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FSX Missions

This section features a wide variety of missions and adventure packs for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  Missions are a great way to expand your copy of FSX, adding some fun and exciting challenges.

Military aircraft following passenger jet while flying a mission in FSX.

Military aircraft following passenger jet while flying a mission in FSX.

Missions are a new feature Microsoft added into Flight Simulator X, and this option has never been seen before in previous versions of FS.  Microsoft created a new API, which allowed information such as flying hoops, arrows and instructional information to be integrated within the simulation.

The default copy of FSX includes some standard missions, however many developers have taken it into their own hands to create and release add-on missions, which can all be found here.

The most well known mission (which is also included in the default version of FSX) is the "oil rig fire" mission, where virtual pilots fly a helicopter onto the helipad on the rig.  Helicopters are great aircraft for taking on missions, however there are many missions for fixed wing aircraft too.

Installing the mission files is quite a straightforward procedure, and most of the files come with installation instructions to aid installation.

You can browse through the missions below and find something exciting and fun for you.

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The Most Dangerous Airports: Lukla MissionComplete with Base Model

The Most Dangerous Airports: Lukla. The next in The Most Dangerous Airport Mission Series: namely Lukla. This is a mission, a simulation of Yeti Arlines flight into Lukla. The Lukla approach is very unusual because there is no turn-around; one attempt and one landing. Pratice before hand is in order. By Robbie Albers. The Most Dangerous Airports: Lukla Mission. I have include several webpages from the internet as a guide. INSTALLATION: All files are include,...

File size: 17.89 MB | Download hits: 32524

Flights For The Space Shuttle Atlantis, Edwards CAComplete with Base Model

Flights For The Space Shuttle Atlantis. Two approaches to shuttle landing facilities in Edwards, California. There is one easy final approach with direct heading and ILS approach per autopilot. The second flight is a challenge: without autopilot and throttle to zero (gliding like the real shuttle is manually almost not possible) you have to do a turn to the left to begin the final approach. The space shuttle ATLANTIS-1.ZIP from Bruce Fitzgerald is required. Optional there is an external view...

File size: 640.11 kB | Download hits: 10583

Hurricane Landing MissionComplete with Base Model

Hurricane Landing. Your task is to fly an Airbus A320 from Munich to Hamburg during a heavy storm. Weather conditions are modelled to closely resemble those on March 1st 2008, when Lufthansa flight 044 almost crashed at Hamburg airport. By Robin Hutter. Hurricane Landing Mission. INSTALLATION: ============= 1. Extract the contents of to a temporary directory. Be sure to have the "Use folder names" (or whatever this is called by your ZIP program)...

File size: 47.36 MB | Download hits: 20534

Glacier Park Fishing Trip MissionComplete with Base Model

MissionGlacier Park Fishing Trip. Fly your Grumman Goose 'Fishing Edition' (included) to Lake McDonald in beautiful Glacier National Park and do some fishing for lake trout and perch. Fly back to Glacier Park International (KFCA) to drop off your fish. Features a full tabbed briefing with charts, kneeboard, extra scenery, theme music, a reward, and a special 'random' factor that means the mission is never the same twice. Fly this mission with friends and have fishing contests...

File size: 3.59 MB | Download hits: 8196

Furnace Creek Rescue MissionComplete with Base Model

Furnace Creek Rescue. Rescue crash victems by helicopter. Requires Acceleration. By Andre Gauvreau. Furnace Creek Rescue Mission. This flight will only work in FSX "Acceleration". When you've run the lift flight, you will be sat, rotors running, on the tarmac. Front of you a PALLET BOX to transport to the ceash site use hook & winch cam to help you to make your lift. Your load hook is active by default. Ensure you're less than 12Kts,...

File size: 7.17 MB | Download hits: 2092

A380 Birthday Surprise MissionComplete with Base Model

A380 Birthday Surprise. A sightseeing tour in the Cessna 172 around the San Francisco area to visit the A380 while on its promotional tour. By Chris Klein. A380 Birthday Surprise Mission. *** INSTRUCTIONS *** 1. These files have been zipped using the default folders for FSX. If you unzip these files into the C drive (or whatever drive where you have FSX) and use the "use folders" function of winzip, then all the files should go into their correct...

File size: 26.71 MB | Download hits: 5575

Mission "Oregon Ablaze"Complete with Base Model

FSX Mission "Oregon Ablaze". Fire season is upon us again and already there have been reports of several fires burning to the east. A forward command post has been established on the north shore of the Agate reservoir to better co-ordinate our fire-fighting resources. Today you will be flying the Air Boss up to the command post so he can get the latest update on the situation. By Phill Stokes....

File size: 5.90 MB | Download hits: 9787

Alpine Lakes Explored (ALE) Misison

A series of ten flights through beautiful Alpine scenery from one lake to another, including some well-known and some lesser-known lakes and towns. The flights require an amphibian aircraft of your choice, and there are recommendations for downloads of airports visited. Full flight plans are included along with a flight briefing which has useful notes on places seen on the trips. By Gordon Wilkinson. ...

File size: 51.87 MB | Download hits: 3697

Dublin Tour - North Coast 2007 Misison

Take off and fly a Cessna 172 from Dublin airport to Malahyde Castle and then the port and village of Howth and then return back to Dublin. By Pierre G. Shlimon. Cover image for 'Dublin Tour - North Coast 2007'.   ...

