FSX Deadliest Flight Mission

Preview Deadliest Flight v1.0. Enjoy the beautiful Islands of the Aleutian chain on this cold weather flight. Estimated time to complete: 60 minutes. Aircraft: Beech King Air. Includes intro, music, briefings, map, audio and a reward. By Dave Gundlach.

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Deadliest Flight v1.0. Enjoy the beautiful Islands of the Aleutian chain on this cold weather flight. Estimated time to complete: 60 minutes. Aircraft: Beech King Air. Includes intro, music, briefings, map, audio and a reward. By Dave Gundlach.

Deadliest Flight Mission.

Deadliest Flight Mission.

Deadliest Flight, V1.0, 1/3/2009
Installation Instructions:

Unzip in your Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder.
Restart FSX for the reward to work.

This zip file will install the following files in these folders (used for un-installing the mission):


Deadliest Flight - This folder contains all the mission files.


Version 1.0

This is a complete mission with briefing, sound and reward. It was made with Acceleration and FSX Mission Editor.

Known Problems:
Cargo scenery is not turning off.

Changes from Beta V0.2

Added Music and edited a few sound files. Fixed a typo in the breifing.

Changes from Beta V0.1

Updated Player and Base voices with script changes and spelling corrections.
Updated Mission Brief Details to add Credits.
Added Mission exit graphic.
Made minor edits to flt file (switch positions).
Turned off Last waypoint when end is triggered.

Special Thanks

Ole - Voice of Base

Music: "And Awaken" by Kevin MacLeod

Beta Testers:



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Deadliest Flight Mission.

Deadliest Flight Mission.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive deadly10.zip has 85 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
CD.RWD10.13.08348.84 kB
Backcountry01.03.090 B
Deadliest Flight01.03.090 B
Brief.htm01.02.091.64 kB
Charts.htm10.13.08781 B
Charts_Tab.htm10.23.085.42 kB
Cold Dutch.FLT10.26.0811.25 kB
Cold Dutch.WX09.23.08113.21 kB
Cold Dutch.xml01.02.0986.49 kB
Details.htm01.03.092.20 kB
Details_Tab.htm10.23.085.41 kB
Exit.bmp10.26.088.44 kB
images01.03.090 B
Border.jpg10.12.0836.40 kB
CDmap.bmp10.13.08787.55 kB
Charts_01.JPG07.22.0688.78 kB
Overview.jpg10.12.0814.12 kB
m_c.bmp10.12.0887.15 kB
m_i.bmp10.12.0887.15 kB
Overview.htm10.13.082.44 kB
Overview_Tab.htm10.23.085.41 kB
sound01.03.090 B
And_Awaken.wav01.02.09695.81 kB
ATC_Cleared.wav10.27.0885.58 kB
ATC_Cleared2.wav10.27.08103.58 kB
ATC_Descend.wav10.27.0870.58 kB
ATC_Descend2.wav10.27.0838.33 kB
ATC_RequestIFR.wav10.10.08113.56 kB
ATC_RequestIFR2.wav10.10.0833.09 kB
ATC_RequestIFR3.wav10.10.0853.63 kB
ATC_RequestIFR4.wav01.02.09162.21 kB
ATC_RequestIFR5.wav01.02.0984.95 kB
Baron_Emergency.wav10.05.08213.79 kB
Barron_Report.wav10.04.0856.34 kB
Barron_Report2.wav10.04.08118.58 kB
Barron_Report3.wav10.04.0823.33 kB
Base1do.wav10.23.0865.91 kB
Base2do.wav10.23.08115.61 kB
Base3do.wav10.23.0897.10 kB
Base4do.wav10.23.0853.57 kB
Base5do.wav10.23.0853.93 kB
Base6do.wav10.23.0839.42 kB
Base7do.wav10.23.0876.15 kB
Base8do.wav10.23.0870.26 kB
Base9do.wav10.23.0873.52 kB
Cargo2.wav10.10.08132.90 kB
CargoLoad.wav07.27.06151.76 kB
DutchLanding.wav10.27.0880.40 kB
End.wav10.10.0844.12 kB
End2.wav10.10.0845.46 kB
End4.wav10.10.0876.46 kB
eng_damageus.wav05.12.06419.17 kB
Music_Credit.txt01.03.09152 B
PACDweather.wav10.03.08151.58 kB
PACS_Detour.wav10.27.0892.34 kB
PACS_Pickup.wav10.06.0838.33 kB
PACS_Pickup3.wav10.06.0855.54 kB
PACS_Pickup5.wav10.17.0817.33 kB
Player1.wav10.24.0883.29 kB
Player10.wav10.24.0871.32 kB
Player11.wav10.24.0865.32 kB
Player12.wav10.24.0884.82 kB
Player13.wav10.24.0830.07 kB
Player14.wav10.24.0852.57 kB
Player15.wav10.24.0871.32 kB
Player16.wav10.24.0827.82 kB
Player17.wav10.24.0849.57 kB
Player18.wav10.24.08108.31 kB
Player2.wav10.24.0867.57 kB
Player3.wav10.24.0838.32 kB
Player4.wav10.24.0857.07 kB
Player5.wav10.24.0831.57 kB
Player6.wav10.24.0896.07 kB
Player7.wav10.24.0826.32 kB
Player8.wav10.24.0851.82 kB
Player9.wav10.24.0851.07 kB
Talk2.wav10.27.08162.63 kB
Talk4.wav10.27.08121.19 kB
Talk6.wav10.27.0835.77 kB
VFR Cold Bay to Unalaska.PLN10.04.082.22 kB
Deadly.gif01.03.095.65 kB
DeadliestInstall.txt01.03.091.76 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ01.03.09264 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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