Overland Releases Freeware MD-11

Now available for free download from Japanese developer Overland Co. Ltd. is a freeware McDonnell Douglas MD-11.

Overland Co., Ltd is an FS Add-on developer and publisher in Japan. We uploaded a new version of the Original painted MD-11. Everyone can free download from following our website.

Delta's old retro livery on the Overland MD11 in FSX.

Overland Co. Ltd, an add-on developer and publisher in Japan; has created the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 and is now available to download for free.

This virtual simulation of the three-engine, long-range wide-body jet airliner is so detailed and realistic; you would be hard-pressed to believe that it is a simulation. The simulation is vivid and concise, with the two-crew cockpit with six CRT units, Honeywell VIA 2000 computers, electronic instrument system in the flight deck, automatic landing capability for bad-weather operations, hydraulic fuses, central fault display screen etcetera.

The Overland MD 11 in Eastern Airlines livery on ramp/gate in FSX.

All the features of MD-11 are simulated with high accuracy; be it the cockpit (all digital and glass), the stretched fuselage, longer wingspan, winglets, decreased tailplane, the two engines located at underwing pylons, third engine located at the base of the vertical stabilizer or the Global Positioning System.

The flying of MD-11 is well simulated, making you experience conditions approximating those of actual flight. The rolling, pitching and yawing motions of this aircraft are superbly simulated. The instrument readings, control inputs, terrain-related information, airfield layout are shown in a convincing and believable manner.

The taking off, aerial maneuvers, landing, acceleration, and decelerations during flight is all splendidly done. The scenery around the airport is also sumptuously portrayed, with the weather readings, the illuminated control panels and cockpits, flight paths, terrains, and even the textures and seasons. In all, it feels like a real flight in the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 in lieu of a virtual one. And the best part is the free download option of McDonnell Douglas MD-11.

The latest version of McDonnell Douglas MD-11 contains the Original painted MD-11. Talk about vintage! So don’t wait and miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Download the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 right away and experience the flight simulation of MD-11 in its complete brilliance.

You can grab it over at the Overland official website.

As of May 2021, it appears the Overland website has been taken offline.  However, you can grab the great freeware Overland/SMS MD-11 for FSX in our file library here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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