Eaglesoft Releases Hawker 400XP

Now available from Eaglesoft Development Group is their flightsim version of the Hawker 400XP, the most recent variant of the Raytheon Beechjet 400A. For more information, click on Read More.

Now available from one of the most trusted names in modern flight simulation, Eaglesoft Development, comes their own flight simulator version of the Hawker 400XP, which is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Eaglesoft's Hawker.

Eaglesoft's Hawker.

Now you can take what is accepted as the gold standard for flight simulators today and take for a go with one of the newest iterations of the Raytheon Beechjet 400A.

The original Beechjet 400A was widely accepted as being one of the top of the line twin engine corporate aircraft available at the time, and was designed by Mitsubishi and Hawker Beechcraft. Hawker Beechcraft then took all of the improvements they learned from designing the larger Hawker 800XP, and brought these along to give the Hawker 400XP improved aerodynamics, better internal mechanics, and a more luxurious interior.

Take the Hawker 400XP up to it's service ceiling of forty-five thousand feet or up to it's maximum speed of 468 knots (539 mph, Mach 0.78) with it's twin Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines.

The Hawker 400XP is one that should not be missed for anyone interested in such a high quality corporate jets. Eaglesoft has been pulling all the shots for such a high quality aircraft, including details such as: a fuselage mapped across two 1024X1024 bitmaps for improved resolution, the addition of authentic vent representations on the fuselage rear, accurate representations of all antennae, the addition of a cargo bay with luggage, fully controllable visors for the windows, even seats so accurate to the originals the headrests even move, and much more. But this should be what we come to expect from Eaglesoft, which has made over a dozen beautifully accurate models for both corporate and general aviation interests, with everything available from a Piper Twin Comanche to a Cessna Citation.

You can download the zip file compatible with both Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 and X, with versions for 32 and 64 bit installs available from the Eaglesoft Development Group's website for $31.95.

Best Regards,

Ron Hamilton
Eaglesoft Development Group

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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Janaina Drago e SilvaWed, 18 Oct 2023 23:43:12 GMT

It runs on Xplane 12 or 11?

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