FSX IAI Westwind-1

PreviewIAI Westwind-1. AI model by Henry Tomkiewicz made flyable in FSX by adding the enclosed pre-installed FSX default Lear 45 panel and sound, adding thumbnails for the airplane menu, landing gear contact point adjustment for proper display in FSX, and an FSX compatible engine smoke system. This two-...

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IAI Westwind-1. AI model by Henry Tomkiewicz made flyable in FSX by adding the enclosed pre-installed FSX default Lear 45 panel and sound, adding thumbnails for the airplane menu, landing gear contact point adjustment for proper display in FSX, and an FSX compatible engine smoke system. This two-pack includes the Tomkiewicz white base model and a Tiedman N386J repaint. Also includes a bonus folder containing FSX Learjet 23 landing gear contact point adjustment data for your Tomkiewicz/Tiedman FSX Lear 23 N6599T.

IAI Westwind-1 in flight.

IAI Westwind-1 in flight.


Henry Tomkiewicz for his beautiful IAI Westwind-1.
And the original author of the "fx_smoke_f6.fx" file, whoever you are.

Tom Tiedman

INSTALLATION: 5 easy steps!

1.) Copy and paste the entire "IAI-1124 Westwind-1" folder into your FSX "Airplanes" folder.

2.) Copy and paste the enclosed FSX default "Lear_45_XML" gauges cab. file into your FSX "Gauges" folder (if you haven't already done that before... I'll bet you have!)

3.) Copy and paste the enclosed "fx_smoke_f6.fx" file into your FSX "Effects" folder. (It's probably there already, so look first).

4.) Copy and paste all of the [SMOKESYSTEM] info. below into your IAI Westwind 1 "aircraft.cfg" file (then click 'file', then click 'save', of course). I pasted mine between the [Views] section and the [LIGHTS] section with good results.

5.) Find your Westwind-1 under "Israel Aircraft Industries" in your airplane menu, press your "I" key while flying in FSX and enjoy the smoke!

smoke.0=-53.439, -3.501, 2.901, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.1=-53.439, 3.501, 2.901, fx_smoke_f6

IAI Westwind-1 in flight.

IAI Westwind-1 in flight.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive fsx_iai-1124_westwind-1.zip has 84 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Bonus Lear 23 landing gear contact points fix07.06.100 B
FSX Lear 23 Landing Gear Contact Point Adjustment Data.txt07.06.10849 B
file_id.diz07.06.10536 B
fx_smoke_f6.fx06.04.101.17 kB
IAI-1124 Westwind-107.06.100 B
AI IAI 1124 Westwind 1.air07.05.1010.22 kB
Aircraft.cfg07.06.1013.83 kB
Henry Tomkiewicz Original Readme.txt07.05.102.09 kB
model07.06.100 B
AI IAI 1124 Westwind 1.mdl07.05.10435.36 kB
Model.cfg07.05.1041 B
panel07.06.100 B
annunciator_640.bmp05.12.067.18 kB
forward_1024.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
forward_1024_night.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
Lear_45_XML.cab09.04.061.57 MB
Lear_compass.BMP05.12.0696.42 kB
Lear_Gray.bmp05.22.06256.07 kB
panel.cfg07.22.064.81 kB
panel_decal_lear_2.bmp05.12.06257.05 kB
throttle_quadrant_640.bmp05.12.0642.69 kB
READ ME and INSTALLATION.txt07.06.101.69 kB
sound07.06.100 B
flaps.wav03.02.08708.62 kB
powera.wav03.03.07346.99 kB
powerb.wav03.03.07346.99 kB
reverser exA.wav03.04.082.40 MB
reverser exB.wav03.04.081.22 MB
reverserA-in.wav03.04.081.62 MB
reverserB-in.wav03.04.081.62 MB
roll1.wav04.27.081.18 MB
roll2.wav04.27.081.18 MB
Sound.cfg04.27.0812.93 kB
touchdown.wav04.27.08196.25 kB
touchl.wav09.10.9814.22 kB
touchr.wav07.01.9710.85 kB
TSS Fokker-3AX.wav02.17.081.35 MB
TSS Fokker-3AXB.wav02.17.081.35 MB
TSS Fokker-3BX.wav08.18.071.09 MB
TSS Fokker-3BXB.wav08.18.071.09 MB
TSS Fokker-3CX.wav02.17.081.60 MB
TSS Fokker-3CXB.wav02.17.081.60 MB
TSS Fokker-3X.wav04.27.081.35 MB
TSS Fokker-3XB.wav04.18.08691.52 kB
TSS Fokker-XFAN-A.wav04.27.081.35 MB
TSS Fokker-XFAN-B.wav04.18.08691.51 kB
TSS-Autopilot.wav04.12.08533.79 kB
TSS-Cockpitenv.wav04.26.081.64 MB
TSS-Fokker-Ai.wav04.26.081.16 MB
TSS-Fokker-Bi.wav04.26.08842.24 kB
TSS-Fokker-FAN-AI.wav04.26.081.22 MB
TSS-Fokker-FAN-BI.wav04.26.081.22 MB
TSS-Fokker-HighAi.wav04.26.081.31 MB
TSS-Fokker-HighBi.wav04.26.081.16 MB
TSS-Fokker-Starter Comb I.wav04.26.081.68 MB
TSS-Fokker-Starter Comb X.wav04.27.081.68 MB
TSS-Fokker-Starter I.wav04.27.081.81 MB
TSS-Fokker-Starter X.wav04.27.081.81 MB
TSS-geardown.wav03.04.081.05 MB
TSS-gearup.wav03.04.081.05 MB
TSS-Shutdown I.wav04.27.082.52 MB
TSS-Shutdown IB.wav04.27.082.52 MB
TSS-Stall.wav04.12.08516.96 kB
wind.wav02.18.07842.24 kB
X_A_COMB_1.wav04.18.08866.20 kB
X_b_COMB_1.wav04.18.081.18 MB
X_T_RR_SHUT.wav04.27.084.04 MB
X_T_RR_SHUTb.wav04.27.084.04 MB
texture.Blank07.06.100 B
1124a.bmp07.06.101.00 MB
1124a_l.bmp07.06.101.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg07.06.10192.94 kB
texture.N386J07.06.100 B
1124a.bmp07.06.104.00 MB
1124a_l.bmp07.05.101.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg07.06.10199.94 kB
IAI-1124_Westwind-1.jpg07.06.10199.94 kB
Lear_45_XML.cab09.04.061.57 MB
READ ME and INSTALLATION.txt07.06.101.69 kB
Thumb 5.jpg07.06.10348.18 kB
Thumb 7.jpg07.06.10272.71 kB
Thumb 8.jpg07.06.10202.01 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Josh WalkerThu, 20 Dec 2018 19:16:18 GMT

Good afternoon, I just attempted to download the following plane. After following all of the instructions, I am unable to see the console and gauge cluster. If anybody has any fix; please let me know asap. Josh

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