File size: 277.04 kB | Download hits: 3581

Taking The Kids To School Misison

You are Marilyn Whirlwind, a fat Eskimo woman from Chefornak in a region now called Alaska where your people have lived for thousands of years. You are also a kick ass Dehavilland Twin Otter pilot! Sometimes you are asked to take the kids to school in Nunapichuk (quite near Bethel the big city). This is one of those mornings. By Pierre G. Shlimon. Screenshot of plane on Chefornak runway. Start is on the ramp at 10 a.m! Chefornak Rw16/34 Elv 40ft Rd...

File size: 4.77 MB | Download hits: 7692

America West 1994 Weekender Misison

The year is 1994 and you are a captain for America West airlines called Captain Eugene Smith. It's Friday night and you should be going out partying but you are far too old for that and you never really liked clubs much anyway. So you ended up flying airplanes instead! Screenshot America West airliner in flight. We start with you all ready to go at Runway 24L at LAX. Your copilot will do the radios so all you have to do is fly the thing!! As a real airline pilot you...

File size: 5.16 MB | Download hits: 11024

JAL Express 1683 Tokyo Haneda Misison

Take the role of Toshiyuki Watanabe, a young first officer for JAL originally from Hokkaido in the north. This morning you'll be working JAL 1683 from Tokyo Haneda to Okayama, about a one hour flight in this Boeing 737-800 which they let you fly. It's a nice September morning and the weather is hot! Its 10 am boarding has finished and the paperwork too so everyone is ready to go. By Pierre G. Shlimon. Screenshot of JAL Express in flight. There are no compass...

File size: 3.19 MB | Download hits: 9377

Hokkaido Winter Wonderland Mission

It's a gorgeous day in Hokkaido and you feel like taking your trike flying before meeting family in the local "onsen" (thermal spa). Very good luck to you sir! By Pierre G. Shlimon. 'Hokkaido Winter Wonderland' scenery. Setup: Copy "Hokkaido Winter Wonderland" with contents to "Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Missions" location. Copy "HokkaidoWinterWonderland.rwd" to "Microsoft Flight Simulator...

File size: 3.40 MB | Download hits: 1881

Back To 1993 With Thomas Cook Mission

The year is 1993 and you are Phillip Breen, first officer for Thomas Cook airlines. This evening you are heading to Reus near Barcelona. See how well you can handle this 737 and get it accurately though the departure route. Good luck! By Pierre G. Shlimon. Thomas Cook airliner at the gates. Initially just go 259 track climbing and handling the airplane, lifting the gear, bringing in the flaps and speeding up. Tune in Midhurst VOR (114.0). When you reach D10.5 you...

File size: 1.35 MB | Download hits: 4402

You Are Kim Sam Soon Mission

You are Kim Sam Soon a French "partychef" (cake cook) from Soeul. You are 30 and not very pretty and overweight and secretly in love with your jerk of a boss (sorry its from a Korean drama series). By Mr. Pierre G. Shlimon. 'You Are Kim Sam Soon' pilot map.   ...

File size: 18.18 MB | Download hits: 1045

Gatwick To Dublin By Air Mission

Welcome, Sir. In this mission you try to get from Gatwick to Dublin. It's very dry. A lot of learning still to do (very sorry). By Pierre G. Shlimon. Screenshot of plane on route from Gatwick to Dublin.   ...

File size: 3.10 MB | Download hits: 15753

Short VFR Trip To Lake Chelan Mission

Welcome. See if you can get from Pangborn Memorial to a local airport by air. Weather is clear skies this Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m. By Pierre G. Shlimon. Screenshot of pilot taking the 'Short VFR Trip To Lake Chelan'. Please read the briefing and copy out the enclosed VFR chart. Setting up: Default Fsx Sp2 Copy "Wizard" folder to FsX Missions folder Set autogen to zero and scenery density to Max.. To uninstall just delete...

File size: 1.86 MB | Download hits: 3218

Switzerland 2008 VFR Mission

Baden Birrfeld airport trip down to Bad Ragaz. By Mr. P. Shlimon. Screenshot of 'Switzerland 2008 VFR Mission' scenery. To install please copy "WizardMission2" folder to Fsx "Missions" folder. Details and scenery recommendations/requirement written "Readme.rtf". Many thanks! ...

File size: 1.36 MB | Download hits: 2320

Shaw Island Very Short Trip Mission

You are Jack Sparrow, a young guy camping on Shaw Island. You decide to take a quick trip around in the air... By Pierre Shlimon. ...

File size: 160.13 kB | Download hits: 663

East Africa Cargo Airways Flight

FSadventureSky Captain Flight--Memo To: You, Subject: Prove your Resume. In order to prove the stuff you sent to our honorable company in the way of a "Captain Resume", you will make your first flight with us in the "Babaloo", the IL-18 at the end of the field. You will be carrying some delicate cargo, according to the manifest--Not very Legal rotting alligator skins, 3000 baby snakes of all kinds, 200 boxes of Terminator eggs, 100 boxes of 1940 silk stockings, 4000 shoes...

File size: 710.13 kB | Download hits: 3802

22 pages with 429 downloads.



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