FS2004/FS2002/CFS2 Mirage 50DV

Previewwith the Tail of the 30 Aniversary of Grupo Aereo de Caza N°11 Diablos made in the Real Plane by Victor Amaya...and repainted for FS by Daniel Borrego. This Skin presents a new features compared whit the previus Mirage 50dv of Daniel Borrego whit several corrections and Effects sounds and panel ...

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with the Tail of the 30 Aniversary of Grupo Aereo de Caza N°11 Diablos made in the Real Plane by Victor Amaya...and repainted for FS by Daniel Borrego. This Skin presents a new features compared whit the previus Mirage 50dv of Daniel Borrego whit several corrections and Effects sounds and panel that makes it closer to the real Aircraft like the Sound of the Aktar 9K-50 engine of the real Mirage 50 of Venezuela and a better panel. Model by Dennis and Daniel Da Silva.

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The archive Mirage_50_DV_TAIL_ANIVERSARIO.zip has 118 files and directories contained within it.

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Mirage_50_DV_TAIL_ ANIVERSARIO03.29.040 B
Aircraft.cfg03.07.046.10 kB
CFS2.zip07.05.0352.21 kB
effects03.29.040 B
fx_smoke_mig.fx05.17.021.17 kB
Gauges03.29.040 B
00.COMPASS.ca.gau03.31.9844.00 kB
B1B.AUTOPILOT.gau08.02.00100.50 kB
ConcPJD-ASIMach2.gau01.13.0062.50 kB
emb120dd.hghbalt1.gau09.27.99206.00 kB
f15_attitude.gau03.25.00487.00 kB
f1gmeter.gau06.03.99147.00 kB
FSD_CH53.OIL.1.gau09.10.00118.00 kB
fsd_rf4.egt.1.gau02.11.01119.00 kB
fsd_rf4.hsi.gau08.19.00376.00 kB
fsd_rf4.rpm.1.gau10.03.99119.00 kB
GREEN.radar.gau03.04.00169.00 kB
GREEN.STIK1.gau05.31.99153.50 kB
GREEN.Thrt1.gau05.31.99153.50 kB
mil_RMI.gau03.29.98172.50 kB
nl_fsd_rf4.ff.1.gau06.26.99117.50 kB
Pel_Sr71.VSI.gau11.18.00135.00 kB
PG.MDXX.FUELR.gau08.08.00129.50 kB
venom_clock1.gau01.03.01138.50 kB
IMAGE.jpg03.28.04103.14 kB
Mirage 5 CodM.air02.05.039.24 kB
mirage 5 codm.CDP03.05.0429.34 kB
Mirage 5 CODM.dp08.30.029.16 kB
model03.29.040 B
Mirage_IIIDBR_F-103D_Forca_aerea_brasileira.mdl08.29.02309.50 kB
Mirage_IIIDBR_F-103D_Forca_aerea_brasileira.mdl.mpi05.10.0210.41 kB
Model.cfg05.10.0262 B
panel03.29.040 B
1013.bmp05.26.022.25 MB
10_03.bmp05.26.022.25 MB
10_04.bmp05.26.022.25 MB
10_08.bmp05.26.022.25 MB
10_10.bmp05.26.022.25 MB
10_12.bmp05.26.022.25 MB
10_12_d.bmp05.26.022.25 MB
3rs.bmp02.05.03769.05 kB
main.bmp02.27.03469.80 kB
Mainpnl.bmp05.26.022.25 MB
map.bmp05.26.022.25 MB
mirage.bmp04.20.022.25 MB
naamloos.bmp05.26.022.25 MB
panel.cfg02.05.031.71 kB
radar.bmp03.01.03469.80 kB
radio2.bmp09.05.99118.24 kB
readme.txt05.26.02968 B
screenshot.JPG03.29.0448.80 kB
Thumbs.db03.06.049.00 kB
pics03.29.040 B
DELTA DEL CARIBE.jpg03.06.0429.87 kB
FAV TAILS.jpg03.06.0428.74 kB
Mirage_Aniversario_Edicion_ FINAL.jpg03.07.0443.29 kB
pspbrwse.jbf03.28.0420.82 kB
Readme .txt03.28.04478 B
sound03.29.040 B
BAN1STRT.WAV09.16.99389.31 kB
BAN2STRT.WAV09.16.9962.25 kB
mirage1.wav02.07.01102.40 kB
mirage1comb.wav02.07.01158.57 kB
mirage2.wav01.20.0294.10 kB
mirage2comb.wav08.16.01186.16 kB
mirage3.wav02.08.01226.21 kB
mirage3comb.wav02.07.01904.55 kB
mirage4.wav02.07.01226.21 kB
mirage4comb.wav04.17.0162.19 kB
miragea.wav08.28.0126.55 kB
mirageb.wav08.28.0129.99 kB
miragec.wav08.28.0122.05 kB
mirageflaps.wav02.16.01112.84 kB
miragegear.wav02.16.01265.64 kB
mirageovsp.wav05.17.0018.79 kB
mirageroll.wav04.17.01371.11 kB
mirageroll2.wav04.17.01352.79 kB
miragestall.wav02.18.01338.59 kB
miragewind.wav02.18.01267.53 kB
miragex1.wav02.07.01226.21 kB
miragex1comb.wav07.12.9873.90 kB
miragex2.WAV09.16.9947.19 kB
miragex2comb.wav02.08.01280.03 kB
miragex3comb.wav02.08.01236.99 kB
miragex4.wav02.11.02299.33 kB
miragex4comb.wav02.08.01226.21 kB
miragxe3.wav08.16.01220.14 kB
Sound.cfg04.09.027.21 kB
Xban1shut.WAV04.17.01212.25 kB
Xban1strt.WAV08.21.01496.81 kB
XBAN2STRT.WAV09.16.9960.75 kB
texture03.29.040 B
denissilvaoliveira@ig.com.br.bmp07.30.03192.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_asento.BMP08.30.0217.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_BOTT_ASA.bmp07.30.0365.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_fuse.bmp03.07.041.00 MB
Denis_Daniel_HUD.BMP05.07.0264.27 kB
Denis_Daniel_HUD_LM.BMP05.07.0264.27 kB
Denis_Daniel_LEME.BMP03.07.04257.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_painel.BMP05.04.0265.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_painel_IIIE.BMP05.10.0265.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_painel_IIIE_LM.BMP05.10.0265.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_painel_LM.BMP05.06.0265.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_rodas.BMP05.06.0265.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_rodas_2.BMP06.08.0265.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_rodas_LM.BMP05.06.0264.36 kB
Denis_Daniel_tampa.BMP05.07.0264.88 kB
Denis_Daniel_tampa2.bmp07.06.03256.07 kB
Denis_Daniel_TOP_ASA.bmp07.30.03257.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_vidro.BMP05.06.0265.05 kB
detalhepiloto1.BMP08.30.0265.05 kB
pspbrwse.jbf03.07.0475.33 kB
Thumbs.db10.25.03124.00 kB
www.fs98fabmil.hpg.com.br.BMP08.02.0365.05 kB
www.fsfab.kit.net.bmp05.10.0216.51 kB
Mirage_50_DV_TAIL_ANIVERSARIO03.29.040 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


