25 kB
Mooney_rpm03.wav05.12.06544.90 kB
Mooney_rpm04.wav05.12.06383.12 kB
Mooney_Shutdown.wav05.12.06397.52 kB
Mooney_Starter.wav05.12.06232.87 kB
sound.cfg04.16.0915.52 kB
thorp_gyro.wav03.04.092.31 MB
wind_general.wav07.07.06269.64 kB
xc172_falsestart.wav05.12.06156.62 kB
xc172_Frpm1.wav07.10.06245.78 kB
xc172_Frpm2.wav07.10.06226.58 kB
xc172_Frpm3.wav07.10.06238.34 kB
xc172_Frpm4.wav07.10.06255.60 kB
xc172_noncombustion1.wav05.12.06132.49 kB
xc172_noncombustion2.wav05.12.06158.64 kB
xc172_prop1a.wav05.12.0678.29 kB
xc172_prop1b.wav05.12.0666.79 kB
xc172_prop2a.wav05.12.0670.29 kB
xc172_prop2b.wav05.12.0686.79 kB
xc172_Rrpm1.wav07.10.06245.78 kB
xc172_Rrpm2.wav07.10.06226.58 kB
xc172_Rrpm3.wav07.10.06238.34 kB
xc172_Rrpm4.wav07.10.06255.60 kB
xc172_startup.wav05.12.06159.46 kB
xMooney_rpmr01.wav05.12.06285.84 kB
xMooney_rpmr02.wav05.12.06268.95 kB
xMooney_rpmr03.wav05.12.06274.75 kB
xMooney_rpmr04.wav05.12.06218.38 kB
xMooney_Shutdown.wav05.12.06176.08 kB
xMooney_Starter.wav05.12.06120.94 kB
switch_click.wav02.15.091.02 kB
T-18.air04.15.098.29 kB
texture.roy05.27.110 B
fuselage_diff.dds05.27.114.00 MB
fuselage_spec.dds05.16.115.33 MB
left_wing_diff.dds05.24.114.00 MB
left_wing_spec.dds05.15.114.00 MB
right_wing_diff.dds05.24.114.00 MB
right_wing_spec.dds04.22.114.00 MB
texture.cfg05.17.1137 B
thumbnail.jpg02.22.096.91 kB
texture05.22.110 B
$vc2.dds01.17.08128.12 kB
black_wrinkle.dds10.15.0716.12 kB
carpet.dds07.28.0816.12 kB
carpet_bump.dds05.28.0916.12 kB
EXT_O.dds12.14.101.00 MB
EXT_O_F.dds10.27.094.12 kB
EXT_O_N.dds12.14.104.00 MB
fresnel_ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
fuselage_bump.dds04.04.114.00 MB
glass_bump.dds01.04.084.12 kB
glass_diff.dds08.21.104.12 kB
glass_spec.dds08.17.1016.12 kB
GlobalEnv_AC_Chrome.dds05.24.061.50 MB
grey felt.dds10.20.0764.12 kB
grey vinyl.dds03.08.0964.12 kB
grey vinyl_bump.dds03.08.0964.12 kB
grey vinyl_spec.dds04.12.1164.12 kB
instrument panel.dds05.15.114.00 MB
instrument panel_L.dds05.15.114.00 MB
instrument panel_spec.dds04.16.114.00 MB
left_wing_bump.dds05.15.114.00 MB
pilot.dds05.02.111.00 MB
pilot_spec.dds04.13.111.00 MB
Prop_Cub.dds12.16.0764.12 kB
quickie glass_spec.dds10.05.09256.12 kB
right_wing_bump.dds05.15.114.00 MB
texture.cfg11.16.08137 B
thorp_gauge_glass_diff.dds05.22.11256.12 kB
thorp_panel_L.dds04.07.111.00 MB
Thumbs.db06.06.0687.00 kB
uphostlry_bump.dds05.04.114.00 MB
uphostlry_diff.dds05.16.114.00 MB
uphostlry_spec.dds05.13.114.00 MB
vc_L.dds05.12.111.00 MB
VC_O_N.dds10.27.09256.12 kB
vc2_L.dds11.22.08256.12 kB
Thorp Paintkit05.27.110 B
fuselage_diff.psd05.27.115.25 MB
left_wing_diff.psd05.27.113.62 MB
right_wing_diff.psd05.27.113.49 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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C-TONYWed, 30 Oct 2019 00:36:12 GMT

Thanks! My grandfather built one, still flying today. Yours is also a great plane. Excellent model by the look of it. will give it a shot. Please consider FS2020 model for the T18 ! :D

Ron WrightWed, 17 Oct 2012 11:32:08 GMT

Hi Robert ;

By accident, I found your GREAT - Pazmany PL4A flight-sim download ; THANK YOU for creating it!

I am currently restoring THAT - PL 4A - N 44 PL to its original configuration ] originally designed and built by Ladislao Pazmany... and your Dad !!!!

Let's keep ' em flying....


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