The Mirage is an aircraft that I knew fairly well, having come across it numerous times when researching. Having been looking for something with power and speed to fly around with, I decided to grab this Mirage for trial. It came with a high reputation and the fact it was made for FS2004 means that I can finally have something new to fly.

Preview screenshot

sMy library was beginning to feel a little dated, so this helps to fill in the gaps.

Flight Style

Immediately, I noticed just how realistic this flight was. The aircraft feels authentic, with a free-bearing style that just feels simplistic. The designer here, Victor Amaya, has carried out a fantastic take on this aircraft. The style shines through with a well-designed cockpit that is easy to get to grips with. It also allows for simple management of your aircraft, despite the high speeds you can fly at. This is due to a friendly cockpit layout that makes it easy to find many of the functions needed.

I personally used to feel a little wary when flying with military hardware due to the speeds. This, however, felt pretty easy to get to grips with and to master.

Overall, the flight style was a hugely impressive factor here.

Major Changes

Correcting many of the minor mistakes and buffing it up with new effects, this is a fine take on the Mirage. The developer went the extra mile when it came to adding in authentic sounds and detailed flight dynamics. As such, this model feels like it’s far more likely to fly in line with the real thing than other renditions I have tried.

The model, made by Denis and Daniel Da Silva, does a good job of showing you how this aircraft should look. The attention to detail is great given that it’s for older simulators, as is the depth of the textures.

When you add in the Aktar 9K-50 engine blaring in the background, this makes the atmosphere that little bit more welcoming in the cockpit. If you are someone who needs that kind of authenticity when flying, you should definitely consider giving this aircraft a try.

I was a massive fan of the work put together in this package, not least the work of Daniel Borrego. Daniel worked on the re-skin of the aircraft, and his take on the liveries is excellently real in every aspect.

Personally, these major changes helped me to settle in and feel at home within the cockpit. The aircraft itself looks great, and flies even better. Want a good, honest take on the Mirage? Then you should definitely come and try out this package

It’s got all of the hallmarks that we expect from a good aviation mod, that’s for sure!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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